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  1. Mornin everyone! I stepped away for a couple of days and can't believe many pages I had to go through to catch up on this thread. Getting ready to head out for an 18hole net team scramble this morning. Weather is supposed to be low 80's, blue skies and light winds.
  2. My wife and I both tried the 430 at our lesson last week. We both have a 410s - her's is the go to driver and she really liked the 430 an thought she was getting extra distance with the ultra quick 35 g shaft (her 410 has the std 55 g Alta), My 410 is up north and sidelined. My go to driver is a SIM Max D with a 45g Airspeeder. I did not like the 430 at all. The club seemed very heavy and I definitely didn't like the sound = so it doesn't make my wish list. Her next step is to stop by our fitter up north and try the 35g shaft with her 410 head on a Trackman. She doesn't want to spend $600 unless she can get a substantial distance improvement.
  3. @Golf2Much here ya go for old geasers #2 Course Scepter Ibis/Osprey Par 72 Gross Score 88 Course handicap 16 = Net 72 8 net Birdies Longest drive 228 Closest to the pin 5'
  4. I can relate to both loss of patience and new guys joining groups. We had a 'new guy' join our group last Wednesday. The guy spent most of the time walking along the ponds fishing for golf balls (we have water on all but 2 holes). I was constantly waiting for him to hit since regardless of hole he was 30 yds shorter. Then after the round he complained to my partner that I was playing too fast WTH. Rumor was that he found about 4 doz balls. At $75. grreens fees he would have been better off going to a local executive course ($20) and spending the balance on new balls.
  5. The 'blacks play similar to Pro V and the MTB-X like Pro V1X. Lots of info in the past on the HQ blog site comparing the balls
  6. I've used both the MTB X and the MTB Blacks and liked both balls. However, because of inventory issues I have switched to Vice. Because my wife and I golf on average 5 times a week we generally order 5 doz pack. Once he get's his supply back up I wouldn't mind going back - especially for the MTB Blacks. I'm all for supporting the 'small' guys in golf. Just curious, @JFish350in the recent past he's talked about new models. Did he disclose any info on the podcast?
  7. Morning spies! Looks like a great weather day even though a cold front is moving in for a couple of days - 18 hole couples golf starting at 12:00. today - we're all still recovering from yesterday's St. Patty's day party so it'll be interesting out there. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  8. Wow that's great - do tell us more!
  9. Monin everyone and happy St. Patty's day. No golf for us today but Saturday's couples golf will happen if the rain holds off til late afternoon.
  10. Kudo's to Eric at Precision Pro. As background we were on the last hole Monday when a torrential downpour and high winds came up - everything - and I mean everything was soaked. I forgot I left my NX9 HD on the cart frame. When I got home I checked the NX9 - it had a cloudy image with no measurement and a couple of bubbles in the view screen. A message to PP support and i got a quick response back on what to do. All good now - the NX9 works great. Great customer support @PrecisionProGolf
  11. Ok so if you could add my score to @fozcycle - we're taking the best round that we've played. My details: Course Scepter Osprey /Falcon Par 72 Gross Score 83 Course handicap 17 = Net 66 or 6 under 9 net Birdies 1 net Eagle Longest drive 222 Closest to the pin 3' (which was a net Eagle.
  12. Mornin everyone from a chilly, cloudy and breezy Florida. It's currently 55* and supposed to get into the mid 60's. later today. Our normal Wednesday group has an 11:00 tee time so I've put on my long pants, layered up and will be heading out to the range in about a half hour. Hope everyone has a great day.
  13. Not to get too much into the weeks - do you just want a net birdie number or should we scan the scorecard to show the detail hole by hole. I'm fine either way since I have to do the math hole by hole. Also do we send you separate info or combined? Do we send you our best games or all games during the week?
  14. Holy cow - there's lots of advice here. My .02 go take a lesson with someone that you're really confident in or you've heard from others* . Otherwise you'll drive yourself crazy taking and implementing lots of advice; changing positions, changing tee height, new equipment, etc. not to mention time wasted My driver use to be the worst club in my bag - heck my hybrids use to go longer than my driver. A half hour lesson and the instructor pointed out 3 things and from that (after lots of practice implementing his instructions) it turned into my best club. I since upgraded my driver (fitted for) and that gave me even more distance. But the new driver by itself would not have given me the kinds of improvements I got from my instructor. *note finding the 'right' instructor is crucial. I've had worst to best when it comes to instruction. Ask around - do some research, etc. Spending <$100 for a lesson or 2 is a lot cheaper than $600 for a new driver which may not fix the issue.
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