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  1. I still thik Hybrids are MUSH easier to hit than these things....
  2. What do you guys think of this shaft in a 5 and 6 iron for the T200? MCA Tensei Blue AM2 Has anyone used this in a mid iron before? I am thinking of getting this shaft in the 5/6 iron for the T200 as i have purchased the new t100-S 7-pw. thoughs on this shaft in these two irons?
  3. The T100-S has 10g more tungsten in it and is engineered differetly from the T100......it definitely goes further just on lofts alone but with some of the other difference in the club, the 100-S is probably 10 yards longer on average than the T100. these are players distance clubs
  4. Compression doesnt really matter because of all the crazy construction with ball technology......do you think a 91 compressionin a TP5X is the same as a 91 compression with a 3pc ball?
  5. my loss is your gain. Quick story.....placed an order for the T100-S. Spoke to Titleist and another retailer about a new model being released. Both said NO....so i moved ahead....some shipping delays due to grip shortage and shaft shortage led to an 8 week turnaround time. Received a notification my order was ready and BAM!...next day, the new T100 model was leaked.....i was upset.....i would have waited......BUT here we are with the new model ready for pre-order and im getting the new model.... These irons are only 3 weeks old and have 4 rounds on them....barely hit some of them and the others are basically mint. Paid $1100 just a few weeks ago....will sacrifice for $800 + shipping in the CONUS. I will also listen to reasonable offers but please do not try to steal them for nothing. Not interested in trades Standard L/L/L DG 120 S300's The feel and playability is amazing. These are more forgiving then you would think. Shockingly so. MOTIVATED TO SELL - $50 discount now in effect. $750!!!!
  6. if you want to exchange sleeves of anything, let me know. Ive tried Srixon a few years ago but they were shorter for me than the Prov1 i was playing. But they were pretty solid from what i recall
  7. I would volunteer my time to be a "play by play" or a "color" guy for the next test.....we could take questions from the fans and present live preliminary data during the broadcast. If you do it, im in......
  8. As boring as it was watching a robot hit these balls, i did watch multiple days......hoping to hear someone yell "Holy crap, that Prov1 just flew 75 yards left"!!.....but that didnt happen and we know a titleist ball wouldnt perform like that.....but i am really llooking forward to see some data and how it aligns with the balls i play on the course......i am always looking for something better.....always looking for that small edge to help win our league.....i must have spent $350 on balls this year doing my own on course testing....and now im left with a bunch of balls I will not use but at least im finding a few that I will use for the rest of the season.....all these are the newest version of the ball Left dash...beast off the tee....too firm for the rest of the shots AVX- over rated IMO Prov1 - amazing Chromesoft- Just as good as the Prov1 and longer off my driver Prov1x - over rated for me...balloons off the driver and a bit too firm Tp5x - still too "clicky". Improved over 2019, ut not there yet. TP5 - TM ruined a good ball with the newer version. Prov1 and chromesoft, the two best balls ive tested this year......i wonder how the ball data will stack up against what i witnessed on the course.
  9. need details on how the feel......what shaft did you go with?
  10. once in my life.....never did it again....it was like the golf gods cut me a break
  11. ...gotcha....and we know Tony loves to pimp the prov1!!! with good reason i might add
  12. TP5 is so much better than the TR IMO.....i played both and wanted to toss the TR into the lake.....TP5 has always been really good for me....hit the longest drive of my career with a TP5. I made the perfect swing and the ball ended up at 325....i am usually a 275 type guy, not hitting the center of the face each time, but this ONE TIME, i did everything perfect it seems, and the TP5 flew a mile and landed perfectly and rolled about 20 yards......if only i could do that a few times a round.....
  13. I am sure Titleist does not need MGS to do robot testing on their balls and Titleist has tested the "blind balls" 100x over. as far as MGS goes, why test a ball that is not even out yet and may not ever reach the consumer market?
  14. is soft slow? that is the question......:)
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