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  1. I absolutely LOVE Bayonet and Black Horse. I got in around 80 rounds between the two courses when I was living in the area. Best deal ever for active duty military and the courses are no slouch!
  2. Friday afternoon 9 at Navy Marine Golf Course. 41, 29% FIR [emoji34], 67% GIR [emoji846] and 19 putts including three 3 jacks. Finishing with a birdie was nice though and I did hit some decent shots. On to the next round!
  3. I’ve had my irons and wedges for over a year now. This is a monumental moment in recovering club ho history [emoji23]
  4. I finished the Fit For Golf Offseason program last week and I thoroughly enjoyed the training! I'm in limbo while I wait for Mike's new programming, but I can't recommend his training enough. It can work for anyone who is willing to put in the time, and while I didn't measure my swing speed regularly, based on what I did test I picked up around 5 MPH so it definitely works! From what I've seen on social media, the new training is even more flexible in terms of where it can be completed, which makes it a top option for those who don't have easy access to a gym. To top all that off, Mike is very accessible and truly wants to make sure everyone has a good experience. I'm a Fit For Golf #fanboi for real, but if it wasn't good, I wouldn't be so excited about it!
  5. So my time in Va Beach resulted in me working with a new swing coach, @edteergolf, and signing up to work with a putting coach as well. I knew the former was happening, but the latter was a bit of a surprise so I'm excited to see how things go. Now that my bag is fully intact, I'm going to bust my ass to see how much I can improve moving forward. It's time to grind!!!
  6. Wailea Gold and Emerald are easily two of the best values in all of Hawaii. Very nice scores on both courses!
  7. Honey Bee Golf Club in Virginia Beach yesterday. 87 (45/42, 86 ESC), 42% FIR, 22% GIR and 31 putts. I played this course before years ago, and it's short (5700 yards from the blacks, 6000 from the tips), but I was spraying tee shots, which put me in several bad situations. Regardless I enjoyed my last round in Va Beach and I'm looking forward to getting back to Hawaii!
  8. I took a lesson with Ed a couple weeks ago and I wanted to echo everything @ChasingScratch mentioned. I enjoyed working with Ed so much that I'm planning on sticking with him for awhile!
  9. I think it certainly helps with the feeling of shallowing, but jury is still out on the ball striking part for me. I got mine at the preorder price of $79 and I honestly don't know if I'd buy it at the current price. But regardless of the price, I think it's easily one of the training aids available.
  10. Red Wing Lake Golf Course. Quick 9 after class. 38, 100% FIR, 67% GIR and 17 putts (two 3 putts). What a difference a coupe days makes!
  11. Fantastic setup man, but we need to talk about those headcovers, haha! For real, I think Srixon irons are easily some of the most slept on irons on the market. And those Glide Forged wedges? SEXY!!!
  12. Bay Creek Nicklaus Course. 94 (45/49, 91 ESC), 29% FIR, 17% GIR and 33 putts. Steady trying to find rock bottom [emoji19].
  13. I had a great lesson with @edteergolf yesterday! It’s obviously not going to be an overnight change, but with some grinding I’ll see improvements. [emoji95][emoji466]️
  14. As of the 9/15 revision my index is 12.6. While my index is creeping up, I have seen some positives in my game. Just gotta keep at it!
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