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  1. I lived out at Lake Tanglewood in HS, so played a ton out there, but also palyed for Randall so Palo Duro and Canyon CC were our home courses. I also had friends that worked at Ross and Comanche so I got to play out there whenever I wanted in High School. Need to get back and play the Mustang Course at Ross, heard it's fantastic! (same guys Trey Kemp/Colligan that did Rockwood, Squaw, Rangers, Irving, and Stevens)
  2. So many good public options. Fossil has some good holes but I'm not a fan of the course since it goes through a neighborhood and is walking only. Rockwood is my favorite in Ft Worth, but Squaw Creek out west, Whitestone in Benbrook, Hawks Creek and Fort Worth. On the Dallas side, Stevens Park is great, Irving GC is decent + tons of other great options! I also grew up in Amarillo, and definitely more topography here!
  3. I have putted around my office for a long time before Covid without much results, but the last few months I have worked on some drills and had competition with myself, tried every grip imaginable, and really honed in on a consistent stroke for short putts in the 3-6 foot range. I work a bit on speed too, but my carpet is faster than a lot of greens out there, so working on a consistent stroke and set up on the round saving short putts has paid the biggest dividends. I have been pretty consistent at around 1.8 putts per hole, but got to 1.6 putts per hole and 7 birdies this past weekend.
  4. I drove into Tulsa on Friday night and played 36 holes on Saturday. The first round was at 6:15 a.m. At Page Belcher Olde Page. I walked 18 in around 2.5 hours, and took my time, left my phone in the bag, and rather enjoyed the walk, but there were very few memorable quality shots, and I did it without coffee. First round score (+5) 76 (didn't track any stats) I went back to the in-laws in time for a large breakfast of biscuits and gravy, sausage and eggs, and had 2 cups of coffee, then took a nap on the recliner. After an early dinner, I saw that South Lakes Course in Jenks, OK (6400 yds, par 71, 119 slope) had a $7 Sunset fee starting at 6:30 pm. I convinced my wife to let me play since it was supposed to rain the rest of the weekend. The course was fairly packed, but with a few good gaps. I went out in a t-shirt and tennis shoes, and didn't realize til I was on the first tee that I left my glove in the car, so had to play without a glove. Was also wearing a colorful beaded bracelet my daughter gave me earlier that day, which she now claims is lucky. The course is rather short, but tight in spots and doesn't really require a driver, but I decided to hit it all day, and it left me with ton of great scoring opportunities. After my first round of the day, my expectations were low, but I made a few good swings and got to -2 thru 4. Had a great Sandie for par on 6 and a bogey on 8, and ended the front at -1. Then I got to the back 9 and had the best 9 of my life. Birdied 10 and 11. Missed 15 footers on 12-13, but hit the pin on my approach on 14 and 15 leaving tap in birdies. Got to 16 and I was backed up behind 2 foursomes, so just hoping I could finish because it was getting really dark. Made solid pars on 16 and 17, then got to the home hole and hit a bomb drive 320 that cleared the fairway bunker, leaving me an 8 iron into the par 5 from 168. I hit the ball and could see it on the horizon that it was a perfect line to the hole, but just couldn't tell how close til I got up there. Once I arrived at the green, I saw that I was 4 ft away from a closing Eagle and a -7 64 in the dark! I lined it up, and hit a decent putt, but it broke way more than I could see and it missed the hole. Oh well, never complain about a tap in birdie. (-5) 31 on the back and (-6) 65 total, tying my career best and also my first round in the 60's in a couple years. Fairway: 11-14 GIR: 15-18 Putts: 28 Round Time: 2 hrs 15 min 34/31 65 (-6) view from 18 tee 18 green Eagle putt that I missed
  5. I'm in the same boat. I want to try the 639 CB/MB Combo and the Hogan Icon/PTx pro combo. Unfortunately missed out on the testing opportunity but plan on doing the 2 week trial with both this year. The Sub70 is modern and clean, also great customer service from what I've heard, and the Hogans are just beautiful. Interested to see how they both play!
  6. Same. Have read the site for years but just recently got on the forum. Thanks to Covid should have some extra time to participate!
  7. What an awesome opportunity! I've been looking to possibly get fit finally some time later this year, and my irons just turned 20! I would expect to gain 2 clubs of yardage w/ the ForgeTec vs my current gamers, and looking forward to putting them to the test. #MGSCOBRA2020 #COBRACONNECT (See, I'm already using the hashtags) +0.4 Fort Worth Tx Twitter and IG: @golfingbrock , FB: brock.rutherford (most heavily on Twitter) Expected rounds in an 8-week span: normally 5, but would get to 8+ for this. Current OEMs in your bag: Tour Edge driver, Adams 3W, TM hybrid, Mizuno irons, Mizuno and Cleveland Wedges, Odyssey Putter Dream Cobra Bag: Driver: King SZ 9 deg w/ HZRDUS Yellow 70g X-stiff 3 wood: King SZ Tour X-stiff Hybrid: King SZ 3H Irons: King Forged Tec Wedges: King Custom black 50, 54, 58 versatile grind +1/2" on irons and wedges with jumbo grips on all clubs *edit* I'd even do the one length w/ jumbo max for the full Bryson experience Current gamers:
  8. Descriptions are in the signature. My irons are 20 years old and still play great but I'm surely losing a bit of distance. Added an inch to my 7 thru LW a few years ago and switched to jumbo grips and stuck with it. Never been fit but hope to have the chance soon. Still manage to knock it around pretty well with these guys
  9. One thing I don't like about trying clubs is that seemingly every grip is a standard grip. I switched to Golf Pride Tour Velvet Jumbo about 7 years ago in my wedges to help take my wrists out of the swing on chips and get away from the yips, and liked it so much that I changed all of my clubs to the jumbo grip. I wear a M/L glove so I don't have huge hands, but I also use a double overlap grip (right pinkie and ring overlap the left). There was a brief adjustment period, but I didn't lose any distance and my game got much more consistent. I also converted my 70 year old dad a few years ago and it's helped both his swing and his joints a ton. Most people that I've talked to have never tried a different sized grip, so I would recommend taking an old wedge or short iron from an old set and getting a bigger grip to see how it hits on the range and on the practice green. I'd also be interested in trying the jumbo max grips on a spare club to see how they feel, but I don't see myself ever going back to standard or mid-sized grip.
  10. I don't mind riding on occasion, but I prefer to walk if available. Fortunately we have several great walkable muni's in DFW. You can't get a walking Golf Now rate here for any other courses though. I checked several course websites and 90% have a rate including cart and only about 10% show the green free rate and the cart rate extra. I made a phone calls to 10 courses a few months ago(pre-Covid19) to courses that I would like to try that post rate including cart. Of those, 75% will let you walk (25% didn't allow walking at all). Additionally, 4 out of 5 that let you walk still charge the same rate whether you walk or ride and don't have any reduced walker rates. Hopefully as more of us are walking during these restricted times, courses will make walking options more available.
  11. This is the shaft I have in my driver and I absolutely love it. Actually found it on the used rack at PGA Superstore for $150, but it beat every other driver/shaft combination I tried at the time. I hit a Sim in January that blew my 7 year old driver away. But as I was just messing around, I didn't remember to make note of the shaft I tried. Mine still has some pop in it though, and would love to try this Ozik Black Tie shaft in a Sim Tour Edge w/ Black Tie numbers w/ some help from the wind Sim numbers based on Simulator in calm conditions
  12. I'm brand agnostic and will play whatever fits the eye and feels/sounds good. My bag is a mixed bag and I've held onto my Mizuno irons for 20 years. I've had a few TM drivers over the years and some Titleist 962 irons that I loved, and have at least tried a few other brands. In my limited testing, I've never really liked the feel or sound of Callaway or Ping irons or woods, but to each their own.
  13. Totally agree if that if your driver and irons are in play, that short game is the area that you will make up the most strokes. Feeling confident over short putts is hugely important, and getting the reps on even a mat or carpet is huge for that. At this point my practice time on the course is probably 50% chipping, 40% putting, and maybe 5-10% on the range. Additionally I hit a couple hundred putts daily in the office, and have tried a variety of grips to find the most consistent stroke. While you do need to make sure you get the putts to the hole, you don't want them running 10 ft past. for a 10 footer, you should get 9 of 10 past the hole and maybe leave 1 short due to variance. The hole shrinks quickly the faster the ball is moving. Also, Padraig Harrington had a great lag putting tip on Twitter to play twice the break you think it needs.
  14. Agreed many of the courses in DFW are riding courses, but more are opening up to walking, and there are several great walkable muni's in the area.
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