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  2. After completing 3 weeks of level 1 I played my first 18 holes of golf today. Predictably I didn’t do great. I tend to draw the ball but I left 80% of my drives and irons to the right today. All pushes. Just couldn’t square the club face up. Think it’s because by body is swinging faster than my arms? From what I’ve read this seems pretty common? Any fixes? Anyway definitely happy to take the short term loss of accuracy. Hit a couple of bigger drives than I’m used to but difficult to say if that this was down to the training as they tended to be downwind and fairways quite dry in the UK currently, with a surprising lack of rain! What I would say is that my poor strikes seem to go quite far and my worst drives seem to be as far as my previous ‘normal’ ones. So definitely encouraging! And only 3 weeks in so not looking for immediate results
  3. Thank you! Interesting numbers...I’ve read on here that some people estimate green is approx 81% of your driver swing but clearly not for you!
  4. Hi everyone. I wanted to introduce myself...I was toying with the idea of getting these sticks for a number of months. I started reading this thread about 2 months ago and seeing the success of many people on here I decided to purchase the sticks and the radar (£300 for both here in the UK). I wanted to start posting on here and say thanks to everyone who has posted their stories on here as it inspired me to start the training! I’m in week 3 of the training now and have been really impressed with the results. I’m 26 and in relatively good shape but have always had a slow swing speed for my age, especially compared to my golfing friends. So anyway I started out with a max of 91mph on the radar (with ball) 3 weeks ago and now at around 97 with a max of 101 which is really encouraging. I’ve been keeping track of my max speeds with the sticks each week so will be sure to post them at some point. In my last session I decided to hit some drives after the drills and was a bit concerned...I was hitting some big fades with the club face often wide open on impact. I tend to tee the ball quite high and noticed I was hitting making contact with the ball really high up on the face of the driver so will try teeing it further down. I’m used to drawing the ball so this was a bit of a shock! I think hitting drives immediately after the drills probably isn’t a great idea as I’m likely to be imitating my superspeed swings. Anyway I look forward to joining the community on here!
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