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  1. Can someone here coach me up on this Cold Brew coffee? I love french press but when its 100* outside a nice cold brew sounds good. How can I do this at home. Fancy machine? Preferred recipes?
  2. When it comes to aiming fluid I am a big proponent of the Owen's Mixer line. I like being able to have pre mixed cocktails at my finger tips. I always carry a dozen or so mini bottles of gin normally to make it as strong as I want and I am golden. Also dont forget the fireball for birdie shots! However, If its a cold early morning round its irish coffee all the way! Cheers Boys and Girls!
  3. Mornin' Y'all! Finally diving in here and trying to find folk to shoot the sh*t with and share ideas. How long have you been playing golf? Playing Regularly about a year and a half now. What’s your handicap or normal score? I'm batting a highly mediocre 92 on Average. Been flirting with the 80's a lot recently. Hoping to break that barrier and stay there soon. What do you love about golf? I love that you can play your way. The game allows you to play in your viewpoint and to your style. It's very individualistic. What brings you to MyGo
  4. You I have been impressed with the control for the lag putt but @TENBUCK is right, It seems to struggle a little in the 8ft-10ft range but its money everywhere else. 1.8 Putts per Green Avg last 3 rounds. Down from 2.2 putts per green. So far so good!
  5. Allen Celina, Tx Ping G410 9* 22 HCP 110 MPH TSI3
  6. Allen / Celina, Tx 22 Hcp. Nike SV Tour 52* & Taylormade HiToe 56* The natural wear and patenia of a raw wedge speaks too me in the old fashion good ol days kinda way.
  7. Well i finally broke down and made a putter switch. Retiring my beloved Nike Method Concept for the Spyder Tour.... Love the ol putter but the Spyder has a better distance control feel to it. Did I make the right decision? Time will tell. What do y'all think? Good move?
  8. Celina, Tx Sports Cream or Tincture Im boiling just under the easy going service. I love to compete and hate to lose. I wear a Polar Vantage watch to track my regular fitness.
  9. Allen / Texas, USA 22 Nike CPR2 Hybrid 7 Iron - 150 yards Carry 160-ish Total
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