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  1. Update! So I haven't been to the range or my indoor range this week due to back spasms. Life it rough, haha. However before my attack of the spasms my distances where starting to come back. My 7 iron was creeping back into the mid-low 190's carry with same swing speed and flight pattern. Watching this new draw flight has been great and my balls landing in a very tight cluster. I started working in my P and Driver as well. The P has been deadly accurate and has been fantastic. The driver isn't drawing as much as I would like or at all. However I think it's because of my driver settings and wi
  2. Don't get me wrong..... I love to piss on a 7i or see the faces when you stripe that 5i 235+ but it was and is super unpredictable. I just can't sustain that violent of a swing for a whole round let alone the stress on my back. Just checking my ego and learning to swing sustainable.
  3. So I have been working on my coaching points and wanted to share an update! My shot shape has become more predictable and better. My snap pull hook is slowly disappearing as a slight push with a draw has become more prevalent. Still have the wild pull here and there however my last 15 shots today where very tight and solid. With 7 Iron for example my Distance has decreased from 210 yards with a SD of 22.9 to 185 yards with a SD of 6.7. way more consistent and repeatable distance with much less fatigue. Additionally my miss 30.1 Yards to the left with a SD of 21.5 down to 1.9 yards to the Ri
  4. I had my first lesson on Wednesday. I was gifted lessons for Christmas because i wanted to get better. On my own I have taken my score from 110+ to mid to low 90's. It was time to get over the hump and find consistency and a better game. So I go down to my local PGA Superstore and sign up to take lessons from a coach i watched from a far for a while and liked his energy and the way he conducted himself. Basically he had good body language so I went with a hunch and took a lesson with him. I arrive and he welcomes me, tells me to grab my 7 iron and start warming up. He immediately breaks
  5. I appreciate everyone's feedback. I hit the indoor range 2-4 days a week and try and play every other week due to work schedule. I am a coach by trade but for a completely different sport. So I have no problem grinding it out everyday to get better. Its kinda a flaw of mine to fixate on something until I improve. I don't like being bad, and im to competitive when I go play. I look forward to the growth and hope to share the journey along the way!
  6. LAst year my goal was to get back into the game and get refitted and play with proper clubs. This year my goal is to improve and will be starting lessons next week. What would be reasonable expectations over the next 4 months with a lesson once a week or every other week to improve my game. I started in the 110's now I am constantly in the mid 90's after a year with no lessons. Thoughts?
  7. Just hit the range today. Hit 35 balls like this till I was happy with low speed launch angle then started to rip em at about a 3/4 -7/8 rotation and they took flight again and mostly within 20 yards of center at end point. Lost a little distance but I’ll keep repping until full swing again. Still happy with the 265 carry average. Thanks for the advise y’all!!
  8. @Kenny B and @THEZIPR23 thanks for the advice. Ill start working on that. @Shankster you comment had me laughing out loud! Most relatable comment ever!
  9. OH MY! So it has happened again! I can no longer hit my driver. I can't make solid contact. Im Delofting the the Head. Its shank city. The ball is hitting every sport of the club face but the center. I am bewildered! My iron play has greatly improved but suddenly my driver swing is no longer there! Bull is duffed or out of bounds..... Any advice to get rid of the driver yips and get my groove back here?
  10. Can someone here coach me up on this Cold Brew coffee? I love french press but when its 100* outside a nice cold brew sounds good. How can I do this at home. Fancy machine? Preferred recipes?
  11. When it comes to aiming fluid I am a big proponent of the Owen's Mixer line. I like being able to have pre mixed cocktails at my finger tips. I always carry a dozen or so mini bottles of gin normally to make it as strong as I want and I am golden. Also dont forget the fireball for birdie shots! However, If its a cold early morning round its irish coffee all the way! Cheers Boys and Girls!
  12. Mornin' Y'all! Finally diving in here and trying to find folk to shoot the sh*t with and share ideas. How long have you been playing golf? Playing Regularly about a year and a half now. What’s your handicap or normal score? I'm batting a highly mediocre 92 on Average. Been flirting with the 80's a lot recently. Hoping to break that barrier and stay there soon. What do you love about golf? I love that you can play your way. The game allows you to play in your viewpoint and to your style. It's very individualistic. What brings you to MyGo
  13. You I have been impressed with the control for the lag putt but @TENBUCK is right, It seems to struggle a little in the 8ft-10ft range but its money everywhere else. 1.8 Putts per Green Avg last 3 rounds. Down from 2.2 putts per green. So far so good!
  14. Allen Celina, Tx Ping G410 9* 22 HCP 110 MPH TSI3
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