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  1. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo a little early?? i can probably get out, central Ohio
  2. Doug Ohio current putter: Evnroll 8.3 Putting is a strength
  3. I'm certain we can work this out once the weather warms up a bit. Where do you take lessons?
  4. If Mother Nature ever figures it out and doesn't try to give us all 4 seasons in one week, I'd be happy to get out and play!
  5. Thanks guys, I'm super excited to see how they feel on a course. I've only been able to hit them in a simulator, so my kneejerk reaction to them all is a big WOW...My ER8.3 putter just came in, it's yet to touch a golf ball yet. I think that club has most of my excitement given the research I've done to get it. Should be a great year!
  6. I’m pretty new to the Columbus area, so feeling my way around and playing wherever. I think my favorite course so far is Cook’s Creek, but I’m open to suggestion. I’m from Cincinnati so I’m far more familiar with the courses in southwest OH than I am here in central Ohio. I look forward to getting out more often for certain!
  7. Driver: Callaway Epic Flash SubZero 9.0 | Accra TourZ 455 M3 Fairway: Ping G410 16.5 | ProjectX Hzrdus Black 75g Utility: Ping G410 3 Crossover | ProjectX Evenflow Black 85g Utility: Ping G410 4 Crossover | ProjectX Evenflow Black 85g Irons: Srixon z585 5 - PW | ProjectX 6.0 120g Wedges: Cleveland RTX4 48-54-60 | KBS 610 Wedge 125g Putter: Evnroll ER8.3 370g | Gravity Grip
  8. I realize this post is a little dated now, but I'd be interested in getting together in central OH to play...I'm in the Dublin area but willing to travel...
  9. Doug - Ohio Hdcp - 11.2 - Driver Swing Speed 115mph Callaway Epic Flash SubZero 9.0 w/ Accra TourZ x455 M3 shaft I'd prefer the G410 plus
  10. First time writer, long time lurker...added my pin in the Columbus area
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