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  1. in raw form I agree. with a oil can coating or something, it becomes more durable, correct?
  2. I'm about to have a custom soft tail milled and the last question I need to answer is what type of metal do I want.....what are the pros / cons of each and what should I consider as a long term gamer that I'm keeping for life. I am not sure I ever hit a carbon but a lot of people seem to love the feel....please help!!
  3. I have an extra dzn of the new TP5X looking to swap for only new BX, BXs or prov1x. let me know if interested. all swaps must be this years model. Thanks
  4. Tsecor

    Ad closed

    heading to the bay.....thanks for looking guys
  5. Tsecor

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    bumping It for a quick sale hopefully
  6. Priced for a quick sale. First $70 takes it. New MMC+4 grip. The 7C3 fits a wide population of golfers. This profile is smooth and does not take a huge swing to load and release. I have a 95mph swing and it is built great for 80-105 speeds. it plays at 45" and is in very good shape. Selling because I have a new shaft and have found the best shaft for me. CONUS/PAYPAL come and get it. you cannot find another great shaft for this price. Make offers. need to move
  7. I am a titleist fanboy and the new CB and T100 look awesome.....these are busted. Its a huge miss for Titleist. I would put money on one thing...a short lifespan for this look....the general public is tearing these apart all over social media and I'm sure it will effect sales at some point.....very disappointed in these two new additions.....the other additions look amazing
  8. I played the TP5X (didn't love it, it was just ok for me) but when I went to the tour BX, it was the first time in a long time I really noticed a difference in a ball since I first tried the Prov1's years ago....the BX is different off the driver.....but for my overall game, the BXS is better. Plays a little "nicer" from fairway to getting in the hole. The BX is awesome off the tee and through the 6 iron....closer to the green, I like the feel of the BXS better......give it a try.
  9. I see your point. I'm a 10 for the most part and ive changed some shafts and shortened a shaft here and there. Once I was on the range for 10 minutes I was used to the new set up. The biggest change for me was performance on the course. Gaining a bit of accuracy with the shorter set up resulted in 20 yards of lost distance....hitting a 6 iron into a green instead of my 8 iron resulted in lost strokes. I went back to my 45.5 shaft and worked on my swing and hitting it straighter. Its always a give and take
  10. Absolutely, but as a 13HDCP player, I am not sure you are tuned in to that stuff as much as a 4....but you are definitely correct.
  11. Tsecor

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    closing up ad in 4 days.
  12. swing weight is very over rated IMO. I shortened a shaft and you get used to the SW after a few swings on the range. The bigger issue is the loss of distance. If you can control a longer shaft, stick with it
  13. Putter fitting vs Putting lesson.....I wonder if a few lessons for the same price would shave more than .2 strokes off your game.... with an inconsistent stroke as you mentioned, I wonder if a few lessons would make even a bigger impact.
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