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  1. I appreciate the advice. I was gutted about 35 years ago and it was pretty much standard. I don’t know what could have changed. I last played with a cheap set that I bought for my stepson when he lost interest in golf. It had graphite shafts and I fit them very well. I could just use some of my old but the game had changed so much that I hate to think that some new sticks might save me 3 or 4 stokes per round. I bought some new balls that should help a few stokes I hope. Anything to get me close to my 85 or so again. Then we work on the other 6 and hit 79.
  2. This will get me some idea what to do. I have not played golf in 15 years. I am about to retire and I want to play again. I was scoring in the low to mid 80’s when I quit. If I putted a little better, I could have broken 80 but never have. I cannot make a large shoulder turn and I hit my 7 iron about 150 yards. My driver went about 230 and I am sure I have lost distance. I want to buy irons but I am on a tight budget. I do not want to spend $600-$900 for irons. I want to get some good game improvement irons and used condition and several years old is fine. Please help me. I don’t want to mess up.
  3. Randy/North Carolina 18.3 I have used a couple of aids over the last 40 years but this one looks to be a better design that any of the others I have used. I would love to give it a go.
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