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  1. Man thanks so much. I prefer the look of the squareback but I'll take a look at the others you found for me. Much appreciated sir!
  2. Thanks for the info. I should have mentioned I tried navigating the Scotty Cameron website and did't have a lot of success other than the 2014 Squareback. Is that the only year they had the cross/+ alignment? If anyone on here has a 2014 Squareback for sale, I'd be interested.
  3. Which/How many Scotty Cameron putters have the red cross/+ alignment mark on the putter? I know the 2014 Squareback has it, but how many more have it?
  4. I've been playing golf since I can remember. My dad would take my brother and I but I didn't really take to it until I was in 8th grade. Played in highschool and we won a State Championship. I'm playing at an 8 and I'd like to be back to a 6 by the end of summer. I grew up in Nebraska, but now live in the Des Moines metro and belong to a club. I just like the solitude golf can give me and that it's an individual sport. I prefer the fall when most people are kinda done playing golf. Most days I have the course to myself that time of year. I work in LE.
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