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  1. Improve up & down conversions and reduce putts per round. 75% of practice time on chipping area and putting green.
  2. 8-12 years, I have 1 carry bag and 1 cart bag.
  3. Yeah, agree, see no evidence that there is a 'new" 2022 version. Looks like just color changes. Why change something that is just awesome!?
  4. I've played SM4, then SM8 and have clearly seen better performance from the 8's. Will give the 9's a tke 9's a test drive, but also thinking of trying out the Mizuno's. Any other that would be worth comparing?
  5. Given your set makeup, seems very sensible to me....3W add's versatility to the bag. I think a lot also depends on the length you need off the tee. Shorter approaches means more GIR's and better changes for lower scores. I see this w my game. Even when I'm offline w driver, if I have a look at the green being closer has given me more GIR's, than laying back in the fairway w a longer approach shot. If 3W gets me inside 100 yards off the tee I'll do it, otherwise I pull the big stick. I think its all about confidence in what your hitting and personal preference on how you want to approach a given hole.
  6. Soooooo many great irons on the market now! Anyone in the market in 2022 will have so many options to choose from!! Dizzy yet?!?!?!
  7. Wow! Lots of passionate views on this topic. Looks like Adam knows how get people fired up! Does anyone really know what he actually has in mind for a "free" fitting?
  8. CB-301 would seem more of a direct comparison, assuming you're looking for a cavity with somewhat traditional look/feel. Either brand will be good quality i'm sure. Have fun figuring it out.
  9. Taylor made for me all day long. From burner to sim, just seems launch and shape just seem to always feel the best for me. Completely a personal preference, but would say sound and feel play a big part in it. Everyone should love their fairway clubs and never think twice about pulling them.
  10. I went w the 921’s with the $taper 120’s. Now I have to decide what to do with the shafts in my 54 x100 and 58 s400 sm8’s. Won’t change those until the spring but thinking to go a bit lighter and softer.
  11. No question about it. Would play my titleist 990’s any day! Happy turkey day!
  12. 3W is my favorite club to hit! Up until a few years ago I had two 3W's (12 and 15 degree). Now I just have 15 degree to add a wedge. Use it on shorter par 4's, or navigating dog legs/bunkers to avoid trouble. Use it more from the tee, than fairway. To shoot for green on par 5 has to be clear path to the green w limited trouble or I lay up to wedge zone. MUST stay in the bag!
  13. Thanks RB! Nice little doc you found there.
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