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  1. I always prefer to play with lower hcps. I find their strategy and approach to ball very interesting AND they play reasonably fast (3:45 - 4:00hrs). The 3 fixture groups I play in have a wide range of hcp players that play from 3 different tee boxes. It seems like there is no relationship between a few of the slower players and their hcp. BUT the slower players are always looking in the pond for water balls or just sauntering along. Not a problem when it's 70* and low humidity - but 95*, high humidity I want to get in the cart just so I can feel a breeze.
  2. I've played the new Pro Air for a few weeks now and really like it around and on the green. I didn't see much difference in distance or dispersion off the tee with Pro Air vs. Maxfli Tour. I now wish that the rest of my last order was Pro Air's vs the mix of Pro Air and Pro.
  3. While distance is important, another aspect of my fitness regiment is building stamina. While an unofficial start to summer here in Florida, yesterday was a pretty good example - 90's, higher than normal humidity and just a light breeze. Playing 18 was a bit grueling. I can't dial back the years but I can increase it (stamina)through my fitness program.
  4. I had a great month for strength training with 15 days out of 30. I now need to balance that off with a bit more aerobic. Towards the end of April - I ended up modifying my workout to alternate days for upper and lower plus adding additional weight to the reps in the last set. A significant milestone was breaking 164 a few days ago - my goal is 159. A question for those that have been doing both strength training and aerobic for a while - what changes have you noticed in your golf game? It would seem logical to me that both result in longer distances? I'm waiting for some calmer days here in Florida to capture distance data (through Shotscope). It's been so windy here (+20-25 gusts everyday) that I don't think my 2024 distance data is representative of any distance improvements.
  5. Correct for the V5 and X5, however, they do make a H4 which is not a watch and can be clipped to a belt or even left in the bag/cart, but you have to tag the club. Previously I was averse to wearing a watch, but after the first few rounds I never noticed any issues with it. The added benefit of the watch is that you get lots of course info including distances, course layout including hazards, and you can see that the watch picked up the club sensor. Having that sensor info right there leads to virtually no editing after. Note as mentioned prior to 2021, using ARRCOS, I spent a ton of time editing (and that was using the Link).
  6. Shotscope isn't free - since one has to purchase their "watches" for shot tracking/gps. Their devices aren't that much more then one annual subscription to ARRCOS. I originally started out with ARRCOS but quickly shifted to the Shotscope V3 in 2021. Both my wife and I currently use the X5 and don't have to fuss with annual subscriptions.
  7. I love their golf balls and towels are kinda cool but never been interested in their clothing line. Too many other (fun) choices out there.
  8. You forgot item #4. pay the subscription fee. Signed: Former ARRCOS user and confirmed Shotscope user.
  9. I'm just happy that Neon Green is back in stock both in the Pro and the new Pro Air.
  10. PGATSS brand is also a great glove - generally priced at 2 for $20. AND it's the only lefty item in the store they always have on hand. They wear exceptionally well and my preferred glove over all the other name brands including FJ.
  11. tony@CIC


    I agree - don't know why women's golf gets the short end of the stick. Heck on GC, they'll have extensive coverage of the champions tour before LPGA. Interestingly, women's golf in Korea is more popular than men's and gets more TV coverage.
  12. Left lament: We were at PGATSS yesterday - I desperately wanted to try a Darkspeed 3 & 5 wood. The only new Lefty offerings were by Ping and Taylormade . Based off of a Qi10 fitting a couple of weeks ago which matched my Radspeed for distance, I knew that wouldn't work. Not a fan of Ping except for their Hybrids so the cash stayed in my pocket.
  13. Putting together a new shaft for my Ping hybrid. I've got the shaft and the right connector but have a question for you club builders. Is there any difference between the 2 part epoxy you find in the hardware store or in a marine supply house? I can get the same size epoxy tube in Home Depot for $7. that costs $18. at PGA Superstore, or Golfworks for $13. (but the shipping costs as much as the epoxy). I can't imagine there's much difference.
  14. It could be that the par 3 course is not mapped and therefore doesn't provide you with the overview.
  15. Four way tie: Bryson, Rahmbo, Garcia and Smith. Not sure there's enough space here for comments so take it for what it is, but it's not that they're LIV - I hated them as Tour players.
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