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  1. No question about it. Would play my titleist 990’s any day! Happy turkey day!
  2. 3W is my favorite club to hit! Up until a few years ago I had two 3W's (12 and 15 degree). Now I just have 15 degree to add a wedge. Use it on shorter par 4's, or navigating dog legs/bunkers to avoid trouble. Use it more from the tee, than fairway. To shoot for green on par 5 has to be clear path to the green w limited trouble or I lay up to wedge zone. MUST stay in the bag!
  3. Thanks RB! Nice little doc you found there.
  4. Footwear is important and for me, I need to feel connected to the ground when I'd in my downswing. I go spike every time. Current shoes are best ever: Adidas boost!
  5. All selections based on fitting #'s and my feel. Driver: Hzrdus Smoke Fairway/Hybrid: Ventus Blue Irons: $-Taper Wedges: Dynamic Gold
  6. I recently tried P7MC and Jpx921 Tour, both with $taper. About 1000 revs less with P7MC resulting in meaningful distance differences from shot to shot. For me, Jpx921 tight on distance w better spin/distance control.
  7. Every chance I get!! Always amazing to me how many able bodied people ride. Frankly, really sad. On a separate but related note, what's come of the caddie? Even at private clubs, many offering policy to use push carts. Again, really sad.
  8. Anyone switch to the a black finish shaft after playing chrome their whole life. What did you think? Good choice or regret? Why? I'm looking at KMS and thinking about PVD Black in $taper.
  9. Thanks Larry...been playing Pro V1 or Pro V1x for years, playing with marginal changes in spin. If I'm playing a match I pull out the Pro V1.
  10. 223's look a heck of a lot like the JPX line!
  11. It’s not a visual thing. Introduce a bit of wind and the ball either balloons if into the wind or drifts on the wind if side wind. Just feels like if I could bring the launch and spin down a slight bit I’d have better performance when conditions are not optimal. Not looking for big change here just trying to tweak flight on stock shots. Probably most noticeable with 8-pw. thanks!
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