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  1. Hello, a new one here. This thread was one of the main things to raise my interest towards the HBs. When my fitter also confirmed that they could be the best choice I purchased a set (5-DW) with senior graphite shafts. I’ve played just three years. Being now 51yrs old myself I still have quite good flexilibity but my swing speed has been very slow. I’ve never really trusted in my iron shots hence the longest iron ( WS D200, regular iron shafts) in my bag used to be number seven. Not anymore. I love hitting every single one in my iron set. My i7 swing speed went up from 61 to 69. I got so much more confidence to my swinging that I hit even my driver better that I used to. Golf feels so much more fun now. Couple questions: are many of you using the i4 and SW? Is the 4 very much different from the 5? Can you open the SW and hit a normal bunker shot?
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