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    Golf, hiking and weightlifting. Good health and fitness in general.
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  1. Pete Tucson,AZ I don't have a driver in the bag at the moment Handicap: 5 Driver speed: 110 Will try whichever one is better suited for me Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. I am currently shopping for a new putter. I would be interested in the Tyne 3, Ketsch or Floki. Ping is one of the only 3 brands I'm considering at the moment. Thank you
  3. Pete Tucson,AZ 5 handicap Current irons: Mizuno mp68 Would prefer to try the T-100s
  4. Pete AZ Odyssey Works Big T 35" Would prefer any slight arc model with the slant neck. Elevado being first choice. Thank you!
  5. Pete from Tucson Driver speed: 105-110 I play various balls: usually Titleist, Bridgestone and Srixon Tour ball Thanks
  6. Pete from Tucson I have never used a rangefinder. I either walk off my yardage or eyeball as best I can. I would love to to try one and am currently researching one to buy. Would love to give my feedback on this one. Thanks
  7. Pete/ Az No official handicap, but am low handicap (less than 5) Never bought and used any devices. Would be eager to try it. Thanks
  8. Live in Tucson, Az Swing speed 110ish Titleist ProV1 or NXT I have never played or seen or found any Snell balls before. Would love to try them.
  9. Hello, this is my first post. Just joined and and am interested in all this site has to offer. I have been playing golf since I was 14. Played once that year and became addicted very soon after that. I am 51 and my addiction is still growing. I normally only play 9 holes at a time from May to the end of September. Usually shoot from a couple under to a couple over on my home course. I love EVERYTHING about golf. The challenge of the course, the weather, connecting with fellow golfers and the sheer beauty of nature. I found MyGolfSpy by accident and don't anyone who is a member. I live in Tucson, AZ and play mostly at Fred Enke public course. I am originally from Wisconsin and played many of the wonderful courses there. The best things about golf here is the number of excellent courses and the near perfect weather most of the year. I really prefer to play when it's very warm in the summer. The worst thing about golf here is the cost and the busyness of the courses all year except for the summer time. I am a personal trainer with mu own business. My user name is just a shorter version of my full name. Looking forward to hearing from people who share the same passion as i do. Pete
  10. My name is Pete. I live in AZ. I play an Odyssey works Big T. My putting is probably a little more of a weakness, especially compared to my long game.
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