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  1. I forgot to answer the stimp rating question. We have two carpets available and we'll give people the choice. The slower carpet is about an 8-9 range and the faster version is about 11-12.
  2. One other thought we've had is to add a second target in front of the first. Then you could practice putting beyond the target if that is your practice goal. Would be trivial to just add a second target and to have a setting the app for "through-the-hole putting" practice. The Wellputt system has something to that effect - you putt through the first target and try to stop it on the second. If that's the mental strategy many folks are wanting to practice, we could simulate that pretty easily. Just having a target about 4 inches down our ramp would effect putting 8-10 inches beyond the c
  3. So, this is a question we get a lot. The ramp "lengthens" the distance you are putting because it is uphill. If you rolled the putt flat, it would be about 18 inches beyond the cup. That said, whether you putt to die the ball in the hole, or you putt 12 or 18 inches past the hole, the main thing you need is the ability to accurately control your pace. Regardless of flat or inclined, you are practicing the muscle memory to hit shots reliably. When I go on the course after using the system, I putt on the practice green a bit taking various strokes that I practice on my mat and deter
  4. As you saw, local multiplayer is an option. My ten year old is a killer putter and is thrilled when he beats me on it once in a while. It's a lot of fun. Our app is cross platform and supports both iOS and Android - pretty much should work on any recent device (less than 4 years old or so). Question for you - we've been thinking about adding additional targets and launch points. Maybe putting a small target on each side and then starting "tees" kind of randomly all over the mat. They would be numbered and we'd say "putt at target 3 from tee #6" as an additional challenge. These
  5. Hi Spies! I bought a putting mat a few years ago to practice during the winter and putted some straight putts. Well, that was underwhelming, but I saw some potential so I fixed it. I wired it up with sensors and started having it automatically track my make/miss percentage and streak (20 in a row, etc.). Suddenly, I could concentrate more on putting and get some feedback on how my practice session really went. Two years later, a couple of friends and myself have created our own system with an app that tracks speed, accuracy, tendencies, make/miss percentage, and many other stats. It
  6. Hi everyone! I’m a golfer from Maine - rare thing, but there are probably others out there. 1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I’ve been playing golf for nearly 30 years - started as a teenager in California. I haven’t had an official handicap in years but generally shoot around 90. 2. What do you love about golf? My favorite thing about golf is hitting the pure shot and being outdoors. Just the one fabulous shot (or sometimes more) a round keeps me coming back. That said, I used to love competing and getting better, but th
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