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  1. Chris - Islandton, SC As someone who does not own a putting mat or regular access to putting greens, I typically only get to practice putting before my round. I typically average around 4 - 5 three putts per round, but my biggest putting issue is the fairly short birdie opportunities that I two putt because of distance control. I love the fact that Exputt is compact which would be perfect since I do not have the space for a 10ft putting mat. I also love the simulator's distance function that would allow me to fine tune my distance control and help me take advantage of those birdie opportunities. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. Fellow Spies, What is your preferred stat tracking system? I've been looking into Arccos and Shot Scope, but I want to know which you guys preferred before I make my purchase. Thanks, Chris H
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