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  1. Here's the link. Highly recommend. I've gone through most of the free months stuff already
  2. @xOldBenKenobiX we expect your full review of the club in 5 weeks.
  3. Man those look beautiful, and I need to putt better now that I have the driving locked down with Honma(review below). I would want to try the arm-lock, but alas won't be greedy since I just got done testing. Good luck everyone!
  4. With a swing like that, you have to be mentally strong! I also use the two-finger overlap grip like Furyk, but not many others do.
  5. Harvey Penick said you should never use the word 'choke' in connection with your golf game. Bad Psychology to use negative words. Think of 'gripping up' or 'gripping down' instead
  6. Thanks again @PrestonAtHonma for the weight kit. Put the 15g weight up front and had my best driving so far. Several over 300 in wet conditions, and my biggest bomb so far! Now I can keep up with @DPattGolf
  7. Two things: 1. 4 out of 4 testers exteremely satisfied with the Honma 2. I need some speed training to keep up with these young bucks
  8. Good to see GIR's go up, but no shots long means you should probably take a little more club to get your shot pattern more centered. Maybe long is dead and short is better, but you should be missing at least some long. No doubt the Sub70's are great! I feel like I'm getting my 639CB's dialed in now too.
  9. Agreed, comparison is important. I saw that Bryson toured the Bridgestone facility, and said he doesn't even need to epsom salt test them anymore...
  10. No doubt. I had some crazy numbers with the TM Sim back in January, just hitting around at the PGA store, but wondering if those numbers were inflated. Also no clubhead speed given, and I had done a few super speed swings beforehand. But the spin numbers were incredible, whether real or not... Wondering if a 12g or 15g weight up front would reduce the spin more cc: @PrestonAtHonma
  11. The format here and tester expectations are really good and laid out for us, with grading scale and expectations for a thorough review. Would love to hear your thoughts on the Honma
  12. I went through the reviews of some other recent driver tests, and so far the Honma averaged higher than the rest, Currently at 95.66% pending @DPattGolf review. I know @Getoffmylawn is a big softy, but I felt like you and I were pretty critical .
  13. I'm going for the Boston Tee Party. But you missed one of the most iconic duos!
  14. Come on over to the MGS TR20 testing page and weigh in! (link in signature)
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