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  1. How do you spell ARRCOS relief? It's spelled Shotscope
  2. If you're not looking at your phone anyway then real time distance for clubs hit is a mute point. For me (having used both) an advantage of the SS watch is that you can see that the watch picked up the club you're using. With ARRCOS you don't know unless you do look at your phone or access it later. Accessing the club distances after a round in SS is pretty easy as you can sort the data by the most recent round, last five, etc. etc. Other advantages - no batteries in the sensors, no subscription, no need to carry a phone, Apple watch or Link to capture the data. Plus the SS serves as a gps device giving you course info; FMB, Penalty areas, etc. real time
  3. Glad to hear that. I didn't get an email - so maybe I need to re-register? I'm a pretty active SS user and syncing my watch all the time after rounds. Hate to miss anymore announcements like this.
  4. Hmmm will have to check my schedule with SWMBO.
  5. I'm in the Penick camp - even when I play poorly I still love the experience, the environment and the friendships.
  6. Holy s**t this is awesome ! Last 2 years I kept a spreadsheet of my performance on my home (Ohio) course (without SG data) This is going to save me a lot of work. @Gavin_Shot_Scope how could you guys not have sent a push email to your users on this major upgrade!
  7. I think someone has a little extra time on their hands
  8. Reading today's push email on Shotscope - one thing jumped out at me: Additionally, ShotScope provides heat maps of typical activity on each hole alongside the individual strokes gained ranking per hole. Once a golfer has completed several rounds, the Shot Scope software produces a strokes-gained ranking for each hole. This ranking is then compared to the course hole ranking. For example, the hardest hole based on course ranking (#1 handicap) might not be the hole that produces your “worst” strokes-gained data. Am I missing something - it states that your performance on a particular course you'll be able to see individual performance against the handicaps for a specific hole. If that's the case I've yet to find that feature (I have downloaded the latest version of the dashboard). Can someone help me out on this feature.
  9. I'd start by analyzing where you're losing strokes. Are you 3 or even 4 putting. Misses with your wedges or long clubs? A few rounds analyzed can give you great info to make a more informed decision. Then take that info to an instructor and buy a few lessons with a focus on the misses. Doesn't make sense to buy a new driver if you're hitting fairways in a tight dispersion, or irons and wedges that are working for you. Bright shiny new clubs look good in the bag but won't change your game if there are swing issues. Just my .02.
  10. Not sure if this was the model or the Radspeed that eliminated the rails. I have a King F9 5 wood that's a couple of models older and it still has the rails.
  11. While I'm not a fan of what's going on the LIV tour, I do miss seeing Phil perform magic with his wedges.
  12. You also might try polos that have uv protection - there are a bunch of companies (both golf and non golf oriented) that offer short and long sleeve polos. My wife has to wear long sleeves and long pants because of her melanoma issues and she can generally find both in golf stores. EDIT: Note the benefit of these polos is that they're generally 50+ protection and you don't have to keep slathering the sun screen on .
  13. Welcome to my age - I thought traveling 75 times around the sun would tire me out. But, as you know we feel pretty lucky to continue this travel.
  14. That's a great idea - maybe the Mods can make it a sticky.
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