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  1. Name and Location Mark Mitchell Haymarket, VA How do you currently get your yardages? Stakes, walking off the 150 (8 iron) and score card for estimating tee shot if available How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? For the professional and those with disposable income (read trackman etc.) it has really changed the game. I was watching a pop-up clinic on GC where Chamblee asked Rory how radar has changed his perception of the golf swing if at all and he stated it completely changed his thoughts on shot-shaping. His standard (as most of us lay-people) was to adjust stance and club face for draw/fade. Through the use of radar he now realizes it is strictly club path so he now could set up for a draw path but hit a fade and get a more penetrating low fade flight path. For the amateur golfer I think there is still a gap in maturity for technology. It feels we are still in a bit of the hype-cycle with most. Although the use cases are good the execution tends to fall short at the cost of pace of play. Simple, intuitive and a helpful assist seems to be the sweet spot with most tech trying to do too much to automate the process of the game.
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