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  1. I play with a golf ball until I lose it. Which varies from 2-3 rounds up to maybe 7-10. Oh and I never bought golf balls in my life, I’ll play with whichever balls I find on the golf courses. Golf is already too expensive as it is.
  2. I doesn’t matter at all. But since some people think it does, then why not grab their money anyway?
  3. S300 is just an awful shaft. It’s too heavy overall and too stout in the butt and mid section but with a comparatively softer tip. This results in a awful boardy feeling, it’s really a disaster of a profile. Who does it fit, really? I bet close to no one and yet you find it everywhere. I would suggest that the OP change to x100 immediately, not because it will positively contribute to his game but because it will make golf much more enjoyable.
  4. This discussion is meaningless because of QC. Odds are your wedge’s loft is within (-3; +3) of its stated loft.
  5. Going back to the OP’s concerns about not having tested DG: - the s300 is an awful feeling shaft - interestingly, the x100 is nothing alike and it’s probably the best feeling shaft ever. - both are very stiff, stiffer than Px 5.5 (so I would assume that they’d be far stiffer than Lz 5.5) - if you really want DG, I would look at r300 hardstepped (which is closer in profile to the x100 than to the s300) - all imo
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