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  1. I would like to test the Titleist irons.
  2. Looking for a new ball and thought about the Maxfli as my go-to ball based on your 2019 ball test. I would welcome the opportunity to compare it with the following balls I presently am trying out: TP5 and TP5x, ProV1, Srixion Tour, Snell MTB and MTBx and OnCore Elixr.
  4. Would like to test the EvnRoll putter.
  5. I would like to test the epic speed to add a few yards to help my slow swing speed. I play at least twice a week so would give it a good workout and data comparison with my epic flash.
  6. I have trouble finding shoes that fit comfortably because of the arthritis in my left foot. Would be glad to see if maybe these are the ones I need and others with foot problems could use.
  7. Criston Klotz Austin, TX TP5X and Snell MTBX Would play them on occasion in the 80's along with Pinnacle Gold
  8. Criston Klotz I play all year long I've had two mats: a $25 cheapo that wouldn't lay flat or roll straight and an $85 dollar 'better' mat that rolls better but still will not lie flat. Fast
  9. I have been using a garmin s20 and a precision pro NX7 Pro slope to get my numbers. I would like to find something that could give me more information especially on the new courses I play weekly; courses that I really don't know what is around the bend and how far to carry for a particular spot on the course. I am a visual person and this looks like it might be a really great fit for my golfing needs and those looking for the same visual information.
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