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  1. we need to get the LEFT DOT in this test somehow
  2. Left dot chromesoft x 2019 TP5
  3. as we know titleist makes a few different balls for tour players based on their needs and wants.....left dash, left dot. they had a V1 star as well.....some come to marekt as in the left dash and some will NEVER make it past the tour player.....the V1x+ is just a higher spinning V1X.....highly doubt you will ever see this in the market place
  4. Golf is supposed to be hard, challenging and impossible to master....unless there are wild boars and a sasquatch guarding the hole, nothing is "unplayable". Many golfers are divas
  5. We have seen extensive testing in the ball market, outlining performance and quality. Has testing on drivers and irons ever been conducted in the same manner? from a quality standpoint, who makes the best clubs? Titleist? Callaway? TM? Srixon? I would be highly interested if there was a series of tests that could be performed on the quality of forgings, shafts, ect which outline the best made clubs......them tie that into performance. iI often wonder if there is a real difference in the products that sell for 1000's of dollars, especially drivers that are now trending towards $1000+
  6. I wish there was a "wind test" to see which balls are really effected by winds in excess of 20 MPH. I love the MAxfli tour ball but this and the BXS seem to really balloon on windy days for me while the left dot and the CSX seem to "cut through" much better.
  7. most likely will depending on how you feel about "results" if the PXG shaft launches at 18 degrees with 2200 spin and the other shaft launches at 17 degrees with 2000 spin and you feel that makes a difference, then I guess its "legit" if both shafts lead to a 260 yard total drive and both are in the fairway, who cares about the fitting.......ive played many clubs over the years...different shafts, lie anfgles, lofts ect.....everything has produced the same scoring results....ive putt with a tree branch and a scotty cameron and two putted with both lol. ive said it 1000x, "fitting" is so subjective and overblown for most amateurs. The tiny differences in launch, spin and flex for most amateurs are not worth the money spent on fitting.....PXG may be legit but what will that do for you on the course? how will you score better? NOBODY can correlate that on any level...... Titleist has some of the industry's best fitters and ive been fit 3x by them.....scores remain the same....... to me, BALL FITTING has much more of an impact than club fitting. #unpopularopinion
  8. Tsecor

    The best ball?

    thats not the title of the post.....if that were, nobody could answer that question except for you
  9. shortening the club changes the swing weight but i would 100% recommend it. The drivers of today are way to long for the average amateur......most pros dont play 46" drivers unless they are DJ at 6'3"...... if you are an average size human under 6 feet, a 44" driver is where you should be 1/2" on either side of that # should wrk just fine as well Rory takes off a 1/2" and gained yardage from better strikes and speed.... i play mine at 44" and stiffened up the profile....shaft is borderline "boardy" in a PX black but its flies far and straight....no ballooning or radical mishits like i had with a 46" (advertised at 45.5""
  10. i have an older hazards black.,.....super stiff but i find fairways......i think its time to upgrade into the new rdx line
  11. are we suggesting the PX shafts have gone downhill from a quality standpoint? im seeimg two tales of the tape...one saying MASS PRODUCES overseas and one saying BUILT SLOWER, NO QUOTA.... Arent PX shafts made in Mississippi?
  12. The box says "New and Improved" on the top left front, the box is totally different and the new balls have two arrows on each side of the ball name. the 2019 version had 1 arrow
  13. Rory Mcilroy just shortened his driver and it hitting it further......hitting more centered and gained some yards......with todays 46" shafts, im not sure how amateurs are supposed to get better. Not everything is about length when you spray it all over the course
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