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  1. the Anser 4 is not shown on Pings web site.....is this a new model that is coming out or an old model no longer offered?
  2. nope.....if there is one thing i dont mind spending money on is a really good golf ball. I think everyone should play the best ball out there and forgo club fittings, which, to me, are a waste of money.....for most amateurs....whereas the ball can make a bigger difference in an amateurs game
  3. i hear ya on that.....there is something old schol and classic about carrying my own bag but nobody does it anymore....booooo!!
  4. too many great options on the market instead of gong back to a Nike ball with "older" tech
  5. Tsecor

    Titleist AVX

    i could see titleist eventually doing away with the AVX because the new dimple pattern on the Prov1 is very very similar to the AVX. The AVX is a gret ball, very very under rated. if you threw a Callaway logo on this ball, they would have a huge hit on their hands. I love the fell and playability of the AVX and hopefully they do NOT get rid of it but I will be testing the 2021 Prov1 against the 2020 AVX in a few weeks. should be interesting
  6. if its above 85 degrees i normally ride.....other than that i walk and carry.....i do not see ANYONE carrying their bags anymore...maybe i should get a trolley
  7. ty...me too.....i tried the PX LZ line and it was NOT good for me.....hoping i can find something else that helps my game
  8. those "perfromance" balls look really bad......
  9. I never hear anything bad about the modus 120's...the DG S300 has been arund for almost 30 years, so its fine, but maybe its run its course with the new modern golfer...... I read great things about the DG 120's as well...... its off to the fitter to see what works for me!! I just want a nice feeling shaft that is controllable, does not feel overly "boardy" but not loose either. Its time to move on from the S400's ive been playing for years.....
  10. what DG shaft compares to the Modus 120 profile?
  11. I saw a tweet regarding off center titleists not being reported......here is the source. They call out MGS and the "other" blog/forum site is pushing this as a knock on MGS. Whats the story here? any worries about crappy QC at Titleist?
  12. dont pick a ball based on driver stats!!!
  13. nothing happened unless we see pics!!! LOL
  14. i played these already and they are definitely "firmer" and have a clicky sound if you miss....but flush it and these balls feel just like any other prov1...
  15. mine came by fed ex......wife ran over the package by "accident".....probably saw it was golf stuff and decided to hit it..lol
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