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  1. Thank you for the input. Wouldn't remove the paint, keep the insert and repaint be a valid solution?
  2. Thank you for the sugestion. I'll give this one a good read. Took a glimpse and didn't seem to find anything similar to a spider (i say this because the paintjob and removal seems different). Let's see. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, A time ago i lost my putter headcover and haven't bought a new one. Since then the putter has gained lots of scratches but is perfectly functional. Has anyone ever refurbished a putter? Do you guys have any sugestions or info of how to? The putter is a TM Spider Sightline (attachments). Was thinking about removing all the red with sand paper but don't know if that is correct or what to do from there.. if u guys can help i apreciate it..
  4. I think what my instructor is referring to is that when i rotate my body my head rotates and my spine slightly sways causing major inconsistencies in strike and direction
  5. Hi guys, I've been told at my golf classes that i need to keep my head still. This is true because when i do my backswing my head rotates in the same directions as the arms. Just wanted to know if you guys know any drills for me to improve this!! Thanks.
  6. Yeah it was precisely for the short game that i was asking because the mizuno seem chunkier.. It can just be optics but that's what it looks like and could hurt the short game on some lies.. But tottally agree, if it was fitted to you it's surely better.. Never been fitted before but plan to sometime for the end of the year.. had mizuno jpx 850 forged and they felt great! Now have the srixons but never been fitted but they seem to suit me more.
  7. It seems like you already decided to keep the Mizuno Sand Wedge instead of the Vokey. What made you opt for the Mizuno? Just curious of the pros and cons, nothing else. thanks
  8. Great bag! Those hybrids look so good.. Why the Mizuno Sand Wedge and then the Vokey?
  9. Man this is incredible! Thank you guys! @MattF @tony@CIC @blackngold_blood @daviddvm @Miboy62 Hope all is well with you and your families! Stay safe and Stay at home!
  10. Ok, so nothing to do with course conditions but with your putting stroke. Cool.
  11. Great looking Bag! Nice Setup! How do you choose which putter you use when you go out to play? Welcome to the site.
  12. Thanks. I'm not thinking about changing irons soon. I bought the srixon Z565 recently without getting fit but they seem to be a high handicaper friendly set. Next time i buy/change clubs it will probably be the FW's/Hybrids but when that time comes i intend to get a fitting/gapping session!
  13. Very nice looking setup! Have you been fitted for the new bag? Just kidding What's your opinion on the 410's performance? Feel, forgiveness.. think are suitable for high handicaper? Thanks man, don't change for 5/6 years.. how can someone not do that?
  14. Thanks for the advice! Off the tee it is great! Off the deck i'm still checking it because now i think it's still my fault (slicing the ball or hitting the ground before). But when i hit it well it really shows to be a tremendous 3 wood (goes very long). If i happen to think about changing it, i'll definitely consider your suggestion. Thanks.
  15. Daniel / Portugal 33.5 Srixon Z565 140 Yards
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