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  1. I am starting to think the "Most Wanted" label should be rebadged.......with the putter article, i highly doubt a cobra putter is the "most wanted".......Cameron maybe......sales will dictate what is actually most wanted and i literally have never seen a cobra putter on a course near me. "Best performer" might be better???? Most wanted has always rubbbed me the wrong way....
  2. Tsecor

    Best wind ball?

    do you mean downwind or agaisnt the wind? the 2 scenarios are so different on how it effects drag, any answer you get in this thread will not be applicable to your situation on any given day. in my experience, a real low spin ball has worked best for me.....any production of spin over 2000 rpms agaist a headwind will balloon unless you know how to hit stingers and flight the ball really low left dash worked well in the wind for me......bridgestone BXS, BALLOON BALL!!!! left dot is the best ball ive ever played, but i do not have experience in big wind with it...only nice calm days
  3. Tsecor

    Lefty’s Balls

    Phil has never played an "off the shelf" golf ball...
  4. strange because this version of the AVX is suposed to be softer and lower spinning off the long clubs.... get your hands on some left dots and see what you think
  5. cant wait to try these but i wish Callaway would update their logo font.....
  6. Tsecor

    LEFT DOT!!

    Left dot will have a mainstream release in the same manner as left dash. the rep i spoke to 6 months ago confirmed it.......timing is the only missing element. It could be a late summer release but that s just a guess. The release info is direct from Titleist.
  7. I know Mizuno is a good golf company but I NEVER see anyone on the course with Mizuno clubs.....its strange. All I see is Callaway, TaylorMade and Titleist for the most part. I see older guys with PING but thats about it
  8. is this MGS of GWR-x?? hard to tell right now....... stay MGS!!! dont turn into the other site in these forums
  9. Tsecor

    Golf Ball Spin

    i have read that in the past and its great an all but IMO. descent angle is where its at for iron play....you know that pin is 150 yards out, hit it high and 150.....drop it right on that number if you can.....dont worry about spin........lots of guys like to hit that shot 160 and draw the ball back but to me, thats just luck and another factor you cannot control..... id love to see spin #'s when the ball actually hits a green but even then, the hardness of the green comes into play. I truly believe the average golfer spends WAY TOO MUCH TIME on this stuff and tries to incorporate this into their on course game....its pointless to me.......fun to talk about but pointless for the average player......i hear guys on the course who cannot break 100 talking about spin rates and thier $500 driver they cannot hit over 200 yards..... its all craziness to me......
  10. when someone can quantify and relate all this data to actual scoring, ill pay more attention. Until that day comes its just fun to experiment and talk about it but it really means nothing to me in the big picture
  11. Tsecor

    Golf Ball Spin

    The "spin" metric is so over rated if you ask me because NOBODY can measure spin after it leaves the club face. you can "control" spin with your swing by employing different techniques.... i would love to see a test of how much a ball is spinning when it hits the green......but without that, i just try to control descent angle as best i can. Ive played "spinny" balls and "low spin" balls all with the same results depending on my swing.
  12. I hope this is a hit ince Titleist is releasing the left dot to retail.......this ball is very fancy looking
  13. I have done three......and all three times a different ball was recommended. the ONLY consistent message taken from all three fittings is the fact not one ball fits every shot.....you always sacrifice something.......and big box stores have crappy fittings....NEVER get fit inside for ANYTHING......after these "fittings", i did my own season long tests with 50 rounds and 10 different balls.....i concluded the three best all around balls for MY GAME....are the ChromeSoft X, Titleist Prov1 and Prov1 left dot......left dot is my favorite ball but I can play all three and have what i call success....you have to run our own tests once you get the driver #'s in your pocket......i found the best fitting techniques started with the 7 iron and ended with the putter.....
  14. do you mena the B RX or the BX? what color box did the balls come in?
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