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  1. We're always last in line when it comes to producing clubs. Signed A lefties lament.
  2. Hope you guys have a great one!
  3. I just can't get into it - but then I've never been a fan of summer Olympics. I'll read the headlines but won't turn on the TV to watch. Maybe it's just too much golf on TV between the PGA/LPGA that I've watched this year? It's sunny and mid 70's here - I'd rather be out playing. On the other hand I'll be glued to the screen for the Ryder and Solheim Cups. Note; except for the final day of the Solheim - we have tickets for that event.
  4. I'm not surprised by Nelly's performance given the gene pool she's a part of. I expect Jessica will be on par. My major disappointment is Lexi - not sure what's going on with her. However, I did notice she just launched a skin care line. Maybe too many sidelines to golf?
  5. Glad you didn't say you popped for a white belt to match your white shoes.
  6. I'm not sure if it's a proximity issue, meaning the closer you get the less accurate or could be gps satellite issue - that particular day. Regardless, I'll still use my PP LRF. Don't quote me but it seems like the variance was upwards of about 8-9 yds - which would make a difference to me. The other reason for using LRF is for slope - which could mean 1 club difference on our course. On the data it'd sure be nice to be able to export it into excel. That way you can graph performance of your soon to be ZX5's against your old clubs. Guess you can probably tell I'm a bit data centric. Another way to compare data is to save previous years and just delete 2021 rounds. Looks like the latter would be a manual process (round by round), but at least it would be there for a comparison. Oh and when are you going to pop for a V3, Bill? They had a father's day sale you missed - may be another one coming up. Tony
  7. Aother cra*** round today at 103. Don't know what's going on. Couldn't drive, couldn't putt...
  8. I'm tracking shots, but I'm probably only about 20 rounds into it. I'm looking to update my yardage chart so the tracking part is important to me. Not sure what I'll do after as full season - but our winds can be so screwy that I'll need lots to yds to get good P-Avg numbers. However, I find the GPS less accurate - not sure if that's typical of GPS devices. The way I have checked it: say the pin is in the middle at 150 and I laser it at 150. when I get to another mark - say 50 yards via laser the always be off a several yards. So for me the Laser is still an important tool in my bag.
  9. Stunk it up big time in league 9 hole match play last night. I only won two holes for my partner (I'm a sub), but on the rest of the holes I was in the water twice and I think I hit every bunker on the course. Ended up with a horrible 52. We did win the match 3/2.
  10. My wife uses Link (and iPhone) but she still has to do a fair amount of editing even with a new phone. Based on the ARRCOS misses I decided to go with shotscope. Cheaper in the long run not counting having to buy Link, or a new phone or apple watch.
  11. Easy; social aspect, more fun then just walking or exercise and the challenge. Added plus it feeds my ocd nature for equipment/technology.
  12. Got to try my friend's 'golf scooter' for one hole last night. It was fun but I was happy to get back into my cart. The fun factor would wear off pretty quickly for me since there's no sun or rain protection. Plus I could see my back hurting quickly since there's no support. But for one hole it was still fun.
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