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  1. Drew, Birmingham AL Shoe Size 11 Current Shoe Worn: adidas Men's Codechaos Golf Shoe What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection: Comfort and traction because I like to walk the golf course.
  2. Drew Mountain Brook, AL TM SIM 4.1 102 LH TSI3
  3. Location: Birmingham, AL THC free product line I need help with decision making and anything related to nerves when playing for money. I do not use a fitness track device
  4. I am a lefty and used Club Champion here in Birmingham, AL and what I liked is they use a 6 iron. In my humble opinion, if I can hit your hardest to hit irons which long irons the rest of the bag can usually come together. I would also stay away from 7 irons because the club manufactures know this is the testing club and are really jacking around that club’s basic design. A different approach to demoing is buy single irons off eBay from a reputable seller. Make sure the seller tells you all specs before buying. Also if you know some of the basics of club fitting or some of your own sp
  5. I actually found an article saying the Kuro Kage model was used for Ping Tour shafts and according golfworks trim guide it said remove 3/4”.
  6. Drew Birmingham, AL 4.2 Handicap Titleist T200 w/ TT AMT Black Regular Shafts
  7. How much should I trim from the tip of a Ping tour 65 wood shaft to make it a 5 wood?
  8. First name/City State: Drew Carlisle Current Wedge Played: SM8 Loft You would Choose: I would choose the 54 left handed with wedge flex shaft.
  9. Drew Birmingham, AL Several times a week I practice putting inside. I have 1 to 2 three putts a round every so often. I like the chance to potentially practice putts that have breaks inside.
  10. How much do I need to trim to make areotech I95 regular into stiff?
  11. How do you hard step .370 graphite irons shafts? I assume you take 5 iron shaft and put in the 4 iron shaft. My real question is how do you hard step the approach wedge if it’s the last shaft in the iron set?
  12. Drew, Alabama 5 Adams A3 No hooks and can get the ball elevated
  13. Well I got the likes I needed and appreciate the advice. Funny enough asking this question is all I needed to do to get there.....
  14. Location and HC - Drew BHM, AL 5.9 HC Current line method - Whatever is on the ball Ball choice and personalization - Pro V1 & 3 lines if possible with same color. If that’s not possible a single line with TUBSPY SUX
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