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  1. Location: Birmingham, AL THC free product line I need help with decision making and anything related to nerves when playing for money. I do not use a fitness track device
  2. I am a lefty and used Club Champion here in Birmingham, AL and what I liked is they use a 6 iron. In my humble opinion, if I can hit your hardest to hit irons which long irons the rest of the bag can usually come together. I would also stay away from 7 irons because the club manufactures know this is the testing club and are really jacking around that club’s basic design. A different approach to demoing is buy single irons off eBay from a reputable seller. Make sure the seller tells you all specs before buying. Also if you know some of the basics of club fitting or some of your own specs can help with this process. I believe Club Champion club fitting can be $300+ for a full bag fitting and that kind of money can buy several single irons to test as long as you like. Also most golf shops will be happy to confirm the specs of the test clubs for free and if a lie or loft adjustment is needed they’ve adjusted it for free for me.
  3. I actually found an article saying the Kuro Kage model was used for Ping Tour shafts and according golfworks trim guide it said remove 3/4”.
  4. Drew Birmingham, AL 4.2 Handicap Titleist T200 w/ TT AMT Black Regular Shafts
  5. How much should I trim from the tip of a Ping tour 65 wood shaft to make it a 5 wood?
  6. First name/City State: Drew Carlisle Current Wedge Played: SM8 Loft You would Choose: I would choose the 54 left handed with wedge flex shaft.
  7. Drew Birmingham, AL Several times a week I practice putting inside. I have 1 to 2 three putts a round every so often. I like the chance to potentially practice putts that have breaks inside.
  8. How much do I need to trim to make areotech I95 regular into stiff?
  9. How do you hard step .370 graphite irons shafts? I assume you take 5 iron shaft and put in the 4 iron shaft. My real question is how do you hard step the approach wedge if it’s the last shaft in the iron set?
  10. Drew, Alabama 5 Adams A3 No hooks and can get the ball elevated
  11. Well I got the likes I needed and appreciate the advice. Funny enough asking this question is all I needed to do to get there.....
  12. Location and HC - Drew BHM, AL 5.9 HC Current line method - Whatever is on the ball Ball choice and personalization - Pro V1 & 3 lines if possible with same color. If that’s not possible a single line with TUBSPY SUX
  13. Yes I posted there and I guess my setup may not be all that interesting....haha
  14. I really want to give graphite a chance in my irons. After reading this topic and the podcast I convinced myself Sub70 is the best group to work with on this experiment. Since I am a lefty I order the 699s with Aerotech I70 Stiff flex since I currently play TT AMT Black Regular flex shafts. Also I am at an odd swing speed in my life right now where I am at the borderline of a stiff or regular flex shaft. Since I’m in Alabama and like to walk during the hottest time of the year regular flex steel shafts I feel get me over the hump on 14 - 18. Especially if I decide to play an E9. Therefore I think going with a lighter weight shaft with with a stiff profile is the best approach to get the additional performance I am hoping for with graphite. Any feedback or opinions to my line of thinking would be appreciated.
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