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  1. Let's also keep in mind that Westwood is 21 yrs older than BAD
  2. We'll have to do it again this coming summer.
  3. My wife tells me that in the ladies group they bring a flask of brandy and when someone gets a birdie they take a drink. Now it makes sense that there are no gimmes.
  4. When the ladies play - the ball could be resting on the lip and they still wouldn't give you the putt. She's more generous when just the two of us play - but i still putt it out.
  5. I've been fortunate to play at some very nice clubs and can't say there was anything exceptional.
  6. He had a pretty cruddy day - so you might be spot on with the personal issues.
  7. It would have been fun to see Westwood sink his putt and go to a play-off. and another good finish by Speith - one of these Sunday's he'll seal the deal.
  8. Great day for golf here in Florida. Started out mid to high 60's and very breezy. By the time we made the turn, it warmed up to the high 60's. Thankfully I wore shorts .
  9. An ok day today. 42 on the front and a 46 on the back. Shot of the day was a birdie on a 291 Par 4. My wife even gave me a gimme on it but I putted it out for the bird anyway. Sorry for the sideways photo.
  10. What a great win by Austin with a -15, 5 shots ahead of 2nd place Kupcho. .
  11. Thanks guys all great input! Guess I'll skip the CC route.
  12. Any one have delivery info for 425 drivers?
  13. Kang is another but she's 8 strokes back so slim to none chance.
  14. Even if Speith doesn't seal the deal today - he should still be an inspiration to Rickie on comeback possibilities.
  15. They do get short changed when it comes to televising their event. Dare I say that if they had live (LPGA) events on TV for all four days, my wife would prefer it to her Hallmark channel. HMMMMMM.
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