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  1. Morgan/Media, PA iPhone XS Max Mainly outdoors at an open range/will also try with net at home Yes (only when using at home)
  2. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been playing golf since I was about 5 (I'm 23 now). Handicap is around a 15-16 and my average score is typically in the low 90's/high 80's. What do you love about golf? Love playing with friends, enjoying a nice course. Love spending time outside, have a few cold ones. Its a lot of fun for me, but also a nice break from reality and just a nice time to relax. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Was scrolling through the internet looking for new clubs, and MyGolfSpy was one of the first websites to pop up with several reviews. Loved how they do so much research, and how everything I've read so far is extremely well written. Where are you from? What is your home course? From Philly area, home course is Rolling Green Golf Club. Currently living up near NYC in Jersey City, NJ (I play at Skyway Golf Course up here) What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? In Jersey City, the worst part of golf here is the lack of it. Skyway is the only course within reason, and its only 9 holes. The best thing about it though is that it is a very nice course, and they have great rates for residents of Hudson County. What do you do for a living? I work as a Quality Assurance Analyst for an Insurance company How’d you pick your user name? No idea what mine is yet lol
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