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  1. As of now i go with what i think looks nice and i write all the dimesions down for future. I am not against going off of a customer sketch. All work is done manually no cnc yet. I feel bad my first pics didnt leave a good impression but now i got something to improve on
  2. Thanks this phone doesn't take the greatest photos but i can guarantee a exceptional product
  3. I would like to introduce myself my name is Josh i am a machinist by trade i have worked in the aerospace and hydraulics industries for over 20 years i have also owned and operated a lawn care business off and on for 25 years now. This past year i decided to possibly fold the lawn business to put a shop in my garage i purchased a j head bridgeport and put in a tool and die shop in my garage because if i am gonna continue the side hustle i wanna be near home with my girls. I have decided i would like to produce custom milled putters instead of doing traditional machine work like i do 10 hours a
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