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  1. Robert Klein. Whitestone/NY Current hcp : 15 Mizuno 919 Forged
  2. Before I begin I just want you guys to know I am not one of the MGS official winners/testers of the putter. I have played 6 rounds with the putter so far. So the Cleveland Frontline ISO Slant Neck 33" is my new putter, coming from an Evnroll 1.2 with a stability shaft and more recently I played the Tommy Armour Impact No. 3. Not related to the review but mallets have made my putting much better, less feel but my putts are rolling much better with a mallet. LOOKS To be honest, in my opinion, this putter is as ugly as could be. For that reason I like it even more, I kind of feel like its your ugly child that you need to give a little more love to but it reminds me of a spatula. The finish is nice, sort of reminds me of the rubber spray paint feel and look, which is ok as there is no glare at all off the putter on a sunny day. I have seen in other comments people are worried about the weights being on the face, that they may possibly hit the weights on their putt, I have not had that issue once yet. I think those people are exaggerating the chances of hitting the weights, like others said if you hit the weights you need ALOT more putting practice as even high hcp's shouldn't have that bad of a stroke. I had the sight line on top painted yellow to make it pop a little more as the white could get dirty and start to lose its pop overtime. Looking down at the putter was not uncomfortable but different in the beginning as I have never played a putter head that style but the more I played it the more I became comfortable and confident with it. I started to feel like this thing is so big(compared to other putters I've played) that its just inviting me to roll the ball into the cup. I like how low it sits to the floor, looks very smooth on the floor but initially when I sat the putter behind the ball I thought the 2135 height seemed too low and I wouldn't make great contact but as the rounds went on I saw that was a foolish thought, the putter height was perfect. After playing some rounds with it all of the negative looks thoughts I had seemed to fade away and my love began to grow. Also not sure if this would go under looks category but the putter cover is very nice addition. The cover is simple, clean and quality- just wish it had a magnetic closure instead of velcro. FEEL Compared to other mallets the feel of this putter is great. It feels VERY smooth and stable during your putting stroke(VERY) but you don't get the same feedback as you do from a blade which is to be expected of course. For a mallet though, the feedback is great. It feels very good in your hands and the sound is a little bit more of a thud then a click. When you strike the ball the face sort of pops the ball off the face way more soft then firm. It actually feels similar to my Evnroll 1.2 in terms of how it feels when the ball makes contact. At times I have rolled putts way too far due to this "pop" off the face, something I'm not very used to as the TA was more firm. Cleveland promoted how the forward weights will help create a more stable putting stroke giving you a better roll and I feel like that is absolutely true and I'm actually very surprised this tech wasn't done before. If you want a great feeling mallet that gives your stroke some added stability this is no doubt a putter you need to try. The pistol grip is absolutely fantastic as well, it feels great in your hands. The grip is thick and the materials used feel great. If the grip gets wet it doesn't get slick like a SuperStroke grip would. It feels like a rough rubber, but feels great in your hand. PERFORMANCE In this section I will compare it to the Tommy Armour Impact NO.3 because it is the only other mallet putter I have ever used. First I would say the Cleveland definitely rolls the ball more true then the TA and feels much better then the TA. I have made made more 10ft'ers with the Cleveland then I have with the TA. So far from the 6 rounds I played with the Cleveland, I had 2-4 less putts each round compared to the TA. So there is definitely an improvement for me in performance with the Cleveland. I wasn't sure to categorize this following statement under Looks or Performance but I decided performance as ALIGNMENT is a big factor for me and my eyes. That is where this putter is lacking, in alignment. There is really no visual cue's besides the sight line on top. Coming from the TA I felt like the TA gave you great visual's behind the ball. The pocket in between the fangs on the TA just gave a great look to where the ball was going. When I putt I visualize a river just a tad bit wider then the ball, and my ball floating down that river into the hole. The TA really helped with that visualization due to the shape of the head. I'm finding it a little harder to get the "river" visualization with the Cleveland. Their visualization cue's are very limited and basic and wish there was a way to create more visuals. I was actually thinking to have it painted on top two lines ball width wide, similar to the Scotty Cameron Phantom X7 maybe one day. Also the face has distance/line control similar to the Evnroll which I am a big believer in, where they vary the depth of grooves to better control distance across the face. I see it work in this putter just as I did with the Evnroll, being honest. OVERALL Overall I am extremely happy with this putter and will no doubt be staying in the bag, which has been a hard thing for me to commit to. Only 6 rounds and each round I've had 2-4 less putts, regardless of the looks or visual cue's something is obviously working better for me. Whether its the forward weighting creating a more stable stroke or a the face tech creating better distance control, whatever it may be its working for me. I myself get fitted for every single club I buy and so should you. Give this putter a try next time you're looking for a new putter, it will be worth it especially for 200$ all the tech and feel you are getting.
  3. Just a curious question. I always have had the common golf club brush- metal bristles on one side and a soft brush on the other. Upon going to buy a new one yesterday I saw an article about how you shouldn’t be using the metal brush on your irons. I always have thought metal brush for irons/wedges and soft brush for driver/woods. All my years I have used the metal brush before every iron shot, if the club needed it due to dirt on the face or dirt/sand/crud in the grooves. I personally have never noticed more then normal wear on the club face but after reading that particular article I can possibly be damaging my iron using the metal side of the brush. Anyone have any comment on if they use a metal brush on their irons? Have you damaged your irons from brushing? Etc
  4. Honestly its almost impossible to not have a fitter somewhere within an hour or two. Its worth the drive. You’re spending all this money to play better, spend the extra little bit to make them 110% suited to your swing. Its really worth it, find a fitter and get there.
  5. Yes they are the same shaft by the way, Modus 105 S
  6. Ok cool. Thanks I appreciate the response.
  7. That part I understand. My question is since my fitted adjusted lie angle on the CB1008 was 63.5 would I also be a 63.5 in the Mizuno?
  8. Whats up spies My question is, if I just bought a new set of irons- should my lie angle adjustment from the previous set be the same with the new set. Bought and played Miura CB 1008, they were not forgiving enough for me, so I took a step back and traded them in for Mizuno JPX 919 Forged. I was a lie angle 63.5 with the Miura CB 1008 7 iron, would I also be w 63.5 with the JPX irons? Thanks.
  9. I guess I should try the Mizuno’s on monitor and see if there is any difference. I agree. Apex and descent angle are very important to me. If I look back and compare my M4 irons to my Miura I did have more height with the M4’s and I’d imagine my descent angle was stronger too then.
  10. I also see Ricky that the CB1008 and Mizuno look fairly similiar with the thick bottom on the back of the head. Not sure theyre would be much difference. But the main difference I would imagine is the club on the Mizuno may not be so compact thus giving me a little bit larger of a sweet spot. Maybe that mis hit will travel 10yds further and more on line with the Mizuno vs the Miura.
  11. I do think I am past GI and SGI sets, I hit my irons pretty well and consistently and am starting to learn how to shape the ball. I don’t shape it very well yet but I am making progress. Thus the reason if anything I would take a step back and go into the player distance category either with Mizuno JPX 919 or try the Ping I500
  12. I did get fit and the fitter recommended P790 due to distances but I did not like the less spin it gave. So I sat for a while, waited, and due to where I live (Flushing, NYC) an asian friend of mine convinced me to buy Miura (only irons he plays). But being a big MGS follower, all their recent talk blades vs player distance just has this topic on my mind.
  13. I agree, I do enjoy them. Just all the MGS talk about never playing blades again has me thinking if I should back track from the Miura’s. In a sense yes I guess I was looking for an answer like yours lol I want to buy the Mizuno’s but as the same time like you said got to give my new clybs a chance.
  14. So with all the recent talk on MGS about blades vs player irons, has me thinking to shell out another 1000$ for their player distance winner JPX 919 Forged. I currently game Miura CB 1008, great clubs love them - when they are struck well. They are one of Miura’s most forgiving, but I doubt as forgiving as the Mizuno’s. I’m currently a 16hcp, only started playing spring 2018. I think thats pretty good for only a year of on course experience, so I went out and bought a set of Miura CB1008 thinking I swing my irons pretty consistent I can game these beautiful hand forged clubs. But if I look back to when I was gaming Taylormade M4’s I feel like I was much more consistent, got higher ball flights compared to the Miura irons. So do you guys think I should continue to game the Miura’s and keep working on them or should I just hang them up and gain some forgiveness with the Mizuno’s? Tough when I just spent 1800$ on these Miura irons. But I’m golf obsessed and buying clubs without thinking is part of Golf life lol
  15. Going for my first ever putter fitting today at Club Champ on the SAM Puttlab. Currently gaming an Evnroll 1.2, and love it. Just figured I play enough golf that I should go get a fitting and even see if the 1.2 is the right putter for me. My eye doesn’t suit a mallet so much, but I’m willing to sacrifice if the data shows that a mallet is better. I noticed with my 1.2 sometimes on takeaway my path gets screwed up and I was thinking this could be the light swingweight of the 1.2 being a D4. So maybe I can find a more stable putter but I really like the blade style putters. So I figured I would give the Toulon Atlanta and Portland a try, both giving somewhat of a blade look with some mallet design. Will also try some Scotty’s. Hope to find a putter that suits me better then my Evnroll 1.2- although I absolutely love the evnroll. Any opinions on these new 2019 putters I should try that you have liked?
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