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  1. I love my rangefinder. I have a Precision Pro NX7 pro and use it all the time. I also use gps on my watch as I use an app to keep track of score so why not have the front, middle and back green yardages from wherever you are on the hole. I can say for sure that I've shaved some strokes off my game using my rangefinder regularly. I've been able to dial in yardages better then ever
  2. I had a YES callie putter up until this year. I sold it at the beginning of the summer and have regretted it ever since
  3. Hey everyone I started playing golf after high school into my early 20's until life got in the way and golf took a hiatus. Fast forward 12 years and my son decided last year he want to buy some golf clubs and it's taken over my life ever since. I love everything about golf, but I really enjoy that it's something I can do with my wife and kids as a family regardless of age and skill levels. I've been watching the Mygolfspy you tube channel "no putts given" podcast for a while and figured it's time to check out the forum. I'm originally from Newfoundland but curr
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