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  1. Marty Norman, OK I currently walk using a Clickgear 3.5+.. While this has been a great pushcart I have been wanting to a motorized cart for a while and researching various models but hesitant to take the plunge.
  2. Marty, Norman iPhone 12 Pro Max Outdoors but can also test indoors Not while testing outdoors typically, but can if needed (I have the Net Return to use inside or outside). I can also compare to my SkyTrak if needed.
  3. Marty / Norman, OK Yes, I currently have a Net Return Pro. Yes, I use a SkyTrak with my net indoors. In the warmer months I also use it some outside but moving the net from the garage to the backyard is a pain so it's not frequent.
  4. Marty / Norman, OK Size 13 Currently wear Adidas Tour 360 (primary) and Puma Ignite (alternate) Price, comfort and quality. I don't want to buy a new shoe every 3 months due to poor quality or comfort, but I also don't want to mortgage my house to own a decent pair of shoes.
  5. - Marty - Norman, OK - 11.3 and dropping daily (took 12 year off from golf and now trying to work my way back down to my previous 3.8) - Mizuno MX-200 5-GW, SW Cleveland RTX-4 10/56 degree - all 2 degrees upright, +1" - T200 - just like everyone else I just wish I had the skill to pull off T100S, and I'm not sure I ever will even if I get back to my 3.8, but if I do they will be on my radar as quickly as the Mizuno MP20s. I will state a caveat, I'm a tall hacker (6'5") so if selected I will need them 2 degrees upright or able to have them bent to 2 degrees upright.
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