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  1. Just curious what everyone's preferred practice is while at the range. I find myself just swinging away mindlessly instead of working on improving a skill.
  2. All three of you have done an amazing job of tracking your journey with these clubs. It is awesome to see such positive results coming from a direct to consumer manufacturer.
  3. Hello fellow Golf Spies. Hope all of you are doing well despite the quarantine. I have been playing golf poorly for about 16 years off and on. Handicap is roughly a 15-20 depending on the day and how often I have been playing. I love that no matter how often I practice/play there is always some area of my game to improve. Currently it is all of it. A friend of mine has sent a few reviews in the past so I started following the Instagram page about a year ago. I have been following the reviews so often that I wanted to get a bit more involved.
  4. Derek Nashville, TN 16 Taylor Made Aero Burner Would love the opportunity to review the T-200’s
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