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  1. Bart ,Michigan 14 hdc. Have not used a training device before however do an extensive amount of practice putting and putter collecting. Thank you!
  2. Great giveaway again! Have fun!
  3. I too have a small collection (41 putters) but all OTR and no customs yet! This year I've been thinking more and more about customs. I gamed a Ping Zing 5bz from 91-2016 and had a cpl more Pings laying around because that was,what I thought, the only game in town! My oldest brother,who was living in South Carolina at the time aguirred a Scotty Cameron from a Pro that won it in a tournament. When I first seen it I knew I had to have it! It is a Pro Platinum Laguna 2 and it looked brand new still! Well about a year later I had my chance. He kinda quit golfing and i kinda quit ice fishing and I c
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