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  1. Hey fellow lefties! I am in the market for a new Scotty and the new special select line is great, but all they have in LH is the newport 2 and del mar. I picked up the Del Mar for now on a 90-day return policy but would love to try the Fastback 1.5. Anyone know if it's just futile to expect that to eventually come out in LH?
  2. Thanks, I have indeed noticed that Apple continues to sell 210-220m iphones every year. If you want to believe that SS's sales will peak in the next year or two and decline I can't stop you. And the hardware will absolutely continue to drive sales and repurchasing, it has a long way to go. Like analyzing swing path for every shot. And eventually watchless or Link-less tracking.
  3. Umm no this is not how tech hardware works. Why would anyone buy a new iphone? Isn't the iphone 2 good enough? Because every generation is better than the last and eventually the battery or something else will fail. There's not a tech product on earth that this doesn't happen to and it's absolutely expected. Even if it didn't, people would want to buy the latest after 3-4 years. You still have your camcorder from 1993 right? And your Taylormade 360 Ti driver from 2002? lol. Shotscope will have no problem with repeat business especially when customers are happy wtih the product. They just shouldn't expect it every 2 years because that's the same as someone subscribing for $100/year, save for some resale value.
  4. I'm betting the number of golfers willing to pay $200 for many years of use is no smaller than the number willing to pay $100 every year, plus $100 for the Link. Should be interesting how this all plays out but it really doesn't look like SS is in danger of going away. If they ran out of cash they would be acquired at this point and we wouldn't notice any difference. Both companies will have a place in the market.
  5. I used it religiously for the last 12 months. What did I miss?
  6. Sure, if they were actually innovating. Problem is, they haven't for the last 2 years. Look at Shotscope's pace versus theirs. There's really no excuse for Arccos to be slower to innovate. They have way more resources.
  7. They are moving to a subscription-only pricing model. No more paying up front for hardware and getting software for free.
  8. And I can understand not being a watch guy - but really, you're a clip-thingy-on-your-belt guy? Or just a huge-phone-in-your-pocket guy.
  9. The stats are completely wrong. Why the heck does Arccos say I've made 24 of 50 putts from 20-30 feet? I like to think I'm a decent putter but my God that is insane. And show me where you can see situational performance, like when you drive it into the rough, or when you pull out a 3 wood instead of driver off the tee. It isn't there. Neither are any stats on 2nd or 3rd putts because they dont track where you hit those from lol.
  10. Arccos is a way bigger company than shotscope, it's ok they can handle criticism. And I'm coming at this from a golfer's point of view - and one that likes to keep money in his pocket. Although I do invest in software companies for a living. It's actually amazing to me that Arccos has not improved their dashboard and data analysis at all over the last 2 years. And their handicap breakdown by facet algorithm is definitely inaccurate as you can probably agree. I've been adjusting every single shot to make sure it is perfectly placed for the last 12 months. No Arccos, I don't chip like a 12 handicap and putt like a +2. Are you looking forward to subscribing to Arccos forever next time you have to replace your sensors? That's what's on the horizon and it's a shame. I'm just disappointed with where they are going given their clout.
  11. Fair enough. Although I definitely take exception with Arccos being top dog with data. I have both Arccos and Shotscope dashboards active and they frankly pale in comparison to Shotscope, other than some styling stuff SS needs to fix. Where is Arccos' putting breakdown? SS has % make and putts to hole out by distance, and % long/short. You can also parse club performance by tee box vs. fairway vs. rough vs. bunkers, all that. And you can see how you do on holes when you hit the fairway, miss right, miss left, etc. I can't believe Arccos still doesnt have that stuff.
  12. I really don't understand why folks are doling out another $200 to Arccos for the 'privilege' of not having their phones in their pockets. I was an Arccos user for a year and just moved over to Shotscope v3. Smaller tags, color screen watch with yardages, WAY better stat breakdowns, pin marking, option for manual putt mode, and for the same cost of just the Link. Arccos is really misguided by not just using a watch - they will never be able to give you yardages without using your phone. Your lead wrist is right next to the sensors so it makes complete sense to take advantage of that by using a watch to talk to the tags and keep the tags much smaller.
  13. Hi all, I just tried out a few different iron models and really liked the TM P790's as well as the Ping i500's. I'm generally ready to pull the trigger, but after some research, saw that the p790's were introduced in Jul/Aug 2017 and the i500's same timing last year. Would I be well-advised to wait until later summer to see if something else comes out? Last thing I want is to buy something and then a clear upgrade comes out on the market. Especially in the case of the p790's we are coming up on their 2-year anniversary. Just curious if anyone has info on new release cycles. Thanks!
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