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  1. i had a few SM's and they didnt last long and the legs always became loose and they hung.....so i moved to the new nike sport lite...
  2. ball washers are everywhere on the courses i play....carrying a wet towel must suck unless you are cooling off on a hot day
  3. Anyone using the new Nike golf bags for 2020? read some great reviews on the Air Sport model. Any thoughts or suggestions? I ride 60% of the time and walk (carry) the other 40%. Thanks
  4. so its like that huh....lol....god bless harry
  5. Looks like a scotty....i mean a ping.....uh...i meant TaylorMade.....Lajosi? .......omg....another boring retread of a design.....my head is going to explode.....
  6. After listening to the latest edition of NO PUTTS, it seems as if Callaway is once again off to a bad start with the new ball.......we'll see how it pans out in relation to the other major brands
  7. lol..i had no idea.....so they are an item!!!
  8. Are Harry and Miranda an item????
  9. why would you play ANY club you dont score with? makes no sense
  10. I understand the testing.....a lot of balls have already been released but you can use last years models to test quality if you want. The callaway comment was in jest
  11. The Ping driver is so good...but they have to remove the gimmicky turbulators....
  12. when do the results come out? if Calloway struggles in this test again.....they may drop out of the ball making business
  13. sweet post!...thanks. as soojn as i can get to a fitter, ill check those shafts out. How do you like the T100? ill be coming from a 712CB
  14. I tend to agree with the format.....not as hardcore as this but i am not sure how drivers with so many different factors included can be compared. Different shaft lengths, different lofts, different shafts? No robot testing? Ill be honest, im a little confused. Maybe i expected something totally different. but the bottom line is stats can be manipulated anyway you see fit.....so, because some testing parameters changed, certain drivers are now viewed as "middle of the road"...even though they still fly just as far and disperse the same.....i gotta say, play what works for you not what a test dictates. I am very disappointed in this test to say the least.
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