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  1. Anyone have experience with either one of these shafts... UST ProForce V2 Stiff 76g or Project X Even Flow T1100 white Stiff Both came with a TS3 I picked up. The previous owner was using the UST. I've hit the driver with the UST and the ball flight is pretty good. Should I get the Even Flow tipped and try it? Thanks in advance.
  2. MAJ Ret Neill MacLeod Fayetteville, NC 12.4 Currently gaming 660 MB 3-PW I would love to test and review the T-100 irons. The T-100s seem to provide the set up of a players iron while still providing some forgiveness. Both aspects are very desirable. Thanks for the chance! Stay safe. Respectfully, N. MacLeod
  3. Had to pay 60.00 after my trade ins. Very happy so far. I’d never used the square back. I was going to go home with the Newport 2 but after about an hour the Squareback 2 was the best feeling.
  4. Funny you kept a Rossa. Here’s one of my keepers. I putted better with it than the Spyder.
  5. Any members still use or can’t get rid of an old classic putter regardless of all the new tech? I’d all but given up on blade putters until I snagged this old putter for less than $5. After practicing with it all winter I’m really thinking of purchasing another blade putter this coming week while on vacation in NC. Maybe a Cameron Newport, Bettinardi BB-1or Ping Vault Anser. Let’s see what you’ve kept around or are still gaming.
  6. Thanks so much! That’s the kind of information and opinion I’m after. I’ll definitely try the Stroke Lab putters.
  7. Retired US Army Officer headed to NC from Nova Scotia this week and I’m taking my clubs (southern set) that have been in NC to Golf Galaxy to trade in. I’m stuck on what I should use the trade in credit on. Originally was thinking a new putter. I have multiple putters but have never really found “the one”. I’m constantly switching what’s in the bag. Was considering Bettinardi BB-1, Ping Heppler Tyne or an Odyssey Stroke Lab... 1 or 7. I want to definitely try the raved Tommy Armour Impact 3 also since it does so well in product reviews. Thoughts? Then I’m thinking forget a ne
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