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  1. I finally got my combo set and all I can say is wow... very forgiving and they go a mile with high ball flight. The lofts are almost too strong for me and I may have to dial them back. Hitting 195-200 yrd 5 irons which is almost 2 clubs stronger than my TM770's. Great turf interaction. If you are coming from a traditional forged set, there are not buttery soft as many describe, although not as harsh as a cast club. The elevate 95 performs as its name says and I'm getting great trajectory with these - have been a lower trajectory hitter in the past. Shot 78 on my first two rounds with these!
  2. Bought me some MTB-X's to check out the results!
  3. AvIara Golf Academy in La Costa
  4. What does similar things? Nothing where you can see yourself in real time. I think I paid $25 for a year. Well worth it to me.
  5. Check out the mirror vision app on iOS. You use your iPhone as a camera (either down the line or straight on) and your iPad (or another phone) sits in front of you and gives you a real time view of what you are doing. I love it to check that I stay on plane. You can record swings, put line and circles down etc. I honestly don't know how people can practice without this type of feedback. Here is a youtube video on it;
  6. Has anyone tried the two ball yet? Very curious....
  7. I hit these at my clubs demo day and decided to get a set. I went with the combo Apex/Apex Pro with the elevate 95 shaft. Long and High and very stable. I'm lefty so they are back ordered. Can't wait to get them!
  8. I just got the 58* and love it. Chips and pitches glide through the grass. Liked it so much I bought the 54*. Taking it out tomorrow on the course for the first time so will have more after that. It's not pretty to look at but it works which is more important to me. Eric
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