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  1. Enjoy, y'all! I have these in the bag and they are EXCELLENT! Looking forward to reading your reviews!
  2. Hi ho, hi ho, back to the G410 LST driver I go!
  3. I actually moved on it from it because I simply wasn't able to use it enough. That said though, I do think it will help if someone puts enough time with it, but for me it often comes down to practice or play and I chose getting out on the course just about every time!
  4. My final review is up! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/39960-2020-official-member-review-cleveland-rtx-zipcore-wedges/?do=findComment&comment=667862
  5. Oh hey y'all Fall update: JPX 921 Forged 5-PW and RTX ZipCore Tour Rack 54 Mid and 60 Mid. No other changes to report!
  6. Poking around the Cleveland website today I've got to say, the new tour rack finish and all the available customization options are intriguing to say the least! As for the test wedge, I really wish I would've went with the 60 Mid as I believe it would've yielded slightly different results for me. Just a couple random thoughts as I finish up this review!
  7. My man! You already know I can't wait to get them in the bag!
  8. Back to Mizunos I go! JPX 921 Forged 5-PW with Dynamic Gold X100s and midsize Tour Velvet Plus4s, INCOMING!!!
  9. This line captures almost exactly what I'm seeing. On the eyeball test, the RTX4 seems to be generating a lot more backspin, especially on 3/4 swings. I'm also finding that the additional 3* of bounce is more of a hindrance for my game. I'm going to start hammering out the review this week and I'll keep putting in work with the ZipCore!
  10. Funny, a friend of mine made the exact same comparison to the SM7s. After more range time and another round with the ZipCore wedge, I feel like they're not a crazy leap forward in technology coming from the RTX 4, and to be honest I'd give the nod to my RTX 4s in terms of overall performance. I'll explain more in my review, and I'm certainly not bashing the ZipCores, but for me they've been underwhelming.
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