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  1. Y'all mainlanders are getting yours first, naturally. ETA on mine is 1/21, but @yungkory hasn't received shipping notification yet!
  2. Haha, thanks! There are certainly worse places to be
  3. Oh just several golf industry types I follow on IG. PGA Pappas is the one I’ve seen the most from. I’m itching to get mine in hand!
  4. So I'm seeing these lovely white boxes all over social media, but I still haven't a shipping notification on USPS Informed Delivery. Anyone else hear anything?
  5. Haha, hopefully there's none of that 'spice' this year!
  6. A friend of mine volunteers at the Sony every year and he sent me a few pics this morning. Gonna be a messy one!
  7. If memory serves, they're around $300ish. Epon is similar to PXG in that they don't have an R&D budget, so their offerings are definitely premium. I've had my AF-505 irons for over a year and the Tour wedges for a few months now. Easily the best irons and wedges (for me) I've had in the bag!
  8. That was an excellent read! Nice to see the work MGS does being recognized .
  9. Those look great! The ferrules are super unique and really stand out. I absolutely love my Epon irons and wedges.
  10. Yeah HSGA sent out an email saying to enter total score for the time being. I'm not particularly worried about it since I track all my stats using Decade, but it will be a nice feature to have once they get the kinks worked out. As far as some of the criticism of the new handicap system goes, is it because it's oversimplified? It seems like it was a move to appease the more casual golfer while those who are competing might be negatively affected by the change. Is that accurate? Or did I miss something?
  11. Can't wait to follow Reed around to see how much unnecessary security he has
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