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  1. Guys, hope you had a great B'day!
  2. Hope you had an awesome B'day!
  3. In case you missed this BST post
  4. My wife switched over to SS so that both of us could be on the same system, thus the sale of her Link and sensors. . The Link includes original packaging, manual and charge cord. 10 sensor have been used for roughtly one year, the other 10 have never been used. $85. CONUS includes shipping
  5. yup = labels for the shots/clubs. When you enlarge the hole - the label currently stays the same size treadles if you maximize or minimize the hole overview. Also do you automatically push firmware and App versions? It would be nice to know if we're running the current versions for both. Thx\ Tony
  6. Getting ready to head back to Florida this weekend and found out I had a little bit of shop credit left, so i decided to buy myself an early birthday present. It's a nice upgrade from my ratty old O Works cover
  7. Hope everyone has a safe, healthy and happy Turkey day! Oh and be sure to share your Black Friday golf purchase(s)
  8. Gavin, Nice to see you here. If you follow this thread from the beginning as well as the ARRCOS vs. Shotscope thread I think you'll find lots of great ideas for upcoming versions. A few recommendations/questions. - I have 2 sets of clubs - one in Florida (with SS tags) the other in Ohio. (no tags). Since I primarily use the app, given I don't want to clutter up the screen, should I just buy a second set of tags amd set up 2 different accounts? - I'd like to have the ability to enlarge the labels along with the zoom feature for individual holes. - Is there a way to export the data to a program like excel? Thx
  9. I think you answered your question in terms of your bag. Of course another way is to take a lesson is figure out what's going on with your wedge play.
  10. Send this link to your wife - for that present under the tree . You're welcome
  11. For those of you on the sidelines waiting to buy a V3, here's a great deal I just came across. One heck of a discount. https://pgoffers.samcart.com/products/shot-scope-v3
  12. Holy moly, @revkev's Superspeed program is yielding some results!
  13. Great review! I can attest to prompt ongoing support from SS. Something we didn't get with ARRCOS (although they were prompt in billing). I'm also a Precision Pro user (NX9). One 'hack' I found for straight fairways, I'll shoot the flag with the LRF from my drive then adjust the Middle number with the difference. For instance if the LRF is reading the flag at 175 and the V3 middle number is 180, I'll just add the +5 to the middle number, enabling me to just use the watch from that point on. That eliminates having to use the LRF til the next hole. Obviously that won't work on doglegs. Also in case you haven't seen it, we also have a SS thread going.
  14. Of course you can always send us a pic of that hole from your Shotscope app
  15. @Yellow Ballis probably hibernating since he lives up north. We'll wake him up next April.
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