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  1. Will Harrison Surrey, UK Mizuno S18 50 55 Id love to play a 52
  2. Will Harrison, Surrey In the UK Ive used a Sumsang smart watch S30 with 19th hole and VPAR Now using Ineos laser ranger finder.
  3. I play in Surrey UK. Ive played for a long while, since I was a kid. But I am really taking it serious now as I have given up other sports. I play of 13. Im looking for the community to help me cut through the marketing bs. Worst thing about golf in Surrey is the cost. It can attract some wallys who have dropped serious cash and so feel entitled to treat people without respect. It can be a bit of status symbol where you play, the gear you have, etc. The spirit of the game and respect to others can be lost. True of a lot of things in Surrey tbh. I still love the mental aspect of playing the c
  4. I really like the Mizuno Head cover. To Classy. How does it go?
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