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  1. It doesn’t launch like it use to according to the new specs.
  2. I am looking for options similar to Prolaunch Red in .355 for my 3 wood. I’ve been playing Adams A3 OS hybrid from 2007 and completely bombing the club with that shaft.
  3. Take tape and put one long strip down your target line and then one on either side. The goal is start the ball every time hitting on each side of the center/target line but not too far. This helps with Practicing shot making and stock shot.
  4. I use MAP gas and it’s the yellow bottle at Home Depot. Pulls heads super fast.
  5. awcarlisle01


  6. I spent about $100 on a Dewalt chop saw from Lowe’s and it’s cut my shaft cutting on all materials in half and improved the accuracy of the cuts. I wish I had made that purchase sooner.
  7. Does anyone know if there is a online school for club building now besides YouTube?
  8. Yes and I made several armlock putters. Then went to my local golf shop to have them adjust the lofts for the forward press. Sadly my putting did not improve like it did with belly putters back in the day. The nice thing is I am a lefty and due to their rarity I made a little coin off them on eBay.
  9. Jaskanski....Thanks that is what I ended up doing and it worked out great.
  10. Lefty from Alabama, Handicap 5.2 Driver Ping G400 10.5 nutted down to 9.5 with Hazardous 6.0 60g 3wood Sim Max full OEM standard specs Stiff flex 3hybrid Sim Max full OEM standard specs Stiff flex 4-AW Titleist T200 TT AMT Black Reg flex stock grips 1.5 Deg flat standard OEM lofts 54 Vokey SM8 Wedge TT AMT Black Reg flex stock grips 1 Deg flat standard OEM loft 60 Vokey SM7 Wedge TT AMT Black Reg flex stock grips 1 Deg flat standard OEM loft TM Spider X putter with OEM grip and 34” long
  11. I’m in the same boat and something important to keep in mind is keeping it calibrated and buying something that is accurate. I’ve had Club Champion who uses Mitchell digital lie and loft machines check what a older Mitchell manual machine adjustment did and the manual was off. After learning how often their equipment is calibrated and the fact my adjustments are for my own clubs, I want it to be right. Therefore this is something you don’t want to go cheap on. If you decide to buy a used one on the bay send it to Mitchell to be tuned up or your going to buy a bunch of problems. If you decide to go new here’s an alternative to Mitchell https://mr3golfdesigns.com/ I hate to say it but until the cost, convenience, and quality can be met I’m paying someone else to adjust my clubs.
  12. If you haven’t spent the money for a club puller you’re wasting your time. However I use a map gas torch aka yellow bottle from your local hardware store and it cuts the time in half or more. If I didn’t have a puller this is what I would use first. Fortunately I have both and no problems ever!!!
  13. How can you test a clubs weight on a swing weight scale with out putting the grip on? I bought some shafts already cut once and they are a little longer then OEMs standard length. I’d like to see what the weights might be but don’t want to install the grips yet.
  14. - Drew - Birmingham AL - 5 - Ping I210 Left Handed black dot stiff flex AWT 2.0 - T100 S model I’d love to test
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