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  1. First Name/City State/Country: Kiel/Mahomet, IL/USA Current Putter in Use: IndiGolf Alison Check out all the models (see them here), and tell us which one interests you and why? The Ketsch or the Fetch, as I've been using mallets for some time now, and they fit my eye. They look like the mallets you can pick up the ball with, too, which I appreciate 9saves on bending over).
  2. 1998 I answered an ad in the Mich State paper: "Writers wanted. No Pay. Free golf." A PhD student with a baby on the way who couldn't afford golf, I replied. Began writing for MichiganGolf.com, part of a network that grew to 200+ sites around the world. Got my PhD, did postdoc in MA (Cognitive Science); kept writing & started early weekly blog. Traveled around the world for golf. Started getting paid, writing to companies for equipment, became editor of GolfInstruction.com & equipment editor. Started holiday gift guides. Sites got sold to investment group; everyone fired but me. Got te
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