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  2. My buddy and I doing County Donegal in August. Played Lahinch on a non golf trip last summer with my wife and it was life changing. I declared to her that I am going to British Isles every year for next 15 years or as long as I can walk 18/36 a day (I am 56 and walk 18 3-4 times a week). We have our entire trip for 2 of us for 7 days and 10-11 rounds of golf including airfare, self drive car, lodging, food (even $500 built in for SWAG) and it comes out to 3500.00 ea. (I actually paid an additional 1500.00 for business class). I am going to Bandon for 6 days in March and actually driving this year and its going to cost about 3000.00 all inclusive. Ironically, last year, when we flew to Portland from San Diego then drove down it was almost 14 hours from door to door which is exactly same amount of time it took for us to get to Dublin in September. Its all expensive but I have seen too many people wait to go on the trip of a lifetime only to get sick or have significant other get sick and Jack ends up dying a dull boy never having gone anywhere. If you can afford it, go. We have given our kids the tools they need to be successful (education) and have told them we are going to spend our money and they are all on board with the idea.
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