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  1. I have done three......and all three times a different ball was recommended. the ONLY consistent message taken from all three fittings is the fact not one ball fits every shot.....you always sacrifice something.......and big box stores have crappy fittings....NEVER get fit inside for ANYTHING......after these "fittings", i did my own season long tests with 50 rounds and 10 different balls.....i concluded the three best all around balls for MY GAME....are the ChromeSoft X, Titleist Prov1 and Prov1 left dot......left dot is my favorite ball but I can play all three and have what i call success....you have to run our own tests once you get the driver #'s in your pocket......i found the best fitting techniques started with the 7 iron and ended with the putter.....
  2. do you mena the B RX or the BX? what color box did the balls come in?
  3. LEFT DOT!! - Page 5 - Balls - MyGolfSpy Forum
  4. i did a big write up on this subject....played both balls a ton this summer.......the ONLY comparison to me is the distance.....two totally different balls outside of the initial tee shot
  5. Not to be rude, but what are you talking about?? How do you know what Rory thought? lol..... Nobody said he would consider switching, it was just a thought..... this is just a bizarre post to a light hearted discussion.....not sure why you are on the attack but i'll move on from here and you can post whatever you wish.
  6. best ball ive ever used.......it jus works for my game.....and flies far!!!!
  7. Many players use their irons for years and years.....Rory could have continued to use his Nike irons, but he got big money from TM. Rory does NOT prefer a lower spinning ball. . He switched from TP5X to TP5 because of Tigers influence in 2020, see below. Rory likes TP5 over TP5X We know he went back to the TP5x for 2021 but keep in mind the 2021 TP5X is very similar to the 2019 TP5.....while the 2021 TP5 is MUCH more of a spin monster with lower compression than the earlier version. These guys are such perfectionists and im sure if something else can improve his game, he will shred a contract to use whatever he wants. He has always been a rebel of sorts. Now that he has his money, i can see him changing quite easily.....but only if it works better for him
  8. You saw Rory use a Cameron putter when he went overseas.....he has made his money so i would not be shocked to see him change and do whatever he wants. From Titleist to Nike to TaylorMade.....he isnt adverse to change, thats for sure
  9. I wonder if Rory will move back to a Titleist ball at some point. His comments about the older prov1's in the wind are no longer accurate
  10. This years Prov1 has been amazing......compared to the Left Dot, its a "shorter" ball but definitely plays GREAT all around the course. glad i stocked up on these. I love them
  11. just ordered some more CSX from the site.....still available
  12. The guy stated he had a contact of some sort but yea, its a random guy...... to me everythinig is just thoughts and speculation which i why i threw this out there to see if anyone had REAL info.....i guess only time will tell.....
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