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  1. Why do you always have to be so reasonable?
  2. Welcome! Tulsa has some solid golf. I usually play one of the muni's near Jenks when I visit my inlaws up there, but heard there was some great golf in Broken Arrow and north of Tulsa as well. Will definitely be up there for the PGA at Southern Hills next year!
  3. Welcome to DFW. Once you figure out exactly where you'll be, I'm sure there will be plenty of course recommendations.
  4. Thank you @MattFor should that be, the Matt that F's?
  5. Our regular group is me (scratch) with a 3 and an 11. We all play fast and the 11 is the fastest walker in the bunch so I have to hustle to keep up.
  6. Exactly. I don't care what your score is. If you can get around in 3-3.5 hours and have a good attitude, we'll have a good time. But when your attitude or pace affects the group
  7. I'd apply but I've been carrying the last few months instead of push-cart and it looks like this tracks tire rotations
  8. 2020 was the best golf year for me since having kids. I got new Sub70 irons and a new Honma Driver(thanks MGS!), played more than ever, and got some great training aids. But I feel like 2021 can get better. I turn 38 next week, and also need to get in better shape as I put on a Covid-20 lbs this year with the gym closed. My handicap started at 0.5, peaked at +2.0 after a few low rounds in early summer, than fell back to a +0.4 to end the year. My low HI came when I was playing a lot of rounds away from home where I played better, so I need to get my scoring average down at home. Scores al
  9. No one cares what you shot. Play your own game. Never try a shot you haven't practiced.
  10. Driver, then wedges, then maybe update your range-finder, push cart, bag as needed, then back to driver in 3-4 years
  11. Wow, looks awesome! I don't have a net or like (or a good practice habit) so I won't be applying. But I do have a PRGR and Speed sticks coming on the way!
  12. Not sure what the letters stand for, but the H corresponds with the CL positions, so think that would be closed, and the S w/ the OP position, which would be open
  13. Tomorrow I'll be participating in a Golf-a-thon, raising money for the First Tee of Fort Worth, at Rockwood Park Golf course, which is one of my favorites and also where my son is learning the game. I'll be playing basically from 7 am to 7pm, with a few short breaks. There will be other individuals and relay teams out there as well, but I'm hoping to get in at least 5 full rounds (90 holes), and if I can average an hour a 9, I can get 108 holes! We'll have carts, which will make it possible. Feel free to follow along on Twitter @golfingbrock or hashtag #BRockwood or #Brockathon. I'
  14. I'm a scratch player, but I absolutely can learn from mid/high handicappers, especially on a forum like this where guys have done substantially more research than me in certain areas. I can knock the ball around the course well, but I have a huge blind spot on technology, club fitting, golf course architecture, and many other areas. Am I going to listen to a swing tip that some high capper is parroting from the latest Golf Digest or take any other unsolicited advice? Probably not. But are there several other facets of this great game where they might know more than me and can educate me or
  15. There haven't been any comments in a couple weeks, but wanted to update and let you know I'm still hitting bombs. Played in a tournament this weekend and drove a couple par 4's for easy 2 putt birdies. One of them flew 320 over trouble and stuck on the green.
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