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  1. S300 is just an awful shaft. It’s too heavy overall and too stout in the butt and mid section but with a comparatively softer tip. This results in a awful boardy feeling, it’s really a disaster of a profile. Who does it fit, really? I bet close to no one and yet you find it everywhere.

    I would suggest that the OP change to x100 immediately, not because it will positively contribute to his game but because it will make golf much more enjoyable. 

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  2. Going back to the OP’s concerns about not having tested DG:

    - the s300 is an awful feeling shaft

    - interestingly, the x100 is nothing alike and it’s probably the best feeling shaft ever.

    - both are very stiff, stiffer than Px 5.5 (so I would assume that they’d be far stiffer than Lz 5.5)

    - if you really want DG, I would look at r300 hardstepped (which is closer in profile to the x100 than to the s300)

    - all imo

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