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  1. Derek Nashville, TN I currently walk 90% of my rounds. I use a Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX.
  2. Just curious what everyone's preferred practice is while at the range. I find myself just swinging away mindlessly instead of working on improving a skill.
  3. All three of you have done an amazing job of tracking your journey with these clubs. It is awesome to see such positive results coming from a direct to consumer manufacturer.
  4. Hello fellow Golf Spies. Hope all of you are doing well despite the quarantine. I have been playing golf poorly for about 16 years off and on. Handicap is roughly a 15-20 depending on the day and how often I have been playing. I love that no matter how often I practice/play there is always some area of my game to improve. Currently it is all of it. A friend of mine has sent a few reviews in the past so I started following the Instagram page about a year ago. I have been following the reviews so often that I wanted to get a bit more involved. I live in the greater Nashville area but don't have a "Home Course." Best thing, there are quite a few great courses. Worst thing, they tend to be overcrowded and quite expensive to play. Work in Insurance. No real reason behind it and was not creative...
  5. Derek Nashville, TN 16 Taylor Made Aero Burner Would love the opportunity to review the T-200’s
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