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  1. If you click on the power button (right side of the unit, bottom button), it will lock the screen. This way if you put the SX400 in your pocket it will keep the screen secure.
  2. When you finish the round connect the SX400 to your home wifi and hit sync. This will upload your scoring and shot tracking data to SkyGolf360. To access SkyGolf360 you can download the app on your phone or go to www.skygolf.com. In the app, log in and on the home page is your most recent rounds. Click on the round and it will take you to your scorecard page. On the hole image click on edit/zoom, it expands the hole with tracked shots, then hold down your finger in the spot you missed to capture. It will pull up a grid of clubs and select the club you used, proceed to the next hole and r
  3. On the side of the SX400 are two buttons to raise or lower the screen brightness, it defaults in the middle.
  4. You can sync the SX400 to your home wifi. Anytime you keep score or track your shots, come home and hit sync on the SX400. It will upload the information to SkyGolf and you can look at the data in SkyGolf360 or download their app to view it on your phone or tablet. When you sync it will also update the software and golf courses that have been updated by the SkyGolf mappers. This can also be done via the computer with cable, it is easier and quicker if you can connect to wifi.
  5. Yes there is an annual subscription, the first year is included in the price. The unit has shot tracking, not tags. You hit the mark ball button on the device, a grid of clubs appears, select the club you are hitting, that's it.
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