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  1. Criston Klotz Austin, TX TP5X and Snell MTBX Would play them on occasion in the 80's along with Pinnacle Gold
  2. Criston Klotz I play all year long I've had two mats: a $25 cheapo that wouldn't lay flat or roll straight and an $85 dollar 'better' mat that rolls better but still will not lie flat. Fast
  3. I have been using a garmin s20 and a precision pro NX7 Pro slope to get my numbers. I would like to find something that could give me more information especially on the new courses I play weekly; courses that I really don't know what is around the bend and how far to carry for a particular spot on the course. I am a visual person and this looks like it might be a really great fit for my golfing needs and those looking for the same visual information.
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