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  1. I started playing golf with my older brothers and dad at age 6, so been playing for 28 years. I started hitting balls when I was three. My handicap is +2.8 or so. Stroke average in 2019 was 71 give or take a few tenths of a stroke. i enjoy competition, as an amateur now. Nothing feels better than winning. But competition has given me a good bit of knowledge and has given me the opportunity to help my friends and family with their games. I enjoy the continuing education that the game. I’ve learned from some Great teachers and players in the game when I was a pro, But I continue to learn new methods and thinking processes/equipment options. I’m not one to tinker much with equipment, but i have been able to help others understand what would be helpful for their games (shaft options, clubs, putters, golf balls). I’m from Iowa City, but live in Cedar falls iowa now, and I play wherever I want. I no longer have a home club, but I play a lot of different places as I travel for work. i was spoiled as a pro, playing in Scottsdale, so there aren’t as many great courses in my area. I understand that, but I think a lot of courses are asleep at the wheel, and don’t do the little things that can make the experience better on a daily basis. There are a lot of agronomy issues as well, not understanding watering, or overgrowth of trees. A lot of courses penalize the higher handicap players, making it less enjoyable for them, resulting in rounds taking 5 hours on the weekends. I work for a sports supply company, selling equipment and clothing to high schools, middle schools and businesses. as for my name, I played golf for the university of Iowa, and my family has roots at u of Iowa going back to the 1940s/ww2. I bleed black and gold, go hawks!
  2. Jon cedar falls ia +2.8 handicap 716 mb 6-9 iron 716cb 3-5 iron x100 t100 former D1 player at Iowa, former playing pro 2019 U.S. Am qualifier
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