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  1. John/Ormond Beach, FL 10 ADIPOWER 4ORGED S SHOES Striking the right balance between comfort and athleticism. It can't be too comfy, it needs to feel like, I'm going to be able to go after it. It also can't be too laden with spikes - which I felt started to restrict the back foot in lifting through the shot.
  2. John Ormond Beach, Florida Cobra King F9 Speedback (white) Handicap 22.4 Driver Swing Speed - (at January '20 fitting 92-98mph) I'd like to Review the TSi2 We golf year-round down here. I live in close proximity to LPGA International's 80,000 sq ft outdoor practice facility and am meticulous in my own records for equipment and practice.
  3. Tier 5 Pick: Keith Mitchell (I moneyballed this one, not sure I mentally on board though....) Tie Breaker: -11
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