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  1. Michael Scottsville, NY Callaway Mavrik 16.5 105 Would love to review the Titliest Tsi3
  2. Michael/Rochester, NY 16 handicap and slowly lowering... Some days Ping g400 (black dot)
  3. Before you rip into me, my background: I have worked professionally in the finance world now for over 10 years (currently in Corp 500 world). Certainly, by now, I've learned that's not what I should be doing with my life. I am currently looking for opportunities now to be a club fitter or to somehow get into the golf equipment industry in my particular region of the northeast US. I know, golf isn't open year round but I would try to supplement my new golf career during the winter with other side jobs. A huge change from the steady 8 to 8 career I currently live. I'm looking for advise. Before saying don't do it, please understand I do enjoy the pay I have now but I'm learning that happiness is much more important but I am also very practical and want to provide for my family. How does one get started in the golf industry who is already in his 30's? I'm not above starting at the bottom but should I try to get a club job, try to persuade a club fitting operation to give me a chance, create a blog? I just don't know where to start but I'm reaching a breaking point career rise. Thank you all in advance for your comments. Looking forward to read them.
  4. An update to the team. Bought some "used" clubs from GolfAvenue.com to help gap my wedges. A 54 and 58 degree (10 degrees of bounce each) Callaway Mack Daddy 4's. Love them already. Also gaming Titleist pro v1 or srixon z star golf balls depending on the hole. I've also recently purchased some Mizuno RB 566v balls to try out. Does anyone use these? Which one should I stick with? certainly the pro v's are best of the best but for the cost? Next up is the putter. Looking at you @evnrollerb2
  5. Michael - Rochester, NY Current wedges are Callaway Mack Daddy 4's (54 and 58) Would love a 50 degree to help bridge/wedge the gap!
  6. Michael Settle - Rochester, NY Currently use Bushnell Phantom but also TecTecTec range finder in the past Bushnell Phantom
  7. For me: Callaway Mavrik driver Taylormade M4 3 wood Callaway Mavrik pro 3H Ping g400 irons 4-GW Cleveland 52 and 56 wedges Cleveland Huntington Beach collection blade putter. Titleist pro v1 What am I missing other than a new putter?
  8. Michael/Scottsville New York 15 Ping g400 I would like to test the PTX Pro-Icon Combo Thanks!
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