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  1. Single Plane; the shaft and right arm are inline with each other. You address the ball in the position that you’d be in when you strike the ball. Moe Norman called it Natural Golf and Todd Graves coined the term Single Plane. One Plane; the shaft and hands are on the same plane as the shoulders. This swing requires a shallowing move before impact because of the steepness of the shoulders in the backswing. To find a much better definition I’d suggest YouTube. Todd Graves for SP and Jim Hardy for OP. Their very different concepts and I’m certainly no expert.
  2. not to stir the pot but Single Plane and One Plane are different swing concepts. BDC is the only tour player using SP, but there are several One Plane players on tour.
  3. Then wouldn’t the sx500 exceed the iPhone 11 for screen resolution? Or am I still missing the point?
  4. Where do these numbers come from? They don’t match the spec sheet.
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