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  1. The OW is an indispensable part of my routine before I play. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  2. I do love HIRZL gloves and agree they last all summer for me. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  3. You probably had a low score that dropped off the 20 and therefore not in the calculation of the best 8. Just one low score could do that.
  4. I wouldn't be happy if a member of our league was playing with non-conforming equipment and especially if they're winning money from others that are using conforming equipment - isn't that another form of cheating? .
  5. Here's Kyle's response to the 'added weight' question - I'm going to stick with the current configuration: "Hi Tony, our red club is actually only 336 grams total which is the heaviest in the men’s set. I’d like you to stick with the way the set is designed that you have currently. If you add any further weight there is a very high chance that you’ll actually train your swing to be slower. The key in OverSpeed training is light weight to reset how fast the brain tells the body to make the golf swing. I’ve seen over 50,000 golfers use this system so I’m going off of the experience I have here to get you the best results. I appreciate your willingness to want to get this right"
  6. She's spot on with the same percentage increases. She started at a slower swing speed but continues to improve every week.
  7. Just finished Week 3 Day 1 This is all I can say Here are the stats comparing The first day week 1 compared to today day 1 week 3.
  8. I'm afraid of changing out my 410 SFT driver. It's the straightest stick I've ever owned. I'm even afraid to change the loft settings on it. My current GHIN stats show I hit the fairway 73% of the time and generally it's right down the middle. Any misses are generally draws - which works for me because our course favors right handed players.
  9. Here's a youtube that our head instructor at my Club posted - it might help you.
  10. That's quite a difference. My 410 is about 350g and that's with a 65g shaft and MCC+4 grip. I wonder if I'm not getting the result of using a heavier stick? Thx for the quick reply . @Kenny B your thoughts? Oh and BTW, I love my 410 driver so not interested in changing it out.
  11. Curious if any testers from 2018 or 2020 have measured their actual driver weight vs. actual weight of the 'red stick'. I'm using the 'senior' sticks given my slower SS, however, my actual driver weight is about 50g. heavier than the 'blue 'stick' Kyle, who by the way is very responsive, suggested changing out the grip to add a bit of extra weight. I was also thinking of adding lead weight to take it to the 110%. Your thoughts?
  12. What a great transition - nice job. Based on the grills in the background - you'll have to start up a new thread..Grill Ho's
  13. Ah yes daughters - They're precious at this age. Don't ask me about what they're like when they become teenagers.
  14. We'll need to see photos as soon as you get it! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  15. Ouch that hurt. That's a 2 stroke penalty isn't it? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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