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  1. Chris F. Chicago, IL 17.9 HDCP Srixon 565 Lefty
  2. So i ponied up the $9 and thought I'd give it a whirl since it most likely supports MSG in some way. I had a custom fitting last week so i took the numbers plugged them in and got my results. My fitter suggested and Epic Flash for me and so did True Golf Fit so thats pretty good. The issue I have with the tool is the fact that it does not provide driver loft and really only suggested stock shafts. I think the shaft addition is just them adding the stock to the tool and adding $2. It's not a bad tool but for $9 and a one time try, its not worth it IMO. It's just OK and a bit of fun and i used it more for validation but by not adding loft to the suggestion is a huge miss. It's a cool concept but I won't be a repeat customer.
  3. Hi all, I have a Ping G25 with a stock stiff shaft that is cracked down the side and needs replacement. It's a secondary driver but nonetheless will be used as i travel to Florida and would like to replace it. I just need something and the stock shaft works fine for what i am doing. Could i just get a current Adila G400 stock shaft in stiff and have PGA SS pop the new one in? Thinking of this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PING-ALTA-CB-G400-SERIES-55-STIFF-FLEX-DRIVER-SHAFT-PULL-44-335-622537/372161403606?hash=item56a68c5ad6:g:hP8AAOSwdnZaKret&frcectupt=true Thanks in advance!
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