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  1. i was just over there and posted in a forum but of course i see all the same arguing and condescending posts towards others. Its just a different culture there but i do post from time to time. the good stuff is fine, but when it gets bad there its the worst
  2. why do you bleach your balls? i just wash mine at the course
  3. These reviews are great!! all you guys are kicking A$$. Great work. Much appreciated with the in depth reviews
  4. Is there any feedback on the graphite shafts for the T100 offering? It seems everyone is being fit into steel shafts and i have heard nothing about the graphite offering.
  5. I'm sorry but i just cant.......sounds like something my wife would say
  6. Jordan Spieth helped with the design of these clubs, correct? I just saw a video on you tube with Justin Thomas and Titleist and the Titleist guys stated they were "inspired by Justin Thomas" are there two different grinds or soles for the T100???
  7. There are two types of NFL fans. Cowboy fans and those who wish they were. Burn
  8. I wasnt aware they had a pga van experience. Maybe ill check that out.
  9. Im not sure how they rate these places as top 100 but the pga ss in paramus has kids working it and others that do not seem knowledgeable. I would like to try a new fitter so im willing to try the white plains location. Thanks for the help. I will definitely check out your recommendation.
  10. not out of the question but i work 10 min from a PGA superstore in NJ. I went to a fitter in White Plains years ago and met Miura-San at an event they had there. He spoke of making Irons for Tiger Woods and a few others. The people invited treated him like a god. he was an interesting fellow and very intriguing from a craftsman standpoint. His translator only let a few questions be asked but he was there showing off new irons and I almost bought a set but they didn't feel any better or perform any better than the Titleist i ended up with from another fitter
  11. 7 years ago. Play the CB 712 by titleist. I live in NY about 20 min from West Point
  12. I have a brand new set of Tommy Armours for sale cheap!!! they fly far!!! Atomics. check out the testing page for reviews.
  13. same here. I am just about ready to pull the trigger on a new set and I'm debating using the PGA store guys for ANY fitting advice. They are not professionals and know less than most of us here in these forums....i really don't have access to any other place to test out all the irons I want to.....just wondering how much i MAY hurt myself without a real good fitting by a professional
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