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  1. Still remember the XS tour balls, gamed those for many years I'm due for a ball fitting this winter, would love to see how these stack up against my Z star XVs, TP5X, TP5, and V1'S. Let my super numbers/logic oriented engineer brain have a go at this and I have access to GC hawk for testing.
  2. Been fit and tried about 10 different drivers in the last 3 weeks. Saw SS jump 5mph with TM sim and mini driver(98 to 103). My fitters don't have honma, wasn't able to give it a fair test Have access to GC hawk, GC quad, and trackman to compare values Wifey is pretty good, she hits it around 220-230 with her old cobra amp driver. And I love the gold finish I rocked a gold jazz driver for years as a junior
  3. Loved my M1 430, the M1 440 wasn't the same Rolling an M5 now, but I'm open for anything. I played a Gold Jazz driver back in my junior years and ripped it past the Callaway dudes
  4. I would love to try this currently I just rock a laser....but strokes gained/lost would really help focus my practice
  5. I would love to try this currently I just rock a laser....but strokes gained/lost would really help focus my practice
  6. Thank you Titliest for at least giving us the opportunity! I had never hit a Titliest iron till late last year when our club pro set me up for a fitting to replace my 2014 TaylorMade MCs. I was surprised with the response/feel of the previous model, but the fitting equipment wasn't stellar last year (mevo+) and I don't feel I really gave them a fair shake. I tried the setup they gave me when I did a full evaluation of the T100's, TaylorMade MB's, and Wilson Staff Blades....however they didn't really "feel" right in my hands with the AMT white. The fitter has since upgraded to GC quad so I'd love to take a more in depth evaluation of dispersion/consistency vs my current blades
  7. I've been looking into a backyard putting mat/one for my basement to work on my lousy putting inside 10'. Have a putting alley atm, but it's not great for distance control. I'm a data driven guy, spreadsheets for putts each round, % made from distances, etc. If marked improvement is made, I'll know and quantify
  8. Anyone remember the tour XS ball? Those were my favs back in the day, first ball I ever broke 80 with That's my target price point, nobody wants to pay $60-80/12 balls. About $30-35 is right where I wanna be, but will they be better than the trusty kirklands?
  9. My spornia is on its way back from the states, should be here next week I've used multiple nets, izzo, etc. and really like durability of the hitting pad I got as a replacement for my izzo. If you want a free review let me know! Have access to Mevo+, and projector Kyle - Lethbridge, Alberta
  10. Kyle, -Alberta, Canada Currently use old entry level Bushnell from like 5+ years ago. Has difficulty picking up a stick without reflectors, etc. Would love to try a new cost effective range finder!
  11. Kyle, Lethbridge, Canada 5 Yes, really like my putting alley...but would definitely be interested in seeing how this stacks up. Like the idea of use on actual green.
  12. Would you be open to tester from Canada? If so, see below: Kyle - Lethbridge,AB Index -4.8 Current Iron Model - Taylormade Tour Preferred MC, 2degrees upright, 0.5" extension, KBS tour x shafts. Would love to try the prowler VT, similar specs to my above irons. Even if not selected, would like to get a demo iron to check out on trackman and compare as I'm due for new irons. Have tried Taylormade P790(great distance, garbage feel), P760(sim to my irons now with a little more spin), and awaiting a demo for the P7-TW. Engineer, I know how to write technical reviews Thanks and good luck all those testers!
  13. Kyle Lethbridge, AB (the Windy city) 107 MPH driver Taylormade TP5X and Kirkland Signature 3 piece (depends on course and wind) No previous experience with Snell, but would love to give these a try both on course and on trackman at course
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