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  1. Gregg - Myrtle Beach, SC 0 Hdcp Swing Speed 94 9.5 Epic Reg Shaft G410 Plus
  2. Retired PGA in Myrtle Beach SC- Ping Rain Pants Zero Restriction Jacket Rained so hard the last 30 minutes of a tournament in TN, were hitting out of extremely wet fairways that were mostly lakes. Had to finish, we were in the final group. Be good to test here - cold rain in the winter and hot rain in the summer
  3. I'm retired PGA living in Myrtle Beach and while not a fan of Legends, might be able to join you for a round or two. Let me know as you get closer
  4. An old retired golf pro - finally living the golf dream in Myrtle Beach, SC Found this site from Myrtle Beach Golf Talk which I highly recommend if you visit or plan to. From the right tees I still play OK. Former golf course owner and happy that I no longer am. Was on staff with Wilson for a lot of years, still play a lot of their clubs C200 and hybrids.
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