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  1. Yea, these balls are so close its negligible. I think with the spin characteristics, the V1x is probably the better all-around ball but obviously that depends on the player
  2. good thing i didnt lose a lot during my rounds......go to a golf pro near you...namely at a club and ask if they can order for you. Some clubs have the ability to order them for you
  3. The left dash is the highest compression but the regular V1X goes further on robot testing.....
  4. Just curious.....with all the balls out there and the different compression ratings, at what point do you think you can tell the difference between models, based off their compression numbers? For example, one of the best feeling golf balls ive ever played is the 2019 TP5 which is rated at 93 compression. If i played a ball rated at 96 compression, would i notice a big change in feel? or do you think 5 compression points is where you can really tell the difference? or possibly 2 points? I know this is all subjective, but just curious what your thoughts are......i cannot find a ball that feels like the 2019 TP5..... What is strange is, the review on MGS for this ball shows a 90 compression rating but 93 in the compression rating table.....not sure what the actual # is supposed to be here, but there is an inconsistency on this site....regardless, do you think you can feel 3 points difference?
  5. IMO i think. as amateurs, we get bogged down in this type of data and it really may not be connected to scoring. There is NOTHING that you can connect to scoring....does it 100% matter if you are in the fairway when you hit your approach shots? nope....you may be 20 yards closer to the hole when you are in the 1st level rough.....so balls that tend to fly 5 yards off center may benefit you in a strange way.....the spin #'s do not 100% relate to distance either....sure it has an impact and lower spin is equated to longer distance, but when you truly look at spin #'s, you will see some balls have high spin numbers but do not balloon and fly the furthest......sometimes too much data is counterproductive, especially when you have no idea what the degradation rate is of each ball flying through the air and as they hit the ground.....I mean, does a TP5 spin at 2800 rpms off the driver and at its peak spin 40% less, while a Bridgestone BX spin at 2400 off the driver but degrades at a 30% rate? none of this truly matters and can not be connected to scoring......so my advice is to pick the longest ball for your swing and go from there.....angle of descent into a green can be much more important that spin.....
  6. callaway talks about it in some of their videos......mainly with the CS. I think thats the axis number......obviously that promotes slices and hooks....
  7. awesome!!! I totally agree with his aproach to testing.....2 seasons ago, i bought 5 different brands (12 different dzn) and tested them all and Bridgestone, TM and Srixon were all horribe for me......callaway CSX and even CS were awesome......the best ball out of everything i tested was the left dot. I still play that today but i am running low......so im off to try something new. Thanks for the response
  8. when going through a bunch of data, i fall into the mid swing speed category. I wanted to look at distance initially, followed by spin rates 35 yards and in, once i found a good ball for distance off the driver and mid iron....basically im thinking "what ball can get me to the green faster and easier than the others"....once i got to the green or near the green, i looked at spin rates.....my angle of descent is pretty good so spin rates off the mid iron was not a factor for me When comparing the V1 line up, the V1X is 10 yards longer than the V1 when it comes to combining the driver and a mid iron.....so that means im using one less club throughout many par 4's.....the V1x is even 6 yards longer the left dash over the course of those two shots.........around the greens the v1x and V1 are only separated by a few hundred rpms, which means nothing...after analyzing almost every ball id buy......the V1x looks to be the longest and best overall performer.....i basically looked at TM. Titleist, Callaway, Maxfli, srixon and bridgestone...out of all these balls, the only one over 440 combined yards for the 2 shots was the V1x (445 total yards)....left dash was 2nd at 439.... I really hope the new TP5 series of 2024 has improved tremendously because the version tested is extremely bad for a mid swing player tp5x is 17 yards shorter between the driver and mid iron tp5 is 23 yards shorter no other ball really jumps off the page....MOST of the balls i analyzed are in the 433-435 range.....10 yards off the v1X..... i need to try a box and see how they do on the course
  9. people have to remember the spin numbers are what come off the face of the club.....not when the ball is midflight or upon landing......the degradation of spin throughout the flight may be different from ball to ball and NOBODY has any idea how much spin is on the ball when it hits the green.....the spin number you see directly affects the immediate trajectory of the ball which results in height and distance....other than that, focusing on a 200rpm difference between balls is flawed thinking.....you have absolutely NO IDEA if that 200 rpm difference is the same off the club face and in flight as the other ball.....do you know how each ball is with side spin? and what those numbers may be? This is why a lot of people should play the calloway chromesoft ball.....it has been tested with the least amount of side spin and it could be marketed as a "forgiving ball". People talk all day about forgiveness but never talk about the one piece of equipment that you hit EVERY TIME on the course.....the ball...... "I found that for me at least it did spin less"......how did you find this out? just curious..
  10. Please dont take this as hate, but ive been a member here for quite some time and traditionally have loved this site more than other sites. It was DIFFERENT....this site brought a new and exciting way to learn and talk about the world of golf from an equipment standpoint. The ball labs and ball testing obviously put the golf industry on notice and the follow up testing was amazing........since then, the site has really changed and really taken a turn for the worse. The site layout is really bad......this needs to be changed....the formatting is all wrong, the pictures are SO BIG and in your face, its hard to concentrate on anything. If you are to spend $$$ on anything, it would be to hire a web site design expert The forums being a different site is really annoying. The forum set up is ok, but could use a refresh and formatting updates so it flows The articles have gone downhill. I don't understand some of the "articles" being written as they seem to be sales ads more than anything else The ADS in the middle of a testing article are really annoying. You just get into reading about a certain ball, and a huge picture of a driver pops up or a pair of shoes.....its really annoying. The ball labs are great but the way you grade and present the information is very confusing......the nomenclature is very confusing to the average reader. I think MGS has seen its peak and unfortunately is headed in the wrong direction. Many people have left the site and it definitely has taken a turn for the worse. Even the podcasts have gone in the wrong direction. Tomny comes off as a know it all arrogant guy while Chris comes off as a really nice guy but seems to have to play the part of the clown and 2nd fiddle to Tony......I feel bad for him. The positives of the podcast is the information you present. while it could be presented in a more exciting fashion, the info is solid I used to love MGS but now its hard to find information, its a site for selling products more than anything else and the layout is really really bad. Its not a site that is visually appealing at all.
  11. full ball compression is very low 80's
  12. You can just feel the pressure on Rory and it gets worse and worse each year......did he miss his chance when he endured that final round collapse in 2011? 12 years later, we are less confident in his ability to win this tournament. If he happens to be lucky enough to be in the running on Sunday, let's hope that little scared kid does not emerge and cost him a shot at immortality.
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