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  1. I’m based in the UK & apparently there is no distributor of Vassel bags here. I’m in the market for a new stand bag to replace my 5 year only Sun Mountain which has lost a leg. I’ve been researching & think I have it down to choice between: 1. Sun Mountain 4.5 14 Way 2. Vessel Player 2.0 Stand Bag (14 Way). I think I’ve convinced myself that I want to go for a 14 Way top as long as accompanied with 14 full length dividers & believe both bags pass this test although Vassel have yet to confirm. Looking at prices believe the Vessel will be significantly more expensive especially as I need to purchase directly & cover delivery costs. If the Vessel is so superior though I would accept that although not being able to see & touch their bag at retail does make that a bit subjective. Looking for someone on here to provide some good practical no nonsense advice to help inform my decision. Straight Down the Middle
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