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  1. Tsecor

    Driver test????

    its funny because I tested the Atomic Irons and did a bunch of work with that and it was exhausting..and that was 1 iron set!!! i cant even imagine doing 25 sets or more....its insane. As a consumer, i really appreciate it.
  2. maybe not driver, but i did see phil carry multiple driving irons i think...i understand one variable is eliminated and that makes sense. obviously picking a ball that flies far and high can be a big advantage of the tee. And trust me, im not saying one ball all the time doesnt work, i just question it because of the 100 variables on each swing that change with every shot. I think it would be cool if pros could change the ball on each shot if they wished.
  3. frankly im not into the back and forth debate you seem to want because its just not productive. But you have been combative and argumentative in many threads of people with differing opinions and people who ask open and honest questions. Have fun with that bc you obviously have missed the point(s) on many occasions so if you want a heated back and forth debate, im not your guy. There is another site for that. So, ill just not respond to any other issues you have with me or others. Cheers
  4. Just talking here bud......its not a debate or an attempt "to find someone to agree with you to justify your decision to not test and find the right ball and/or to tell you what ball or club to play" if you dont like what I have to say, you really dont have to respond.....its not that deep, its just talking about golf. jeez
  5. i get it and i meant bold in a good way, as in, MSG should use this as a grounds for testing.... I personally disagree on the "1 ball all the time" thing because there are so many factors that go into a round of golf that one ball cannot possibly maximize your scoring for all lengths, distances, fairway conditions, green conditions, wind, moisture, small greens, large greens.on and on and on......there are just too many considerations to say any one ball is the best or any one ball maximizes your ability to score.
  6. was hoping some testers got their hands on these prior to that
  7. any other updates on these irons? Its been very quiet
  8. wow...that's a bold statement!....and THAT would be a great subject for someone to study......
  9. When is the driver test going to be released????
  10. I also think golfers adapt to the ball and conditions they are playing in......its strange to think there is one ball that suits you best because you could play a course that calls for different balls on each shot.....some courses have longer grass in the fairways and do not get any roll out so you would want a ball that flies as far as possible in the air.....but the greens on that course may be like Riviera and be hard as rocks which would lead you to believe you need a ball that spins more on approaches.... Thats why I think a lot of this stuff is pure BS. Mainly because you cannot quantify anything from a scoring perspective. Sure I agree you should probably play the best ball for you distance wise but all the other variables in a round of golf lead me to believe one ball is not the answer. Im not sure how you can maximize efficiency when each hole is different, fairways are inconsistent, green hardness is inconsistent from one hole to the next..... i think your best scoring comes down to what Pmookie said.....what do you like...that leads to trust......
  11. Thank you very much. I appreciate you sending this. I have looked at the generic makeup before and i am definitely interested in the details of these covers... which i probably cant find myself as I am not in the industry. I think with the relationships MGS has, they can probably find out a lot more than I can. When I read about Bridgestones new cover i said to myself " i have read this before" and sure enough, I found that the TP5 line has marketed this in their 2019 lineup.....as Srixon does im sure, but im unfamiliar with their ball marketing. I wonder if HFM and REACTIV are the same but just called two different things......for some reason that has peaked my curiosity
  12. lol. thank you. some would disagree
  13. i understand their own tech is on their websites...thats not what im curious about....but lets move on. this is just useless banter.
  14. MGS has lots of great insight as to what goes into the tech components of many items. Covey and Co. are masters at breaking things down.
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