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  1. Man the crown on the G410 looks so freakin' clean. The slightly more compact 450cc is a plus in my book, too. I'm a sucker for the matte black look, and if the F9 wasn't working for me I'd definitely be giving one of these a look!
  2. So this BGT Stability shaft experiment may be coming to an end. Looking at replacing it with a KBS CT Tour Putter shaft in brushed chrome. I don't mind the feel of the BGT, but the weight is throwing me off.
  3. The pins were in nasty places today and the wind was kicking so it resulted in the usual humbling time.
  4. The struggle bus continues to roll. 93 (47-46) with 33 putts at Ewa Beach. I’ve taken several steps backwards the last couple months and it’s starting to get kinda frustrating.
  5. No they sell packs that have 40 long tees and 10 short tees. I’ve been using the regular ones for years and decided to give the custom ones a whirl!
  6. Nice setup man! Hope you figure something to fill those empty spots!
  7. I lived in Monterey for 18 months when I was going to grad school and a buddy of mine won a round at Tehama when he played in a scramble at some other course. The pictures he sent me were absolutely phenomenal and I was just a little jealous!
  8. I used the Hal Higdon training programs when I ran my first one a few years back. It was solid! I achieved my goal of breaking 2 hours (1:50) and then got duped into running another one without training. That was absolute MISERY.
  9. I feel like he's coming out of his shell somewhat and he addressed that in the podcast. He talked about something to the effect of feeling like he had to have a resume to back up any comments he made, which is smart if you ask me. It'll be fun to see if he can keep it up the remaining 3 days because he made the course look like a pitch and putt today.
  10. Dude I had that same thought when I was watching a bit of it this morning. The guy is just ice cold. I listened to his interview on the Foreplay Golf podcast and I'm becoming more of a fan. He definitely has his on course persona, but it works for him and the results are kinda obvious at this point!
  11. Just tossed my name in the hat! I was stationed in Augusta for 3 years and never went so I'm hoping to get lucky (like many others) this year.
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