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  1. Ross / Houston, Texas 7.2 Taylormade P-760 4 - GW (Nippon Modus 120g Stiff)
  2. Ross / Houston, Texas 54/10 Titleist Vokey SM7 M Grind & 60/10 Taylormade Hi Toe 54 or 60 deg
  3. FlyboyAF


  4. - Ross - Houston, Texas - 7.4 Index - Taylormade P-760 (4 - AW) - T100 S
  5. If you have a concrete floor, there is the leveling factor, plus laying down some thin rubber layering and/or foam to prevent the plastic subfloor from sliding around. I used the TourLink Panels for my setup, but you could also look into using the Home Depot rubber tiles for a cheaper solution ; )
  6. Thanks Kanoito!!!! Putting in the work and building the majority of it myself was incredibly rewarding! The FX software comes with the GC Quad. They have different levels of the virtual courses that you can buy. At the top tier ($500 per course), they literally map every undulation, rock, tree, view, etc. Those are spots like Spyglass & Pebble Beach. They also have a bunch in the $150 per course range that are still pretty sweet from a graphics perspective....places like the British Rotum (Carnoustie, Gleneagles, etc). The Quad can link to other software as addins like Swing Catalyst, High-Speed Cameras (up to 2), etc, but the simulation software is FX.
  7. Thank you very much!!! Eventually I would like to put a full bar / poker room in the adjacent room so I could have a bigger group over and we could just go between the two lol. With the craziness of what is hapenning at the moment, that is on hold. I also want to install a Swing Catalyst system. It uses a visual heat map to track and display your pressure on the ground throughout your entire swing and syncs it up to high-speed video. That way I'll be able to improve my pressure transfer and really put all of the force possible into the ball! : )
  8. You are welcome my man!! The reason I put it out there was that it took so much longer to go through the process myself due to the lack of consolidated information out there. Glad I could help stimulate some ideas! The hitting mat is one of the most important parts and the option I chose should be well within your budget (Real Feel Golf Mats). They will save your wrists and arm joints as well as have the added benefit of giving you feedback on your strike. If you hit a fat shot on these mats, you will hit a fat shot on your simulator....none of that bouncing up into the ball and making you think that you hit a great shot lol. I knew that I was going to spend on the launch monitor side, so did a little research on things like Skytrak, Optishot, and even Flightscope. I would go out and see if you could find a GC2 with HMT. You can get a refurbished set for about half of what the GC Quad would cost you. the HMT part gives you the ability to see where you are striking the ball on the club face while the GC2 part is the launch data. Still highly accurate and provides the most useful info to help you get better!
  9. Thank you!! It's been a lot of fun to use with friends and for my daily practice. I started planning with the drawings and mapping out the space in April. I broke up the purchasing & building into stages just about as I laid out the Posts above...I did most of the work myself, so it took about 7 months to complete (research, budget, build time).
  10. There have to be some wives out there that understand right?! If not, there is a chance that I'll be Batchin' it for the rest of my days haha
  11. Pozzit - Finished it a couple of weeks ago lol. This is just the details of what I did, researched, and installed lol. I've been practicing on it and playing rounds on it every day since!
  12. That requirement on the equal jewelry spend would have clipped this project short for sure!! Luckily, I'm a single guy at the moment....so the simulator was here before she was and she'll know what she's in for from Day 1! haha
  13. Results This has been an awesome project to research, design, and build. Some additional pieces that went into the finished product with links and costs are below: Computer Monitor - 42" Elo 4202L IDS Touchscreen (VGA, HDMI, Infrared USB Touch, Clear, Grey (shipping of $115 included) Link - 42" ELO Touch Screen Monitor $1,813 Computer - MSI Trident X (Intel Core i7 (9700K), Processor Speed of 3.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Video Card, Windows 10) Link - MSI Trident X $2,210 Kiosk Stand Link - Kiosk Stand for Monitor $445 Total Project Cost: $41,000 Joy from Project: Priceless ✔ I hope you all gained some knowledge and I hope I have been able to provide some of the better resources that I have found out there for this type of project! Feel free to ping me with any questions!
  14. Stage 7: Launch Monitor Selection The all important decision.... There are manufacturers out there that sell all-inclusive simulator solutions like Opti Shot, SkyTrak, Full Swing Golf (used by Tiger & Spieth), Tru Golf, etc. These systems can run you anywhere from $500 to above $50K and have their own tracking systems that use Infrared Sensors & Cameras. When building a simulator piece by piece and selecting components individually, you have more control over that budget. I use my simulator for entertainment by having people over to play courses they won't get to in real life, but also practice every day trying to improve my game. Ball Data & Club Data accuracy are paramount to me because of this. I don't have 24'+ of room behind me in my simulator space, so Trackman was out of the question. The best launch monitor currently out there on the market anyway (IMO) is the Foresight GC Quad. It has 4 cameras that take 20,000 pictures per second to not only give you ball data that is +/- 1% of Trackman 4 numbers, but also shows you where you hit the ball on the club face! Gear effect will determine ball curvature and is something that Trackman cannot determine. Thus, if you hit the ball out on the toe of an iron with a neutral swing path (creating a draw curvature), Trackman will tell you that you hit a straight shot or fade while GC Quad will show you the true shot shape of a draw. Knowing where you strike the ball on the club face is also invaluable in helping you improve your ball striking. The compact unit is portable (indoor use or bring it out on the course or to the range with you), doesn't require any special room considerations, and gives you the most accurate & complete data available. $16,085 Here is a link to a video where they test the Trackman 4 vs the GC Quad in a head to head comparison at the same time off of 1 test subject hitting balls with PW, 7i, and Driver - Trackman 4 vs GC Quad Head-to-Head Comparison
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