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  1. 12 holes yesterday (what typically play as that's like 2.5hours and then I catch up to the decrepit slow golfers that make it take 2.5hours for the last 6 holes [emoji1787] Anyways....alternating back to mindset, like I noted when I ignored everything I learned with mindset was like flicking a switch. Fairway percentage not reflective of how well I drove the ball, as I ripped one 3 bills on the 3rd hole which I then stuffed a 2i to 18 feet just off the green and made an easy birdie. Birdied the other par 5 as well after hitting it 286 down the middle and knocking a wedge from 80 yards to about 10'. Putter was hotttttt [emoji91] made everything the first 6 holes, then a couple loser swings on the last 3 holes (started to get pretty windy (~40km/h) and I didn't commit to some shots. Overall I think mindset is absolutely helping show where the weaknesses in your game are and giving you some tools to address it. I think I've got another 3 rounds or so with mindset before I hit that 10 round testing. But I've seen enough data now that I can probably give a conclusion. Now the real test will be with the gamer ball following the mindset principles....or if that logo/ball combo is the reason for improvement [emoji848] Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  2. For those still following this, I had the chance to go play a couple rounds this week and say fork it to mindset. Went back to my gamer and forgot everything I learned with mindset (as I only think that's fair for comparison sake not to muddy the water). SG metrics I don't believe shot scope is calculating this correctly...reason being is I don't think it takes into account the fact the course I play is crazy narrow. You miss fairway by 5 yards you have no shot of gir unless you can sling it like Mac boucher due to placement and density of trees. So I think the SG approach is likely too poor and the SG tee isn't poor enough. Anyways....In summary, drive the ball worse without mindset, approaches would likely be similar, short game better with mindset(to be debated), putting better without mindset. From raw data percentage metrics I hit more fairways and greens with mindset, but my up and down percentage is better without. SG per par breakdown Interestingly enough, I play par 3s poorly with mindset, par 5s appear to be about the same (mindset had a course in there I could almost reach both par 5s in two, and more forgiving for the other 2 par 5s near the green so kinda skewed the data). Par 4s I play better with mindset (probably cuz I hit the fairway and the green....weirdddd) Driving distance we'll call a wash. It was rainy and cold the two rounds I played with the gamer so 3 yards less is probably about 5 yards more [emoji2369] anyways, insignificant statistically Putting ...sorry mindset, I putt better picking an aim point and rolling it over a spot 6" in front of me [emoji2369] I'll now be alternating mindset/gamer rounds for the remainder of the test to try and give an accurate evaluation Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  3. Wait till you see my not mindset testing literally like flicking a switch.
  4. Fyi, following this...I will be flip flopping b/w mindset and previous ways of playing. I'll alternate every couple of rounds and see if mindset is really this bad for me....as I don't feel it's been a massive detriment to my game as the numbers seem to indicate Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  5. Spin is directed by number of layers and thickness/composition of said layers. I think the big issue is the ball fit algorithm is trash. Anything below 105 mph swing speed puts you into the RX/RXS which is probably closer to say a tour response type ball vs a TP5/Prov1. Guys like myself picked based on similar performance, I expected the Tour BX to be similar to a pro v1, and the BXS to a Prov1x reading the descriptions. In actuality the realistic spin profile is the BXS is closer to a Prov1x, with no equivalent to a V1x. I might pick up a sleeve of the BXS locally (maybe they'll be willing to do a trade for a sleeve of my BX) to see if that's giving me more of the profile that works with my game. I do feel the RX/RXs are likely too soft and won't get people the spin they are looking for....if you're looking for stopping power that is.... Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  6. Alright...time for some hard data and numbers on the mindset. Who doesn't love graphs? I've got a couple years of data to pull from so hopefully this is informative. Don't forget strokes gained are negative, so less is more! #1 - SG various areas & FW/GIR% I think you need to observe the data from these two at the same time to gain an understanding. Apparently what I think during testing vs actual data are two different things. Driving - So despite the fact I hit more of the difficult fairways, my total % stayed around the same and I actually scored worse. Approaches - More GIR than I typically hit, but again scored worse [emoji1787] U&D% - Interestingly stayed the same. So mindset seems to have no impact on around the greens. Putts - I switched to an Armlock style in 2023 and you can see the drastic improvement to my putting. Going to mindset seems to have put me back to where I was a couple years ago. Interesting because I had one of my best ever putting rounds the first one with mindset, perhaps that was an anomaly and I just had a hot putter that day. #2 Driving Distance As I noted through testing, I didn't see any major issues with distance off the tee. Appears the Bridgestone is a couple yards shorter but it was super windy the one day which brought averages down as a number of holes were into the wind. As I play more with them I think you might actually see this go up. #3 - SG various holes Now this one was super interesting. 2022/2023 you'll see pretty similar trends. Good on par 3's, not stellar on par 4's and a little better on par 5's. Look at the variance on the mindset data, absolute trash on par 3 and 4's, but a big swing in the par 5 SG. Now...I will note with the mindset I've birdied significantly more of the par 5s than I typically do. Again...I'm interested to see if this trend stays with more testing. Hopefully this gives everyone some data driven insights into the testing. Sorry it took so long to get this pulled into Excel. Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  7. Part 2 of recent rounds Played on Thursday in what was the first windy day test of the ball. 27mph winds with gusts are 50mph for you imperial folk. Let me remark, the ball performed admirably. I hit a missile on 18 that should have gone 260, went 207 into the wind [emoji1787]But then I hit it 311 downwind so [emoji2369] The ball is easy to flight down and control, honestly the Bridgestone has thoroughly impressed me in that regard. Mindset in the wind, really helped me focus and I feel this round could have been a couple strokes better. Poor putting and not stellar short game really hurt the score here. I'm still not sold on the mindset process for chips, I like to just "feel" what I think it should do...visualizing kind of distracts me from that and doesn't add much. Pick a landing spot and make a swing of what you think should put it there. I worry too much about flight windows when close to the green with mindset and it takes my focus a little off (or misdirects it if you will) from the task at hand. So far from the 5 or so rounds I've played, mindset has essentially reversed my strengths/weaknesses. My driving is significantly better, but now I'm lousy around the greens [emoji1787] How to strike the middle ground, that is the question [emoji848] I think I need to visualize my drives more, approaches visualize a little more than I have been, chipping rely on my feel/touch and not visualize flight but rather feel the swing, putting....TBD. it's been up and down with putting with some poor reads on my behalf on a couple of them. I do like the alignment aid though for putting....think that might be my favorite part of it [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  8. Part 1 of recent 2 rounds So my first round at the nicer and more "forgiving" golf course in town. Plays just shy of 7000 from tips, par 71. I shot 80, should have easily been a 75 and honestly the mindset may have caused me some issues today. Uncharacteristically bad approach shots, struggles with contact, etc. Now I preface this with I've been working on some new swing feels in my biweekly lessons and trying to nail that feeling, while trying to visualize shots pre-execution made my brain think too much while trying to play. This is the first round with mindset that I played what I would deem poorly. A majority of it from short range (though hitting bunker on 7/9 holes on the front 9 really did not help my cause). A lot of good drives, but then poor approach shots...from either fairway or good lies. Chilli dipped a wedge on the par 5 from 70 yards out into the bunker, something I haven't done in probably a solid year and a half. Also chunked a 9i on the 12th from 140yards out that resulted in a double...again...something I haven't done in almost two years. The Bridgestone Tour BX is definitely not as much greenside spin out of sand as the v1/V1x/maxfli tour I typically play. I hit two what I would deem perfect bunker shots that should have stopped on a dime and they rolled out 15 feet or so. Driver distance - On par/possibly slightly longer than my normal ball. That said speed training has upped my club head speed about 3-4mph so I'd be willing to call it a wash with the Bridgestone. It's as long as anything you can buy. Surprisingly soft too, it was chilly this morning (~6C) and the ball didn't feel like a Nike One Black off the face [emoji1787] Irons - Noticeably less stopping power, hit a high 9i on hole #8 that generally stops in 3' or less. Got up to the green and it rolled out about 10-12'. Grateful it did as it left me a 5' birdie putt butttttt [emoji2369] Wedges - Ya I put er through the paces today with hitting greenside bunkers on about 11 holes. Granted two of those were semi intentional on the par 5s, but as noted above I definitely saw way less spin out of the sand than I typically do... especially on well hit/struck shots. Mindset - As I noted above, I really found it almost overwhelming today and struggled to do 4 million things prior to hitting the ball. I again cannot argue with the results off the tee, that was hitting way more fairways on holes that I typically struggle to. I see the benefit of the tee for sure. But if you are working on something else at the same time, I think you will find the process a little overwhelming at times. Sometimes you just need to get out and "play" and feel certain things in your swing. Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  9. The Tour BX is a closer profile to the V1X-Left Dash. Their ball selector tool woulda have put me in the wrong profile as well. The Tour BX I have is as long as the V1X Left dash I play, negligibly different vs quality of strike. Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  10. I'm disappointed, colors don't really come thru off the mlm2pro [emoji20] this woulda been a cool one Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  11. I've been doing A&B religiously in my testing. Ya I gotta spin the ball, but hey it's a test so do it even if it technically invalidates the round [emoji2369] my men's league night I use my typical maxflis as people more stickler on z rules, any other testing rounds I'll be going strictly bridgestone Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  12. Round #2 with the Bridgestone BX mindset. Let me remark that this ball dials in your focus. I'm constantly reminded to stay focused and not have a mental lapse. Really noticeable after I have a horrendous hole, really helps get you back in the game. I have two courses I typically play at, this year I'm again back at the short one (6700yards) where it's narrow AF and I struggle to break 80(par 70). The other course is more links/mountain style where if I play half decent I'll shoot around 75-76 (par 71). Ihave a couple years of data to pull from, but it's just confirming my "holy $hi7!" epiphany. There are two holes that generally ruin my scorecard, #1 and #12. Hole #1 I have an all-time find the fairway average of around 30%. Hole #12 it's about ,40%. The bigger issue is of you miss the fairway on those holes due to placement and # of trees you are basically guaranteed bogey at best. Both rounds I've played with the mindset ball I've hit fairway on BOTH holes. And it's not just hit fairway, as if you are too far left on #1 or too far right on #12 you are blocked out/no shot at the green, I am in good position for my second shot [emoji33] Take a look at the tee shot history on those two holes (noted in the footer which year it was) and I've circled the mindset balls in purple. Once, ok possible random number generation I got lucky on both shots. Twice is a pattern. Also finally had a non windy day where I made a decent swing off the tee..and sweet baby jesus. My 5wood Pavg is 235. Hole #2 I hit it 260. The 2i is a new addition to my bag but at 250 yards on hole #1 seems to indicate launch monitor performance indoors does not seem to be reflective of how it performs out on course. When you're a low index, a couple poor shots/non ideal bounces can ruin your score card...as was the case today. Hole #3 hit drive too straight (no fade), stuck behind trees but had a shot if a mid height cut could be tread thru. Hit the shot but clipped a branch which took all the sidespin off and left me basically dead on my next shot aka bogey. Hole #7 just overcut the drive, had a 4' window to sneak it thru (which I did) for a 80 yard wedge in, which I proceeded to wuss out and hit 30 yards short and then proceeded to 3jack from there. Not mindsets fault for a poorly placed drive that left me with zero chance to salvage par, bogey best case. #8 I hit the literal worst shot I've hit in about 4 years on that hole, chunked a 9i into the water, however salvaged an up and down from 30yards to rescue a bogey. Add in recently punched greens and it's not fair to blame the ball for some poor swings/course conditions. More testing to follow! Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  13. So...I need my work machine to get the spreadsheet done up from my test on GC Hawk on Tuesday. But some very interesting stuff of the BX vs a pro v1 - 50 yard wedge - V1 spun more by about 700rpm or more from comparing what I felt were sim shots. - 80 yard wedge - Bridgestone spun more by around 700rpm - Driver - Ballspeeds were lower with the BX than the V1. V1 seemed to have an extra 2 mph or so when I really tagged one. Distance looked to be 7-10 yards shorter with the BX [emoji2369] Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  14. How does one get a breakdown like this? Did you just export data to excel? [emoji33] I feel the need to do breakdowns like this Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
  15. How do you get the breakdown graph? [emoji33] I'd like to do that...are you able to select specific rounds? Sent from my Pixel 8 using Tapatalk
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