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  1. make courses harder, not longer.....put a lake 300 yards out...make the rough 12" deep.....put trees in the way....stop with the 600 yard hole that is straight as an arrow.....make these guys into premiere shot makers, not just long drive champions.....the PGA is weak....the golfers of today are BORING.....make them earn every par.....
  2. The TP5X when hit perfectly will fly a long way.....for me, when i mishit the TP5X at all, it flies WAAAAAY off center.....its a real noticeable difference compared to the TP5 which feels better and is way more forgiving......i played the TP5X a little last night and outdrove everyone in my 4some by 7-8 yards consistently.....but when i missed it, the thing flew into the woods like it was caught in a tractor beam from the death star.....the tP5 is a MUCH better ball to me.....
  3. You must have the older version....the current version is crazy good and never scuffs. Ive played 3 rounds with the same ball and it looks new.....
  4. The fitting issue is real......and who wants to get fit by someone at PGA SS who is a 30+ HDCP? If you have a good club pro in your area who can fit you ON GRASS, take advantage of that...but just be aware the cost. also, what fitter will attempt to fit you into 4 different brands? hardly any I also feel fitting is ok, but not as great as everyone makes it seem....if you have the slightest swing change or if your swing is inconsistent in any manner, the "fit" does not makes sense.....IMO i think TRUE fitting should be done if you are a 5 or below....other than that, you should play the type of club that helps you the most as in...if you are a 15+, forget blades..... "fitting" is the most overused term in the industry right now....even with golf balls....how many guys do you see who have been "fit" for Tigers ball??? That ball was designed for HIM, based on HIS swing....not anyone else's......but 1000's of golfers swear HIS ball works the best for them.....its all crazy...
  5. Tsecor

    AVX vs PRO V1

    TP5 is the best ball out there IMO....does EVERYTHING you want a ball to do...only other comparison is the Prov1 from 2016 era
  6. The critique here is on the social media side....TC and company are arrogant and really get political. Im glad the forums are its own beast. Ive stopped following them on twitter and just keep it to golf over here
  7. Course length has been diminished by many factors including athleticism, so when you compare apples to apples, nothing has really changed with golf....so technology has improved....health has improved, and with that...courses are getting longer.....i mean, back in the day, PGA players were using pieces of wood and scoring in the 60's..... IMO, golfers were better in the 70's and 80's due to their shot making abilities with inferior equipment....it would be a great experiment to give todays pros all the equipment from those decades and see how they do.....let them tee off from further up to account for the length....that would be fun... no disputing your take on length...
  8. All this game changing technology and PGA scoring has only improved by ~5 shots over a 50 years period and you still have only 15 guys who average scores under 70.
  9. heard that is very good as a rider....a little heavy to walk with but it looks awesome
  10. i like Ricky but Augusta is not his cup of tea. Has nothing to do with how nice of a guy he is or how much we like him.....i love RF as a person but the Masters will never be his.....Rory had his shot too and blew it..he may never get that green jacket either...
  11. I saw the FB post and immediately the post from MGS becomes all about politics and bashing the President and calling each other names and posting MEMES and GIF's.......I see Covey on Twitter getting political and TBH....its NOT something I want to see when i come to a GOLF blog......we can get that anywhere else on the interweb and to be frank, i dont want to see that around here. This was the one place that stuck to their origins and gave us an escape from the everyday BS of politics and all the garbage that goes along with it. For the love of god, stick to GOLF and do not alienate 1/2 your followers. If this continues....i know ill just stop coming to MGS and to see what has been posted on the FB thread is sickening. Very disappointed.
  12. Ricky will NOT win the Masters......he only has two top 10's at Augusta since 2011. Only 4 times since 2011 was he under par and only 6 rounds in that time span did he shoot under 70. Augusta is not set up for Fowler to win. IMO
  13. These irons are so long, ive kept the 4I in my bag as a driving iron and a gap between my 3 hybrid and 3 wood....sounds strange, but it works
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