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  1. I hear ya. They all just said the impact is so minimal, its not noticeable for 99% of the amateur players.....pros i guess but you see Tigers putter right? its basically grooveless... i gues to each his own. I also have an 8802 putter with deper grooves and i love the feel of it....feel is everything to me when putting....
  2. ive been told by 3 different custom fitter....Mills, Bettinardi and Lamb the face means very little.....the ball means everything....get fit for a ball and worry mainly about putter length and weight..... i have a nice lightly milled TP mills puter that works great....
  3. I recently experimented with the MMC +4 tour velvet.......makes the club feel lighter, thus generating more clubhead speed...in my head anyway..... ill be installing those next go around.
  4. I mentioned sweat and rain....that would be easy though...spray bottle like yuou do with testing balls on the wedges. I say you go for it.....come on...1 fan is asking for it...isnt that enough?? lol
  5. I could definitely see the fanbase asking a million questions.....that would drive me nuts as a content provider....lol....
  6. Thats would be side test since you change your grips when they get worn anyway...it could be about comfort, playability and performance you can test durability other ways
  7. Agreed, but I think its just like shoes, gloves...all very personal...but there are many aspects of Softness, firmness, grip when wet or sweaty.....the GP web site walks you through 5 questions before suggesting a grip....i think it would be easy to come up with a protocol since the categories may be limited somewhat.....call in the testers to hit 100 shots with each grip to see what they like....#mostwanted
  8. its more of a pick your battles scenario....plus they are sending me the cost of the grip which is $3.95....lol...its not even worth it
  9. Agree. GP tour velvet are the best for my irons as well. best all around grip for me. What size hand do you have" mine is 8' and i always struggle with the perfect grip width
  10. i did contact them and they are sending 2 new grips, but what a pain. its easier just to go to the pro shopn and get new ones installed for 10 bucks. irons have all the same grips
  11. I use the MCC+4 on my driver and hybrids and love them for those applications. On my irons, i always use the standard GP Tour Velvet. Maybe ill try the TV +4.....
  12. Has there been an article done on grips? Maybe i missed it during my search. side note : I just received my t100-S clubs and three of the grips are old, grey and slippery. was shocked when i received these from Titleist.
  13. make courses harder, not longer.....put a lake 300 yards out...make the rough 12" deep.....put trees in the way....stop with the 600 yard hole that is straight as an arrow.....make these guys into premiere shot makers, not just long drive champions.....the PGA is weak....the golfers of today are BORING.....make them earn every par.....
  14. The TP5X when hit perfectly will fly a long way.....for me, when i mishit the TP5X at all, it flies WAAAAAY off center.....its a real noticeable difference compared to the TP5 which feels better and is way more forgiving......i played the TP5X a little last night and outdrove everyone in my 4some by 7-8 yards consistently.....but when i missed it, the thing flew into the woods like it was caught in a tractor beam from the death star.....the tP5 is a MUCH better ball to me.....
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