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  1. Give em hell tomorrow! Also, fantastic timepiece. Looks like a 16710 GMT. I’m a bit of a watch enthusiast. Watches, cigars, golf...just add booze. [emoji23]
  2. Congrats to the testers! Looking forward to hearing their feedback.
  3. Joe Houston, Texas 30+ Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal 4-P; Titleist Vokey SM6 52, 56, and 60 Titleist T-200
  4. This is absolutely incredible! Congrats to you and thank you for sharing the wealth of information. You are an inspiration and we are all green with envy.
  5. Pretty cool idea. Surprised it hasn’t been done already if I’m being honest.
  6. Joe/Texas Handicap >30 Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal 7 iron - 170 yards
  7. You’ll be hard pressed to beat Rawls in Lubbock. It’s Texas Tech’s home course.
  8. 1. Joe S. - Texas 2. On course yardage markers, (stakes, sprinkler heads, etc.) 3. Technology is fine as long as it’s easy to use, doesn’t slow down the pace of play, and is accurate.
  9. Joe - Houston, Texas Titleist Velocity 107 At my rate of losing a ball per hole, I’d need about 54-72.
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