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  1. I very seldom play a full swing shot inside 120…everything is 3/4 or less. I just have better control..,they are almost always dead online so I just have to get distance right. Full swing shirt irons for me are almost always a pull or a pull hook
  2. An apple smoked old fashioned with Bullit bourbon from a bar in Columbus, Ohio I’m here for a work conference for a few days
  3. Saw this on Facebook today…..powered by Foresight Anybody know anymore details?
  4. He’s turning into Fowler from a few years ago….looks great for 3 rounds but can’t seem to lose the deal on Sunday
  5. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss, my best friend of 25 years took his life several years ago, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  6. I have a particular set of skills
  7. The first night of The Open is one of my favorite nights of the year! I always set an alarm and get up to watch Major Championship Golf at 3am…what could be better than that! who else is up and ready for some golf!!
  8. Glad to see they are starting to arrive! Time to start stalking the FedEx truck!
  9. My F7 driver was very draw biased as well, I ended up having to order some different weights to straighten it out some
  10. How is this hybrid out of the rough? It looks like it has a center mass on the bottom that might help get the club through some thicker grass
  11. The next time you play in Galveston I expect an invite damn those copper irons are sexy!
  12. I’ve completed my curse on 6 unsuspecting golfers, I apologize to them in advance
  13. I agree, like you I’ve been a part of several tests and I’m getting ready to do another on the Honma Driver, my favorite part of the testing threads are the interaction with forum members. It always seems that I stumble across a great question that someone asked that I never thought about….the questions and answers are an invaluable part of the testing process, I hate to see them pushed aside.
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