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    Getting better. Ultimate goal is to attempt US Open qualifying.
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  1. Tim 9 hdcp Fri 10 May at Northway 8 Golfcenter in Clifton Park NY So I went into this golf testing totally unbiased just was interested in seeing how club technology specifically irons has grown in 6 years since I purchased my last set and man was I blown a way. I currently hit mizunos and I have to say the D7 was so nice to hit. Great ball flight amazing sound and feel and just soars for what felt like forever. The pockets they built in for speed and stability really help. I would purposefully try to miss it and it would still be a good shot. I typically hit a 7i 155 with the D7 i was hitting 165-170 carry. The 5i was easily going 200 and the driver was a beaut. Easily the most underrated clubs of 2019 can't believe more people aren't talking about these. These are game changers! 
  2. Tim / NY 10 / 105 MPH Driver Srixon Qstar tour Never played the z star before just got into the qstar tour lately and love em and would be honored to test these. Thanks for the consideration
  3. Tim Lyons active military haven't bought new clubs in years but love playing when I can! Ballston Lake, New York 110 MPH / 9 handicap Taylor made R11S 3 wood 15 degrees / Adams idea a30s 3 hybrid
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