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  1. Need to give one a try. Sounds like a good concept
  2. Finally switched from my Nike vapor pro / pro combo mixed set last year to PXG. I would have never thought I would do it and certainly not PXG, nothing against anyone that likes them as a company, just the brand itself did not speak to me and I can’t unsee bob parsons wearing an earring slinging $1.99 domain names. I think I lost a touch of distance control but I’m hitting it way higher now and overall hitting more greens.
  3. I wonder if they still have any of the never compromise designers around. The gambler series was awesome but then they vanished sadly. Besides the 8802 style head they had back in the day, I have not tied them but would pick up a gambler on eBay if you can find one.
  4. Like any child of the 90’s I grew up using ping bags and really have never even considered anything else. The club divider liner of my hoofer last summer came undone after many years of faithful service I think it’s time to let it go. The link soul bag caught my eye on a golf trip to bandon dunes, but never seen one in the wild. Pretty expensive and wanted to see if anyone has it and can let me know their experience?
  5. Wow found the conspiracy theorist if the group quick. ( Typing this as I open the shop of carbon putters ).
  6. Saw this randomly on Instagram and looks awesome, anyone seen it in person? online dice rollers
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