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  1. I got out to Bonita Golf Course for a Memorial Day round and we ended up chasing daylight. Overall though it was a solid round! 80 (41/39) - 10 pars, 7 bogeys and 1 double. FIR 6/14 (43%) - Decent day off the tee and the course wasn't super punishing so I got away with a few wayward tee shots. GIR 6/18 (33%) - Not a stellar day with irons and wedges to be honest, but my scrambling was solid so I made it work. 30 putts, SG putting -1.100 with six 1 putts and no three putts. Nothing wrong with a confidence course rounds!
  2. Played The Golf Club of California today, which is a beast of a track. Course rating and slope are 74.0/139. It was nice to play a new course, but overall it was just 'meh' so I don't plan on going back. 91 (47/44, 90 ESC) - 1 birdie, 4 pars, 8 bogeys, 4 doubles and 1 quad. Yikes. FIR 4/14 (29%) - The course had some tight tee shots, which did not mix well with my unfortunate tendency to get wild off the tee. Ironically enough, I scored better on the back with 4 lost balls. Crazy. GIR 3/18 (17%) - Hard to get GIRs when you're not hitting full shots into greens due to wild tee shots! 28 putts with 9 one putts and 1 three putt. SG putting -1.950. My putting kept my score from being a lot higher, and I was pretty confident on the greens all day. By far the biggest positive on the round! This was a blind shot from 159. Easily the highlight of my round! The courses signature hole, a 188 yard par 3 with a bunker in the green! The beastly closing par 3!
  3. Just a quick reminder from the glorious mainland that you, in fact, have seen me wear my white Tour360 Boost 2.0s. I'M JUST SAYIN' .
  4. A white pair of FootJoy Pro|SL Carbons, three pairs of Nike Flex shorts and a Nike 1/4 zip.
  5. Friday's round was at Miramar Memorial and was a solid bounce back round after yesterday. 85 (44/41) - 1 birdie, 6 pars, 9 bogeys and 2 doubles. FIR 7/15 (47%) - I got off to a rough start, but ultimately hit some bombs with the G410 LST. I couldn't be happier to have a Ping driver back at the top of the bag! GIR 5/18 (28%) - Probably the primary reason for the 9 bogeys. Just kinda sloppy today and I'm looking forward to getting my SM8s! 32 putts with three 1 putts and one 3 putt. SG putting, -2.390. Definitely a mediocre day with the flat stick. Pace of play was ROUGH today and it was a relief when the round was over. But all in all it was great to be out on the course today!
  6. I don't have mine yet! Looks like it'll ship the first week of June.
  7. Balboa Golf Course today. My luck with the 3W off the tee expired the other day apparently. 96, 92 ESC (41/55) - 1 birdie, 6 pars, 5 bogeys, 2 doubles and 4 quads. I legitimately felt like I lost my swing on the back 9. FIR 3/14 (21%) - The front wasn't too bad, but I was all over the place on the back. GIR 7/18 (39%) - To make matters worse, the shanks made their way into my game on the back. Blah! 35 putts, four 1 putts and three 3 putts. SG putting, -5.740 I'm glad I was able to cross another San Diego course off the list, and while I ended the round with a par, +16 over four holes just isn't going to cut it. I was seriously disappointed as it was inexplicable. I'm shaking it off though and I'm looking forward to getting in a couple more rounds this weekend with my driver in the bag!
  8. New grip time! Ordered 14 GP Tour Velvet Plus4s for pickup tomorrow at Golf Galaxy.
  9. This crazy, crazy game . I got out of training early so I hit up Miramar Memorial Golf Course with one of my SD golf bros. 80 (41/39) - 12 pars, 5 bogeys and 1 double. FIR 7/15 (47%) - I don't have a driver at the moment, so I was using my SIM 3W off the tee. Can't complain with the results! GIR 6/18 (33%) - My scrambling was the real MVP today! 29 putts with 7 1 putts, that probably should've been around 10 or 11, but it's all good! This track is a confidence course for sure, but it felt good to hit some quality shots and it was a quick round (2:40) too!
  10. I like it a lot! It looks much better than the original and true to its name, it’s very stable. Since the switch I believe my putts start on their intended line more often than not.
  11. The last piece of my Dormie Workshop head cover lineup is in production!
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