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  1. Jadd Washington, DC TM Aeroburner (I need a new driver!) 9.1 110 mph Tsi3
  2. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Since I was little. Was a range rat before I could drive and worked at a golf course as my first job. Took some time away from the game in college-early career, but getting back into it. Currently a 13.8 handicap but was a 7 in HS and looking to get back down to single digits. What do you love about golf? Camaraderie with your playing partners, walking and getting exercise, and bending a course to your will - the last one hasnt happened much since I got back into it. What brings you to MyGolf
  3. Recently got back into the game and looking to make an upgrade in my wedges. I currently play Cleveland CG12s and I absolutely love my 56 (I think the bounce is 14), but it is time to replace. Where should I be looking to start and what bounce grinds are out there now that are similar/a true upgrade? First post so let me know exactly how many forum rules I just broke.
  4. Jadd / Washington DC 15 Srixon z585 195
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