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  1. Dude those TV Plus4s are awesome. My new favorite grips!
  2. Let me see what time my wife’s flight gets in and I’ll let you know!
  3. I’ve always paid, but I usually kick myself for not going the DIY route when I see how easy it is. Lots of good info in this thread about the DIY route so I may ween myself off paying and start doing it myself the next time I need a grip refresh.
  4. mr.hicksta

    P2 Grips

    You know, I’m not sure but I’ll ask when I stop by next week!
  5. I’ve been using the Ping Tour and Ping Sport for the last couple years and have had zero issues with them. I did have one of the palms on a Ping Tour glove split unexpectedly so I reached out to Ping about it. They asked for my address and next thing you know, I have a dozen Ping gloves (6 Tour, 6 Sport) at my door. Very cool gesture by Ping!
  6. Haha, thanks dude! I’ll have you know I’m reformed since my wife bought my birthday set. Only small changes now! [emoji41]
  7. mr.hicksta

    P2 Grips

    Aloha Golf Center! BGT sent the shaft directly to them so I didn’t have to pay shipping [emoji1]
  8. mr.hicksta

    P2 Grips

    Man I checked Amazon the other day for the TOUR React, but I didn’t see it! I’ll keep that in mind for my next order for sure though [emoji1687]
  9. mr.hicksta

    P2 Grips

    I’m a huge fan of P2 grips, and have been using the TOUR React the last 6+ months. I can honestly say my putting has never been better since making the switch. The only con is it takes awhile to get them out here in Hawaii! [emoji12]
  10. I'm definitely not brand loyal, but I won't flat out play anything. I think my current setup is a perfect representation of where I stand. Like many others, I enjoy the new and shiny, and I'm a fan of high quality as well. Simply put, I play the brands I like, and that has almost always resulted in a mixed bag for me.
  11. Hats: I don't wear them anymore, but when I did Black Clover was the best fit for my large dome. Shirts: Nike (Victory Polo all day) Pants/Shorts: Adidas Shoes: Adidas (Tour 360 Boost FTMFW) Underwear/Socks: 2UNDR and Kentwool - because I'm fancy like that
  12. Latest purchase for me is a BGT Stability putter shaft and P2 TOUR React grip for my PXG Bat Attack. Should have everything installed next week once the grip arrives.
  13. Those look freaking AMAZING! Hope they work out well for you!
  14. Snell MTB Black for me. For the price, I don't think there's a better ball out there and it does everything I want it to when I'm not swinging like a jerk.
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