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  1. I went for MMC's in November.....great choice! I might go HMB in the long one's after this season.
  2. I've seen a lot of comments on the i500 in this forum. I was fit for irons this week and the fitter is steering me toward i500 or Taylormade P770. I've seen some negative comments on feel, which concern me. Seems that some comments are that the face is so explosive that its hard to control distances on greenside chipping or yardage control on partial shots with 8-PW. Anyone with experience on this aspect after having played the i500 for 50+ rounds would be appreciated.
  3. Steve, Millington, NJ GHIN: 6.8 index I'd love to test these/ I'm looking to switch out my Vokey SM4's (50 & 58) and will try SM8 and several others. I have the Zipcore on my short list.
  4. I think TaylorMade and Srixon are worth a swing also. I've also been looking at Mizuno and Titleist. I'm planning a fitting next month, so please update once yours is done! Would like to hear about your experience and decision.
  5. I use the laser for that all the time. I think the handheld gps works a bit better because you get an overhead view and can pinpoint the spot you want to hit to. Only problem sometimes is that the shape of the fairway or lack of sight points on the gps makes it tough to pick the perfect spot. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Anyone out there shorten the driver length to gain more control and tighter dispersion? (or maybe even gained a few yards?) Just seems like when I set up my grip about an inch down the shaft I can give it a free swing rip and results are more consistent. My driver length is std at 45.5. Longest driver I ever owned.
  7. Doesn't suit my eye. Would probably play it for one season and get a new one next year that I liked to look at.
  8. Thanks, I'll check the terms on the tix when I get them.
  9. Attended last years PGA at Bethpage for $100/ticket for a grounds pass. This year I laid down $150 for the US Open at Winged Foot. Shouldn't there be a ticket type that's more family friendly? How does the average Joe bring his family of 4 for a walk in the park? Something amiss here!
  10. One ball in the golf bag, hundreds of brands/models in my shag bag!
  11. I just picked up the TS3 after trying them all for the last 3 months. I ended up picking the TS3 because of the way it set up at address. Results w all top brands were almost the same. Shaft selection is probably more important than head selection.
  12. Try Golf Galaxy and talk to the fitters until you find someone you trust. Don't just settle for whoever approaches you. Can probably get a good fit for $0.00.
  13. Turf/sand conditions is the #1 factor in picking wedges. I think they all top names perform pretty much the same, but choice of bounce needs to match conditions. Hit 'em all!!
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