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  1. I actually had the Callaway Rogue woods initially because they didn’t have the shaft i wanted to try. Once i got the Z785 with the shaft i wanted to swing...it was all Srixon from there. I even use the new Srixon ball Thanks Jay. I’m excited for the new season.
  2. It was a lot of questions and making sure on my part. It was a cool experience
  3. Probably the only driver that is looked at funny, like when you pull up to a dinner date at a place with cloth dinner napkins and you’re wearing shorts and a t shirt. The Srixon Z745 is CLEARLY, for the crowd that likes the “traditional” driver look and shape, the unsung hero of the new crop of drivers. Without having a compatible “sister” driver, the Z745 stands alone. The options of adjustments to me is perfect. If you have one swing, whether it be...well however it may be, there is an adjustment for you to help improve where the ball could go. I’ve used the same driver off and in for
  4. We hear about getting fit all the time...but it’s really true if you wish to have the right equipment for you. Hey well soon and get out as much as you can!
  5. I never considered them at all but the numbers were better for me than any brand that i hit! Confidence over the ball is the most important thing you can have!
  6. I never thought about Srixon until a 4 hour fitting at TrueSpec Golf in Scottsdale Arizona. Lighter shafts, more upright than I’ve ever been and i was a career cut shot man...now i can move it both ways because of 20 grams of lighter shaft in my irons. Love the new set up. It was originally the Callaway Rogue woods....until i hit the new Srixon Z745...GAME CHANGER!! Tighter dispersion throughout the bag. I’m super happy and before this set i hit the same irons and woods for over 10 years. I’ve tried other brands but kept going back to my Hogan’s and Cleveland 460.... Srixon Z745 10.5* 45”
  7. Ron Childs Queen Creek, Sunny Arizona 8 hdcp 105 Srixon Z745 G410 Plus i play or practice 3-4 days a week
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