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  1. Was off on my training days last week so my grit score slipped a bit. I’m back on track now, though and I’ve noticed my second time through Foundation has been a little different. The app has definitely adjusted based on my first time through.
  2. I wholeheartedly agree! Sasho has quickly answered every question I’ve asked. Seriously next level customer service!
  3. All those rounds and I never knew I was in danger
  4. Foundation round 2 continues. Felt speedy this session!
  5. Yeah, I’m not taking a damn two week break! After chatting with Sasho I’ll be giving Foundation another go since that’s what the app is recommending.
  6. Did my progress test today and it looks like my overall speed stayed the same. The app recommended I take two weeks off and start training again on 6/18, which I found a bit odd. Either way, I’m going to adhere to the recommendation and I’m going to read up on the other programs before I select which one I’m doing.
  7. Good stuff! I’m excited to see what the app spits out for me after I knock out the progress check. I’m totally down for some single arm work, but I’ll go with whatever it recommends!
  8. Boom, Foundations is done! Felt strong from start to finish, but the full stack (300g) is freaking heavy. Very happy with my 195g swings as I felt like I had hit a bit of a wall. Things were clicking today though, and I’m pumped to keep moving through the training sessions!
  9. Second to last session in Foundations. Pretty solid start and was fairly consistent across the sets. 195g speed is still lower, and I really think I tense up during those sets. Regardless I’m happy I’m about to move to the next protocol!
  10. Pretty pleased with today’s session! Swing felt great, and I was able to get 195g moving pretty good.
  11. Looking for a Z785 AW. If you have one you're willing to sell hit me up!
  12. I hit up Sasho on Twitter about radar positioning and he was quick with his reply of “30 inches behind where you’d have the ball” which has been perfect! Swing and body felt good for tonight’s session and I’ve been using the time to ingrain the swing feels I’ve been working on as well. I continue to enjoy the straight forward structure of the training. It’s very efficient and the built in rest keeps me on track. My game has been a mess lately, so The Stack training has been nice to fall back on. I should be done with Foundations by June and I’m curious to see if the app recommends the next training block or if I can choose what I want. We shall see!
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