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  1. Nice stage 2 so far @Tsecor We appreciate the attention to detail for the cosmetics. On the comment regarding the polish on the toe around the face, this was in part a conscious decision to make sure the titanium cup face has some visual distinction (this is where it is brazed to the steel, and across the sole). There is always discussion on whether to make something stick out or not to show off a feature, no matter the club! For the bump and runs, these shots also took me some time to adjust to with the ti face, but they are now a pretty reliable shot for me. Hope the same goes for you. Also nice "driverless" par 5, and looking forward to the videos. -Tommy Armour Golf
  2. Great looking stage 1's guys, just catching up on this thread. @sirchunksalot and @Tsecor - liking the play by play commentary, and the couple videos. Keep em coming. Also @ole gray - glad the Atomic Max irons are doing their job for you! Looking forward to the further commentary after a few more rounds, especially further discussion around any specific performance metrics (distance, shot dispersion, launch angles, etc.) and of course any improvements you guys see in scoring. -Tommy Armour Golf Team
  3. Thanks again to all of the testers, we have really enjoyed reading the positive stage 2 comments, as well as the negatives we are working to improve. @tchat07 - Hope you are seeing continued improvement in your strokes gained (at least on faster greens)! Keep us posted in further replies on your slow greens vs faster greens analysis if you can. @skrupa15 - loved the myriad of data, even if your gamer had the slight edge in the SAM testing. Good luck in your league championship with the TA3! @HeathS16 - congrats on the low rounds of 2019, and the 3 birdies twice in a row. For the call out on keeping simplicity, we have something in the works for 2020 that you may be interested in, stay tuned @jayjay0808 - great to hear that a long 20' putt ended the private brand stigma right off the bat, we always like hearing about changing expectations like this. Also glad that the TA3 is paying its dues to help you bring in some $$$ Head cover - This is a pretty universal call out, and we understand the feelings that the quality is lacking here. We are working on sourcing some better materials (including magnetic closures), for the next generation. Lastly a special shout out to @fozcycle for using the black marker to hide scratches on the black putter shaft in a pinch. Based on our own testing and hearing from players like you, we are actually sourcing a new black powder coat finish that will hold up significantly better to scratches and nicks. Thank you all for your support! -Tommy Armour Golf Team
  4. Thank you to each of the testers for taking on the task of providing your experiences with the Impact No. 3. We are glad to see the thoroughness of the stage 1 introductions, and we are very excited to see your stage 2 posts. Looking forward to following along, and contributing to the discussion! -Tommy Armour Golf Team
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