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  1. Ram's Hill is on the radar for sure especially since I have some dumb GolfNow credits, haha! Is PGA West really SD golf, though? And there are a few in Temecula I still want to play as well!
  2. Oh I've already made my rounds, trust me! Here's the list right now. Enagic Golf Club at Eastlake Journey at Pechanga Miramar Memorial Golf Course Coronado Municipal Arrowood Golf Club Torrey Pines South Balboa Park Golf Course The Golf Club of California Bonita Golf Course Riverwalk Golf Club Aviara Golf Club Pendleton Memorial Golf Course Torrey Pines North Cottonwood Golf Course Redhawk Golf Course Twin Oaks Golf Course Singing Hills - Oak Glen Sea N’ Air Golf Club Admiral Baker North Admiral Baker South San Diego Country Club
  3. Sturdier housing and stronger magnet are the main improvements IMO. A high quality accessory for sure!
  4. I switched to a Vessel Lite bag a couple months back and have been walking 95% of my rounds. I find it much more enjoyable and of course enjoy saving money. I had been lugging the Player 2.0 stand bag around and switch to the Lite made carrying WAY easier!
  5. Bumping this thread since they've released the new version. They made a few changes that improved durability and the brushes are effective as ever. Still worth it if you're looking for an all-in-one club cleaning solution!
  6. Never! Just a light at the end of the tunnel sort of thing. I have plenty to keep my busy until then, that's for damn sure!
  7. It actually seemed faster out there! And if all goes well, I'll be back there for good in 2023 .
  8. The wait for stuff is the WORST. I've made a couple small tweaks. SIM is staying, but I'm going back to the ACCRA TZ5 M4 (gloss grey and blue letters) and I have a SIM2 3W, which will also get paired with a TZ5 M4 (gloss black and red letters) as well. The driver shaft was ordered first and it's already been like 6 weeks so I suspect I'll be waiting awhile for both of them. It'll be worth it, though! Aside from that, with work picking up, I won't be making many more changes. If anything, I'll be putting PX LS 6.0 in my wedges since I'm enjoying them so much in my irons. Oh
  9. Finally broke 80 at Sea ‘N Air Golf Club, which is one of my regular tracks. Played with a couple guys from work so we played from the whites, but it’s only a 300 yard difference from the blues. Had a PBFU hole that was followed by a streak of bogeys so as usual, it could’ve been better!
  10. SIM2 3W head on the way to pair with the ACCRA TZ5 once it arrives. Back to the bomber FW!
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