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  1. https://golftips.golfweek.com/types-golf-clubs-2372.html https://www.spargogolf.com/blogs/blog/comparing-major-oem-iron-set-specifications-lets-get-technical a couple good articles on that subject. But yea, in todays market, the # on the club means nothing. The industry should transition to stamping the lofts on each club instead.
  2. There is really only one “traditional” in the sense of this discussion. But take your pick. Lofts today are jacked up compared to most eras
  3. I should have expanded on the lofts. I'm used to playing "traditional" lofts so that's the comparison, not really MMC vs HMB. glad you found a nice set and I hope they work out well for you
  4. Ill be at the PGA store sometime next week to see what i come up with. Its almost a negative there are so many great choices. I'm thinking my head might explode. I almost bought the Titleist U500 on the spot without even testing it. It felt so good in the hand and looked amazing. I had instant confidence without even swinging it.....and hence, that's my mental problem. I think "This feels and looks great. Ill be able to hit it great!" lol....but i pulled back and am trying my best to do this the right way.
  5. so true. Thank you Let us know how you make out with th3e UI. I am VERY interested in how you hit that vs the hybrid.
  6. I had a fitting for my 712 cb’s. Was actually placed into an AP2 but my stubborn nature said “i like the cbs better”. I eventually played my best golf with them. I worked at it and the cbs were my fav club of all time. I have only owned 3 sets in 33 years so i average 11 years a set. I havent been fit in 7 years so its time again. i just dont have any confidence in having a pga susperstore employee Fit me because its either a 22 ye old kid or a 60 yr old who is headed to kfc after work. But its the only place neAr me that has every brand of club
  7. All great responses that provide a ton of insight to me. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to write these responses. I am now a 50yr old but still swing the driver ~-105 -107 depending on how I'm feeling that day. I need a 200 -210 yard club which is why I'm looking for another hybrid or Utility. As far as irons go, there are so many irons out there which are beautiful and seem to fit my eye. I guess ill go and hit the top 4 or 5 i seem to like and go from there. the P790 seems to be very very popular and very explosive. I need to find a set that helps me with long iron forgiveness but i am a feel player in the short game. I cannot see myself using a real hot iron around the green. I need pure feel to control my chipping and distances up to 110 or so. That's why i asked about blending. I don't need a 8 degree gap which leaves me in trouble picking a club
  8. agreed. I think the point is about QC over location which I should have stated. Obviously Titleist , Srixon and Bridgestone are the leaders in QC followed by TM and Callaway and Snell in the DTC market. I just wonder if he will expand and take more control over his product in the next few years
  9. I paid a visit to the PGA Superstore and had a look at multiple iron sets. Arriving at the store I was completely excited to see the new T100/ T200 and CB's (Current 712 CB owner here) and Titleist did not disappoint. The new CB and T100 irons are amazing to see in person. The T200 looks really good too, but I hate the cavity (but who cares right?) I am trying to break my mental issue of wanting the new CB or T100 because I know I need some more "help" as i progress in age, i decided to have a look at some of the other irons. I looked at the following sets T100 / CB / T200 MP 20 MMC / HMB TM 790 Srixon Z 785 I also looked at the Titleist Utility irons (The U500 is amazing) Based on look at address, the Srixon and the HMB stood out followed by the rest of the group. Srixon looked the best out of all of them. Very fluid shapes which for some reason is important to my eye when standing over the ball. I have a few questions. 1- How do you train your eye to ignore look at address? My mind is telling me to purchase a set that is pleasing to the eye, even though it may hurt me performance wise. 2- Do you guys see any benefit of blending sets? 3- Do you think the irons such as the 790's and HMB's provide a real benefit over other irons with more traditional lofts? For example playing the HMB over the MMC seems like it would be better for me but is it just a question of jacked lofts in the HMB? Are these players distance clubs built only for greater distance? 4- Are utility irons better than hybrids off the turf and tee? or is this just personal preference? What are the benefits of a utility iron over a hybrid? Every hitting bay was filled yesterday so I could not physically test these irons but any input from you guys would be helpful. Just a little background but when i play a lot, I can get the HDCP to a 10 but i am really more like a 15 due to the fact i do not play as much as i used to. Thanks
  10. i was recently at Hershey Park and they have a restaurant with all the hockey equipment in a showcase. The restaurant is designed like a hockey rink and i have seen all the jerseys and skates.....haven't seen Snell's jersey, but I did see all the others.
  11. I am not sure it would happen either as he has basically led the DTC market and created a new space to control. If he were to expand and have his own plant, the balls would cost $50/dzn I'm sure.
  12. I will say it "seems" as if traffic has really slowed over these since the reboot. There are member that are very nice but a ton of them who are there to start fights, argue, report you and make other feel like they are stupid for expressing an opinion. I posted something about women's golf a long time ago and you would think we are stuck in the 40's and 50's with the aggressive feedback i received. It was disgusting. Anyway, to each his own. I still read the site and participate but the mood over there is so negative compared to MGS. It becomes tiring sometimes. I literally had a guy tell me to F-off because i called someone a hater for bashing Titleist.....no action taken...... but like i said, its ok over there, just not great. too combative
  13. Snell is a stud. Its amazing how many great balls his fingerprints are on. I used to love the TM Lethal. I wonder if he had anything to do with that design. He seems to lve TP5x. Myself, the TP5 is better but to each his own. I wish Snell would open up his own boutique ball plant and not rely on the factories to make his product
  14. congrats to Cecil and maybe he has found a new calling??? just saying
  15. The only negative is the fact there are two designs almost identical. Both look great but more diversity may have been better I may buy the birdie time head cover. Love that design......not sure it fits my game though LOL
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